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Blog July 6, 2021

How to Decide What to Do With Your Yard

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Eva Johnson

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Many suburban houses these days come with a yard that offers the family a private place where they can pursue both passive and active recreation. There are many things that you can do with a yard that can best utilize your outdoor space to help you define your outdoor frontier.

The size and type of the yard should be identified by the kind of activities you plan to enjoy there and the time and money that you can put aside for landscaping and maintenance.

Identify how you want to use the space

There are five ways in which people choose to engage in and use their land. The first is the passive engagement which includes outdoor activities like relaxing, grilling and eating. These are best accommodated in a suburban environment with a back deck, covered porch or garden terrace. The quality of the space is much more important than the size, and the best outdoor living areas are closely connected to the house and provide an easy flow in and out of the house as well as offering a sense of privacy from the neighbors.

Another way people use their yards is for active engagement, and this mainly applies to kids who love to run, jump, scream and yell. The type of activities will vary based on the children’s age. Younger children will want to play in a sandbox or run through sprinklers while older ones will want to play sports.

The third activity people usually engage in is farming or gardening which has the broadest range of options from a few square feet for gardening to entire acres of farmland. In the suburbs, many people have a herb garden or a small vegetable or flower garden.

The fourth type of activity is relaxation in private. The privacy can be achieved through both distance and design. In the suburbs, the distance between homes helps to create privacy. But don’t let the distance do all the work, strategically planted bushes and trees can go a long way in helping you to achieve privacy in your backyard.

The fifth and final activity is that there is nothing nicer than sitting in your home and having something nice to look at outside the window. Think about what views are the most appealing to you. Some people prefer a street view so they can watch as the world goes by. Others prefer nature and get pleasure from seeing a nicely cared for garden, birds or a well-placed tree.

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Care and maintenance

It is essential to take note of how much time and money you want to allocate to care and maintain the property. A barbeque in a lush green weed-free lawn while children run about and play is the dream of many, but before you commit to the idea of a lawn, it is important to consider how much it will cost. If you plan to maintain it yourself you will have to invest a few hundred dollars in a lawnmower, fuel and service costs which include sharpening the blades will set you back another hundred or two a year. Also, you have to consider how much water you will need to water your lawn as a large lawn can add another five hundred dollars to your water bill monthly.

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