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    Moving from Baltimore, Maryland to Reno, Nevada with East Coast West Coast Express

    • Are you looking to move from Baltimore, Maryland and find a new place to call home? Are you perhaps considering moving to Reno in the US state of Nevada? That’s great! However, before you start planning out your relocation, you might want to find reliable Baltimore movers with good moving company reviews. 
    East Coast West Coast Express is one of the best moving companies in the US and our long distance movers can help you to move to and from anywhere in the country. Our long distance movers offer a wide array of moving services – large moving boxes, moving storage units, residential and commercial moving.We can provide you with moving checklists, moving supplies and moving tips that can be very useful when you begin packing your things and planning for your move.
    But what’s most important is that our long distance movers can provide you with moving comfort – with the help of experienced Baltimore movers who will provide you with moving help so that your relocation process will be smooth. We can also provide you with expert auto transport services which provide a convenient and safe way to have your car moved to your new home. Before you start planning out your relocation in depth, you might want to learn a bit more about Reno, Nevada. Our long distance movers have searched the Internet instead of you and put together this short guide about the city. Enjoy!

    About Reno, Nevada

    • Reno is a beautiful city located in the northern region of Nevada. It’s about 22 miles away from Lake Tahoe. Because the city is small, but very important in Nevada, it is usually referred to as the “biggest little city in the world”. Just like Las Vegas, the capital of Nevada, Reno is also famous for its many casinos, breathtaking nature and interesting architecture. Reno is the county seat of the Washoe County. The Washoe County is located in the northwestern part of Nevada. The entire city of Reno lies in a high desert, at the foot of Sierra Nevada. Outside of the NV MSA Valley Region Las Vegas – Paradise, Reno is the most populous city in Nevada. According to the 2015 US Census, Reno has been estimated to have 241,445 residents. After Las Vegas, Henderson and Laughlin, Reno is the 3rd most populous city in Nevada. It was named after Jesse L. Reno and founded on May 9, 1863. It was later incorporated in 1903 on March 16.
    • Just like with any other city, the location of Reno greatly influences its climate in weather. Reno is said to be located in a rain shadow, just underneath the Sierra Nevada mountain range. There are 7.5 inches of rain in Reno on average. Even though that’s a very small amount of precipitation, Reno is still considered to have a steppe climate because of the low evapotranspiration. The majority of the rainfall occurs during the transitional seasons, spring and fall. Snow is light to moderate and usually occurs during the winter months of the year. However, it can get very heavy occasionally. The average snow rate is 21 inches. How much snow will fall depends on the area of the city. There’s a lot of sunshine, more precisely, around 300 days of sun per year. Between the months of April and October, summer thunderstorms happen occasionally. Due to the downslope winds these thunderstorms can even get quite severe. This occurrence is called the “Washoe Zephyr”. The wind first develops in the Sierra Nevada and get dragged down into Reno which then creates powerful summer thunderstorms.

    Top Employers in Reno, Nevada

    • This is the official list of the top employers in the city of Reno, according to the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report:
    · Washoe County School District 8,250
    · University of Nevada, Reno 4,250
    · Washoe County 2,750
    · Renown Regional Medical Center 2,750
    · Peppermill Reno 2,250
    · International Game Technology 2,250
    · Integrity Staffing Solutions 2,250
    · Silver Legacy Reno 2,250
    · Saint Mary's Regional Medical Center 1,750
    · Atlantis Casino Resort 1,750

    Things to do in Reno, Nevada

    · Peppermill Casino
    · Casino at Silver Legacy Resort: This modern casino offers a pool, a spa, warm quarters, shops and several dining options.
    · Atlantic Casino · Grand Sierra Resort: This is a hotel and a casino which is located approximately 3 miles east of Downtown Reno. The hotel has 1990 guest rooms and suites.
    · Casino at the Eldorado
    · Sierra Safari Zoo: Even though it’s a small-scale, seasonal zoo, it has many interesting wildlife species that you can observe, such as zebras, lemurs, monkey, wild cats and many more.
    · National Automobile Museum: With themed displays of over 220 antique and vintage cards, as well as educational and historical exhibits, this museum is the perfect place of any vintage car enthusiast.
    · Greater Nevada Field
    · Truckee River Walk
    · Mt. Rose Ski Resort
    · Rancho San Rafael Regional Park
    · Idlewild Park
    · Virginia Lake Park
    · Wingfield Park Amphitheater
    · University of Nevada, Reno
    · Reno Air Racing Association

    - Source

    Education in Reno, Nevada

    • The public education system of Reno is provided and operated by the Washoe County School District. The city’s education system includes:
    · Thirteen middle schools: Billinghurst, Clayton, Cold Springs, Depoali, Dilworth, Mendive, O'Brien, Pine, Shaw,Sparks, Swope, Traner, and Vaughn.
    · Sixty-four elementary schools: Allen, Anderson, Beasley, Jesse Beck, Bennett, Booth, Brown, Cannan, Caughlin Ranch, Corbett, Desert Heights, Diedrichsen, Dodson, Donner Springs, Double Diamond, Drake, Duncan, Dunn, Elmcrest, Gomes, Grace Warner, Greenbrae, Hidden Valley, Huffaker, Hunsberger, Hunter Lake, Jesse Beck, Johnson, Juniper, Lemmon Valley, Elizabeth Lenz, Lincoln Park, Echo Loder, Mathews, Maxwell, Melton, Mitchell, Moss, Mount Rose, Natchez, Palmer, Peavine, Picollo Special Education School, Pleasant Valley, Risley, Roy Gomm, Sepulveda, Sierra Vista, Silver Lake, Alice Smith, Kate Smith, Smithridge, Spanish Springs, Stead, Sun Valley, Taylor, Towles, Van Gorder, Verdi, Veterans Memorial, Warner, Westergard, Whitehead and Sarah Winnemucca.
    · Three public high schools in neighboring Sparks, attended by many students who live in Reno: Reed, Spanish Springs, and Sparks High School.
    · Twelve public high schools: Damonte Ranch, Galena, Hug, North Valleys High School, McQueen, Academy of Arts, Careers, and Technology, Reno, Truckee Meadows Community College High School, Washoe, and Wooster.

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