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Moving from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Glendale, California with East Coast West Coast Express

  • Are you are thinking about moving away from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania? Yes, Pittsburgh is a safe city, has excellent public transportation facilities, especially for neighborhoods closer to downtown, numerous cultural assets, and is listed among the eleven most livable cities in the world. But if you want to start all over again, what else is better than starting out in a completely new place to reinvent your life? If you haven’t decided on where you want to move to yet, then why not consider moving to Glendale, California? But, the distance between Glendale and Pittsburgh is quite significant, and the relocation there will be a serious situation. Interstate moving can be a very stressful time, though the reality is that it does not have to be difficult at all, so why not make it easier by hiring East Coast West Coast Express? First of all, our long distance movers understand that moving is a personal and individual experience. As Pittsburgh movers with a lot of experience, we also recognize that your successful move requires the complete commitment of every member of our company. East Coast West Coast Express has everything that you need for your next relocation. Ou4r long distance movers have the equipment and experience to protect all of your assets and to make sure they are delivered on time. When you choose East Coast West Coast Express As your Pittsburgh movers you can take comfort in knowing that our long distance movers have the expertise to handle all of your moving needs. Our interstate removal services include:
To ensure a stress-free move for our customers, our long distance movers have devised a moving checking list designed to help you know what to do before, during and after a move. East Coast West Coast Express will provide you with a clear, unambiguous fixed price quote with no hidden surprises, and finally, we will coordinate every aspect of your move and keep you posted each step of the way. For those who want to take their car with them to their new home, don’t worry, as we provide convenient, affordable and safe auto transportation services which will see to it that your car gets to your new home. To find out more about the city you are moving to, take a look at the following article that our Pittsburgh movers have prepared for you.

Glendale, California

  • Glendale is a city in California, located just about 8 miles north of downtown Los Angeles. Glendale’s estimated population of over 200,000 people, make as a lively, but yet peaceful suburb located in the heart of Los Angeles County. The city is located at the intersection of the San Fernando Valley and the San Gabriel Valley.

Weather in Glendale

  • Glendale residents are fortunate to enjoy a pleasant Mediterranean climate that is pretty predictable and very comfortable all year long. Summers are warm and dry, and winters are mild and wet. On average, there are 285 sunny days per year in Glendale.

Neighborhoods in Glendale

  • Glendale is a really nice city and its location in the region is quite convenient. Once you relocate here you will feel like you're still part of L.A. but without having to live in the congested part of the city. Very well connected to major freeways, Glendale Freeway, Ventura Freeway, Foothill Freeway and Golden State Freeway. Glendale is in the middle of everything that is Los Angeles, you are close to the beaches, mountains, Disneyland, Magic Mountain, Downtown LA and many other great spots here. So, you won’t have a problem to find a home that suits you.


Some Points of Interest

  • -The Autry Museum of the American West has a huge number of exhibits and events that aim to promote this history.
  • -The Museum of Neon Art is worth to visit, you will experience the expression through the preservation, collection, and interpretation of neon, electric and kinetic art.
  • -Forest Lawn Museum is also the place you should visit. It is one of the top ten museums in the country committed to present artwork focused on history, culture, and religion.
  • -Glendale Centre Theatre, the longest continuously running, privately owned theater in America.
  • -Glendale Galleria, a large shopping center with a distinctive variety of stores, including the first ever Apple and Disney stores.
If you have decided on hiring professional movers to handle your relocation, then you’ll surely want to hire a reliable moving company to get your money’s worth. Which is why East Coast West Coast Express might be your best choice, as we’re one of the best moving companies. No matter if you’re moving a house or moving offices, we can take care of it, as we offer both residential and corporate moving services. If you’re not sure what to do about your vehicle, don’t forget that we can provide you with car transport services as well.
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There are a lot of reasons to relocate to Glendale. Let us help you to do your relocation easy, safe and inexpensive, call East Coast West Coast Express.
East Coast West Coast Express ships all kinds of vehicles, regardless of their shape, size, price, or weight. From scooters to trucks, if you need it shipped, we can do it.
The only problem is, an average American is not exactly a packing expert. There are so many rules to this process that learning how to do it can take more time than actually moving.
We at East Coast West Coast Express offer top-notch storage units to all our customers. Our storage services are among the best ones you will find in the country
The first thing you should know is that, with us, all your belongings are insured from the moment our professional movers lay their hands on them first, until they are all safely delivered to your front door and unpacked by our personnel.