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Tips on How to Pack Glasses for Moving

We have all broken a glass (or a few) at some point, so we all know how sensitive these items are. Now imagine having to carefully store several dozen of them and ship them across the country; it could easily turn into a disaster. So, how to pack glasses for moving without them breaking into pieces when the truck runs into the slightest bump? We know a few tips and tricks that could come in handy.

How to Pack Glasses for Moving: What Is the Best Way?

Have you noticed that no matter how many people live in a home, there are usually more than three glasses per person in their kitchen? And not to mention other glassware items. Yes, we host other people from time to time, break a glass occasionally, and need to have a few extras. But we are probably not aware of how many things we store in our kitchen cabinets until the day we have to take them all out and carefully wrap them one by one.

It is time-consuming, so if you’re wondering how to pack in a hurry, think again, because this requires some patience and organization. You can’t just put them in boxes and ship them. Or at least not without a significant risk of damage If you’re using professional packing services, trained experts will know how to handle this task, but if that’s not the case, we have some first-hand tips for you. So let’s see how you should go about it, step by step.

Make sure every glass is in its place safe and secure.

Step-by-Step Preparation Guide to Packing Glassware

Packing is not exactly rocket science, but it does require some logistics and preparations. If you know how to pack silverware, or you already tried to pack fragile items for the move, then you probably have an idea of how this could work.

Step 1: Get the Packing Supplies You’ll Need to Pack Your Fragile Items

You’ll have to find the right packing supplies before you jump into the wrapping part. A lot of these things are probably already on your moving essentials checklist, but let’s go through them anyway:

  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Tape
  • Boxes
  • Scissors
  • Permanent marker

Step 2: Find Alternative Materials for Wrapping Glasses

If you want to save some money and find cheap moving supplies, you can use some of the things you already have at home. You just have to be creative and think of all the things you could use instead of wrapping paper:

  • Socks
  • Linen
  • Newspapers
  • Cloths and towels

Step 3: Learn the Best Method to Wrap a Glass

Glasses are usually the lightest and most sensitive members of the glassware family. It is not enough just to wrap them with paper or bubble wrap and toss them in a box. You have to fill them in with either paper or cloths, socks, and similar materials first, and then wrap them with paper and use a plastic foil to seal the entire package. You can, of course, use linens and clothes for wrapping, as well.

Step 4: Secure the Box Before You Put Anything Inside

If you don’t have moving insurance, or you’re transporting your sensitive objects in a car you’re driving, then you shouldn’t take any risks. Securing the box is an important step that many people forget or overlook, but here is how you should do it:

  • Tape the bottom flaps so it doesn’t open when you lift it
  • Tape the seams a few times
  • Tape the edges
  • Insert a cushioning layer at the bottom
  • Seal all seams with a tape
  • Write what’s inside; if you’re using storage services, you’ll probably forget what is packed where

Step 5: Fit Glasses in the Box

Exactly how many glasses are on your household inventory list? Probably too many, but that doesn’t mean you should pile them all in one. If you don’t use a box with compartments, but a large one, don’t place too many on top of one another. They are lightweight, but they can easily crack under pressure. It’s better to fill the space with more padding material and make sure that they are not tilting or touching.

Don’t forget to use things you already have for cushioning and filling up space.

How Do You Pack a Crystal Glass Into a Box?

Crystal glasses are precious and expensive, and whether you inherited or bought them, we guess you don’t want to see them broken and damaged. They come well secured in protective boxes with separate compartments for each glass. But if you, like the majority of people, threw them away, don’t worry. If there’s a liquor store nearby, you can ask them if they have some compartmented boxes or order them online. You can also check if you can find some of them for free on Freecycle.

DIY Project

If you can’t find boxes with compartments, you can make them. It is relatively easy, and it won’t take much of your time. Measure the height and width of a box, and then cut pieces from another one to make custom dividers and place them inside. Don’t forget to fill in the space around them with some padding.

Make sure everything is sealed and taped before you ship it.

How Do You Pack Crockery for Moving?

Handling the rest of the dishes doesn’t differ much in terms of techniques and materials. The process is the same, whether you are dealing with bowls, plates, cups, or any other sensitive item from the kitchen. You have to wrap every single item carefully and separately, especially plates, and don’t put too many of them in a single box, because plates are usually more massive.

Make sure to place something between plates so that they aren’t touching.

Packing Made Easy

We hope our little piece of advice helped you learn how to handle this task. Just like with tips for unpacking, these are all small, but significant steps that could help you become a real pro when it comes to packing and handling fragile objects. If it all arrives intact and in one piece, you’ll know you’ve done your job like a professional. But if you’re using moving services, don’t forget to tip movers for the job well done. And treat yourself to a glass of anything you like.