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Tips for moving when you are disabled

Tips for moving when you are disabled

Tips for moving when you are disabledThere are millions of people in America who report living with a disability. If you are one of these and want to join the many Americans who move each year here are some tips on how to make your whole moving experience much easier.

Make a pre-move checklist

Check if anyone is offering moving cost discounts. Moving costs can add up fast, and there are organizations and programs that offer help with moving expenses to disabled people. Assess your new home, Check and see if your home is adaptable to your disability, for example, is it on flat land, are the hallways and doorways capable of allowing a wheelchair through, etc. Make sure that you locate healthcare services in your new area. Make sure you know if there are any hospitals, urgent care centers, doctors offices, and other medical facilities in your area and where they are.  Make sure that you create a list of essential medical contacts in case of an emergency. About two weeks before your move make sure to refill any prescriptions that you may need over the next couple of weeks so that you do not risk running out of needed medication while you are in the middle of your move.


Packing tips

Make sure that you declutter before you move, Begin by focusing on one small area of the house then move on to another and another until you are done, a good place to start may be the bedroom closet or the kitchen cabinet. Prepare an overnight bag with all of the essentials that you are going to need while your things are being moved as well as any items that you will need immediately as you move. Make sure that you pack any medicine and other special equipment that you need. While packing it is a good idea to number your boxes by room and keep a list of what you have placed inside each box. that way when you get t your new home, you will know exactly what is in which box and where it should go. It is a good idea to go for small moving boxes and pack them to be about 50 pounds or less, even if you have hired movers you may still need to move some boxes yourself at one time or another. Make moving your clothes easier by using wardrobe boxes which will keep your clothes wrinkle free and dave you a lot of time and energy unpacking the clothes.


What to do when moving day comes

Get help from friends and family who are always happy to help out, one way of doing this is to make a list of things that need to be done and asking your friends and family who wants to do what. Make sure that the utilities are on in your new home, visit the house and check that you have all the faucets and light switches are working properly, that you have hot water and that the toilets work as they should. It is important that you can move around freely in your new home and that you have easy access to everything you need, get organized, start by unpacking your toiletries and clothes first, then move on to organize the kitchen the way you want it.


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