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        A historic place with plenty of benefits to offer to modern-day citizens, Queen City is known to be one of the fastest-growing metropolises in the country. It’s no wonder many are thinking about moving to this region, and our experienced Charlotte movers can help you if you are considering it, too. Find out why East Coast West Coast Movers is a company with no real rivals in the industry.

        Getting Our Long-Distance Moving Services for Charlotte, NC, Guarantees a Prime Relocation Experience

        As one of the most stressful periods in a person’s life, you’ll need only the most trained and skilled professional movers in Charlotte, NC, to provide you with an easy transition, and that’s where our company comes in. East Coast West Coast Movers is a customer-oriented business, so have no doubts that you’ll be our top priority if you decide to become one of our clients. All you have to do is contact us, and we will provide you with a free quote for our cross-country moving services.

        Our team has vast experience in different types of moves and is able to face any challenge that is put in front of them. We have all the necessary knowledge and the best equipment to help us deal even with the hardest moves. Countless positive reviews our team has gotten from previous clients serve as the confirmation of our devotion.

        Our Company’s Policy Doesn’t Allow Any Hidden Expenses

        With us, you’ll always know where you stand when it comes to the price of the move. Unlike many other moving companies in Charlotte, NC, our quote is guaranteed. Other companies base their prices mainly on the weight (or volume) of the items you’re relocating, meaning that they can’t provide you with the exact cost until the moving day comes.

        On the other hand, East Coast West Coast Movers will communicate the price at the beginning of our collaboration, and it won’t change unless the customer makes changes to the inventory list (changes can be made at any time until one day before the move). Therefore, if you decide to hire us, you’ll be able to plan your moving budget to the fullest, without the fear of any unexpected costs.

        East Coast West Coast Movers Excel at Packing Any Type of Belongings

        Our standard offer includes loading and unloading boxes and the rest of your belongings on and from the truck and relocating them from the old to the new location. However, our team will also disassemble and reassemble furniture and protect all of your appliances, furniture pieces, and other large items prior to the move, without additional costs.

        Our additional packing services, on the other hand, refer to wrapping, protecting, and boxing up smaller belongings and bringing all the suitable materials that will help us do so. Our long-distance moving company also offers professional custom crating as an added service for all those monetarily and sentimentally important items that demand extra protection.

        Our Partial and Full Packing Services Can Cover All of Your Boxing Up Needs

        A satisfied customer is our main goal, which is why our prices will always match the type of service our team provides. You’ll be happy to know that you won’t have to pay the full cost of services if you want us to deal with only some of your boxable belongings. Our partial packing service implies that we will pack up to fifteen boxes while you’ll handle the rest of your goods.

        Of course, if you find boxing up a dull and too time-consuming task, know that our professional packers will gladly pack your entire household. With our full packing service, all of your items, from the largest to the smallest ones, will be protected during the long trip to your new place.

        Need to Ship Your Vehicle to This Area? Check Out Our Superb Car Shipping Services

        Our cross-country movers in Charlotte, NC, can provide you with an auto transport service, too, if you need to transport your vehicle to Queen City. Having a car would be a nice commodity, whether for commuting through local streets or going on road trips outside of the city. Our prime professional drivers will handle your car with great care and deliver it to your new location in no time and without any problems.

        East Coast West Coast Movers Offer Both Open and Enclosed Carriers

        Open trailers are a far more frequent choice, which is connected to their more affordable price and usually faster delivery. However, on rare occasions, your car may suffer from damage caused by rain, snow, or poor road conditions since this type of carrier has no barriers to protect it. If you own a luxurious or classic model and want maximum protection from any kind of external damage, a costlier enclosed trailer is a better choice.

        No matter which trailer you choose, know that your vehicle will be insured against external damage. The amount of insurance ranges from up to $100,000 for open carriers to half of a million dollars for the enclosed one.

        With Us, You Can Choose Different Pickup and Delivery Options When Moving Your Vehicle

        We have terminals in all large cities, which is why we can offer a terminal-to-terminal option to those looking for more affordable solutions. However, plenty of our customers opt for door-to-door car shipping as a more convenient choice regardless of the slightly higher price. With it, you’ll be able to leave and pick up your vehicle in front of your home(s). If that’s not possible, due to high traffic or the width of the street, our driver will deliver your car to the local parking or other close available space.

        Our Professional Charlotte Moving Company Offers Storage Services for Free for the First Month

        Each customer that has decided to put their trust in us will be rewarded with a thirty-day free storage service – and keep in mind that our storage facilities are not just any type of storing space. We can provide you with:

        • Trained guards,
        • A prime technology monitoring storage units constantly,
        • Advanced barcode tracking system,
        • A climate-controlled environment.

        Have no doubts that your boxes, furniture, and other belongings will not get stolen or lost and will be protected from any type of damage for as long as you choose to leave them in our care. If our storage service is needed for more than a one-month period, you can still get it for a highly affordable price.

        Get Additional Protection for Your Items With Our Multiple Insurance Options

        Our long-distance movers are willing to go above and beyond to make your relocation as problem-free as possible. However, sometimes, although rarely, they can stumble upon some circumstances they can’t predict or control. That is why our services include Mandatory Liability Coverage as basic moving insurance each customer gets. With it, you’ll be compensated with $0.60 per pound of the damaged item.

        If you want full compensation in case some of your items get damaged, you can purchase our additional Full Value Replacement. It implies that our company will provide you with full financial reimbursement, or we will repair or replace the damaged object. This insurance can cover some of your things or the whole household. However, it can only apply to those items our packers have packed.

        What to Look Forward to When Our Amazing Charlotte Movers Move You to Queen City

        Named in honor of British Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz in the middle of the 18th century, Charlotte’s now among the twenty most populated cities in the US and the most populous one in North Carolina.

        Queen City, as it’s often called, offers plenty of benefits, from great weather with all four seasons to enjoy, highly developed urban park systems, and plenty of outdoor activities and sport manifestations, to a real sense of community within a large city. However, the exceptional job market is the main reason why plenty of people, especially young professionals, choose this destination.

        This is one of the biggest financial hubs of the country, the largest one after NYC – Bank of America calls Queen City home. However, Bank of America is only one of eight Fortune 500 companies located in this region. The financial sector offers plenty of excellent job opportunities, but great possibilities also await those in commercial and industrial fields.

        At the same time, this community is known as one of the country’s tech hubs, with a mix of IT giants and prosperous startups. Moreover, Queen City assists small businesses both during growing and challenging times. Add to the mix the unemployment rate and cost of living that are below the national average, and you’ll realize why this city is growing so fast in population.

        Best Places to Live in Charlotte

        If you only know that Queen City must be your new home, but you’re not sure where to live once you move, take a look at our top picks:

        • Uptown – known as the central business district, this part of Queen City is actually a downtown on a higher elevation. Home to numerous companies, but also museums, restaurants, and theaters, it’s a perfect place for young professionals who want to be close to their job and have diverse entertainment possibilities. If you’re a sports fan, remember that Queen City’s best athletic teams frequently play in this area. Uptown is divided into four wards, so ensure to explore them all before making your final decision.
        • South End – this neighborhood was reborn from an industrial place to a trendy and artsy area of Queen City. Many restaurants, shops, and galleries this neighborhood has today are not newly made. They were constructed from renovated old mills and warehouses, giving this palace a unique charm.
        • Ballantyne East – with a mix of urban and suburban vibes, activities for all ages, and a great public school system, the upscale Ballantyne East is a top place to raise a family. While it can still offer you a great dining experience, this neighborhood is pretty far away from Uptown, which may result in you missing some of the most interesting events in the city.
        • Providence Crossing – a safe and quiet neighborhood with a tight community, Providence Crossing is also an excellent place for families. However, as opposed to Ballantyne East, homes in this area are considered to be affordable. According to Niche, it’s the number one place to buy a home in Queen City.

        Don’t Hesitate to Contact Us Even if Your Road Is Taking You Away From Queen City

        There aren’t many places that can compare to everything this community has to offer. However, if it’s time for you to start your life over somewhere else, our team is still the best for the job. Whether Queen City is the starting or finishing point of your relocation, we will give one hundred percent so that your move can be smooth and without a fuss.

        Since we are a nationwide company and not only East Coast movers, we will be able to help you move to any part of the country. With the experience our team possesses, even the longest moves don’t represent a challenge. All you have to do is contact us, get your free quote, and book the move. Don’t waste time! Call us now and initiate the start of a great collaboration.


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