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Moving Insurance

Moving Insurance

Long-distance moving is a chaotic event. There will be a lot of things you will have to take care of without even thinking about packing your entire home into boxes. Here is where the East Coast West Coast Movers can step in and help you out. But without moving insurance, this whole process can become an unhappy memory, no matter how professional and perfectly handled.

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Why Is It Important to Have Moving Insurance While Cross-Country Moving?

As a responsible professional long-distance moving company, we can not leave any relocation to chance, so we take all the precautionary measures to ensure your belongings are treated with care. We believe the safety and protection of all items from your home must come first. From meticulous packing done by our trained professionals to moving insurance, you, as our client, must be covered from every angle. And even though we will ensure the protection of each piece of furniture and other items from your home in the best way possible, still damage can happen. Even though it is rare, accidents can occur, leading to the breakage of some of your items. To err is human – that’s why we will cover any damages.

Does Moving Insurance Come With Cross-Country Moving Services?

The answer is yes. But let’s try to explain this more thoroughly. Once you become our customer, you pick what services you want from us: packing, storage, car shipping, and, of course, relocating. We could say that the long-distance moving services are the first primary service you must take. And once you take it, you will be covered by our company – there will be no extra fees added to your final bill. The insurance policy comes with the service, but it is not part of the price. That is all on us. Except if you wish to take Full Value Replacement Insurance, but we will come to that later on.

There Are Two Types of Insurance We Provide

We offer two types of moving insurance, Mandatory Liability and Full Value replacement (FVRI). As we explained above, the cost for your move will only change if you take the FVRI. All of your belongings that go on a truck will be covered with our Mandatory Liability Coverage, and this coverage is mandatory for us as a company to provide to our customers. But as we mentioned, this coverage will not affect your final cost.

What Does Mandatory Liability Coverage Cover?

Once you hire East Coast West Coast Movers, you will get a mandatory liability policy. It means that all of your belongings going on the truck will be covered no matter what kind of additional services you take. To explain, this means you will be covered even if you packed all of your belongings by yourself. You will get 60 cents per pound for each damaged item. Still, there are some rules of common sense we urge you to follow. For example, do not pack all of your fragile belongings in garbage bags with no cover or protection. The damage will be huge, and someone may even get hurt.

For a Bit of Extra Cash, You Will Be Fully Covered With a Full Value Replacement

Full Value Replacement is another option you can take with our company. If you wish or need to get more protection for your items, you can achieve that with some extra bucks. With Full Value Replacement, if some item from your home gets damaged, you will either get a replacement (as an entirely new item,) a repair, or reimbursement in its full market value. That will depend on what kind of damage and which item is in question. Just bear in mind that you can only take FVRI with our packing service – we can only insure things our movers packed. With FVRI, at the end of the day, there is no need for you to measure each pound of weight of your items.

What Can Not Be Insured?

With mandatory policy, as we mentioned, everything will be insured, but the FVRI will only cover the items our long-distance movers packed. We need to come to your home, check each item, and take a picture of it before packing. It doesn’t mean we don’t trust the customers. We just want to make sure there are no misunderstandings in this situation. You can not even get a life insurance policy without a thorough checkup by a doctor.

Bring Your Precious Belongings With You When Relocating

There are things money can not buy and that can never be replaced. Old family photo albums, your kids’ first draws, school projects, souvenirs from family trips, and many other memorabilia can never be replaced no matter how much money you get for their loss or damage. You can never buy a new school project or buy a new photo album. This is why we advise all of our customers to bring irreplaceable items with them. Not that they will not be in good care with our team of professionals, but you never know what may happen. For example, accidents on the road. But aside from memories, items like important documents that can not be replaced should go with you.

Only the Best Cross-Country Movers Offer Coverage, the Ones That Don’t are Usually Fraudsters

As we mentioned, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration makes the rules for long-distance moving and relocation companies. And the rules are clear, all registered companies in the industry must provide coverage to their customers. So if you stumble upon on company that doesn’t offer insurance policies, it should be a huge red flag for you because they must be scammers.  It is probably one of the easiest ways to check if companies are legit.

If You Need Help to Understand How We Make Calculations, Give Us a Call

We understand that when it comes to contracts and numbers, things can get confusing and complicated. We as a company strive to give you the best service possible, which is why as soon as you hire East Coast West Coast Movers, you will get an agent that will be in charge of your move from beginning to the end. Our customer service is where we shine, and our agents are there to help you understand each paragraph of your contract and all that comes with it. So make sure to contact us today for any additional questions you may have. It is easy – you can do it from the comfort of your home with just a couple of clicks.

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