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East Coast West Coast Movers is a full service long-distance moving company that operates for years and successfully handles both residential and corporate relocations. Car shipping services are another specialty of ours. No matter if you want to use and combine a few different long-distance moving services, or only book auto-transport for your four-wheeler, we can provide you with the right solution!


Regardless of The Car Model – We Can Ship It Safely!

All car lovers know that choosing the right type of vehicle transport is crucial for safe shipping. Keep in mind that different makes and models of vehicles demand different transportation conditions. Whether you’re a proud owner of an old-timer, sports car, electric vehicle, or a standard four-wheeler East Coast West Coast Movers will meet all the shipping requirements.

That’s why we offer a few transportation options. From open and enclosed trailers to door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal delivery, our crew will do everything to ensure you have a smooth and stress-free experience. Once you contact our agents and explain everything about your plans, together we’ll come with the right solution to keep your machine safe until we get it back to you.

Why Would We Recommend Shipping on Open Trailers?

Open trailers are the most common choice for those customers who own standard-size vehicles. The main reason for this is that open trailers are a more affordable way of auto transport. Namely, it is 40% more affordable compared to enclosed trailers. So, if you have two four-wheelers, going for an open trailer will definitely be the most convenient option.  And since our open trailers can carry up to ten machines they are ideal for families with multiple four-wheelers.

Although those trailers don’t have roofs or sidewall protection, and machines will be exposed to weather and road conditions, open trailers are still one of the safest options for auto-transport. Once we take the car and load it into multi-hauler carriers with double or triple levels, our professional team will securely pack and strap the machine in a way that reduces any potential for moving caused by vibrations during the transportation process.

Our Auto Shipping Company Offer Enclosed Trailers As Well – A Perfect Method for Luxury Vehicles Transport

Enclosed trailers are a perfect fit for all those more expensive, luxurious, or larger types of machines. No matter if you own an old-timer, Lamborghini, or Jeep, enclosed trailers provide a solution for each.

Actually, shipping of these types of machines is only possible on enclosed trailers, since many of them could take up to two standard places.

Maximum Protection Is the Greatest Advantage of Shipping Four-Wheelers in Enclosed Trailers

Full protection is the top priority for all owners of luxurious types of four-wheelers. Although this option is more expensive than using open trailers, it should be considered an investment in protection. Entirely closed space for shipping will keep your machine safe from any weather conditions, or road debris which are the most common reasons for damages.

We Use High-Quality Equipment to Handle Your Car

All car-obsessed people who are thinking about how well their four-wheelers are treated can stop worrying. When it comes to loading and unloading we use special liftgates that give us an option to safely load and unload any four-wheeler. Furthermore, East Coast West Coast Movers will use straps to secure the machine, ensuring it remains in one place during the transport.

All Vehicles Shipped With Our Company Are Insured

East Coast West Coast Movers really takes care of every detail, and for that reason, we include car insurance free of charge in every quote. Regardless of the type of trailer you choose, your vehicle will be insured from any external damages or theft.

When it comes to open trailers the coverage goes up to $100,000, while vehicles shipped on enclosed trailers are insured up to $500,000. Although those inconveniences happen rarely, we still want to take all precautionary measures to keep you safe from any stress. For more information about the insurance policies, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car?

Once you decide to transport the four-wheeler with an auto shipping company, you’ll definitely want to know how much money you should set aside to cover this expense. There are several factors that determine the total cost of shipping auto cross-country. Here are all the topics to cover with your dedicated agent before you get the final cost calculation.

What Is the Shipping Distance?

The distance between the starting and final point will majorly affect the total price. As expected, it won’t cost you the same to ship your four-wheeler in 500 and 3000 miles. The mile rate you’ll get will crucially depend on this information, and it will range on the distance. The shorter the distance is the higher the mile rate will be, and vice versa.

What Is the Time Needed for Delivery?

Shipping distance defines the time needed for delivery, and this is another factor that impacts the final price. Except for the distance, the delivery time is also influenced by the number of drivers in charge of the truck load and the regulation that says a truck driver can drive a maximum of up to 550 miles per day in total. For more accurate information about the time, it is best to give us a call.

On average, the delivery time ranges from 3-15 days, depending on the destination, and whether your East Coast movers are taking you to the West, Midwest, North, or South. Of course, once you provide your dedicated agents with all information, you’ll get the approximate estimation of the delivery date and start organizing other relocation details.

What Is the Type of the Trailer You’ve Chosen to Use?

As we have already mentioned, open trailers are 40% more affordable than enclosed trailers, and if your machine fits into an open trailer this will be the most cost-effective solution. The reason why open trailers are more affordable is that more four-wheelers can be shipped on open trailers which consequently decreases the expenses.

However, keep in mind that not all types of vehicles can be shipped on open trailers and that sometimes expenses should be considered an investment.

Pick Up and Delivery Locations Also Affect the Final Cost

The final price will vary depending on the pick-up and delivery location you choose. East Coast and West Coast Movers offer two options when it comes to pick-up and delivery.

The first option is door-to-door which implies our professional cross-country movers will come to your home address, pick up the car and deliver it to the new home address. Undeniably, this is the most convenient solution when it comes to time and effort because everything you’ll need to do is to handle the car keys to long-distance movers.

The second solution is terminal-to-terminal pick-up and delivery, which means you’ll drive your car to the regional terminals, and pick it up once the delivery is finished. This option is perfect for all those who are not in a hurry and don’t feel stressed out when it comes to driving conditions in a new city, which could be especially overwhelming in big cities.

The biggest difference between these two options is price-related. Terminal-to-terminal pick-up and delivery options are always more affordable since you’ll do the part of the work too.

Do You Have Any Special Auto Transport Requests In Terms of Delivery Time?

In case you have special requirements when it comes to determining the specific date and time of your vehicle delivery, our team will cover it. Those requirements are considered premium ones, and we start working on organizing the four-wheeler shipping within the next 24-48 hours from the received request. Expectedly, this impacts the price, but worth every cent, since your machine will be parked in front of your doorstep within days.

Can You Book Vehicle Transport Only If You Don’t Use Our Other Moving Services?

Since East Coast West Coast Movers operates both as a moving and car shipping company, we provide our customers with a wide range of choices when it comes to booking services. If you need only vehicle transport you can book it separately from other services we provide.

However, keep in mind that you’ll always get a better quote if you combine a few different options. All customers who combine other moving services with auto transport are provided with more beneficial prices of shipping.

Exquisite Cross-Country Moving Services, are Also Part of Our Service, and Here Is How You’ll Get Special Discounts

Besides organizing auto shipping, we also offer a wide range of other moving services such as goods transportation, packing, and storage. Relocations are complex to organize, and having a full-service moving company able to handle every aspect of the move will tremendously help and speed up the whole process.

The best thing about opting for our assistance is that all our customers get special conditions of auto-shipping when combining it with other moving services. And this is what makes our services better compared to other car shipping companies.

How Long In Advance Should You Book Carrier Assistance When You Want Us to Ship the Four-Wheeler?

The best moment to contact the carrier is up to three months in advance, or the moment you start to organize your relocation. This is especially applicable for the summer season which is always a more popular time of the year to organize cross-country moving.

Early bookings will not only provide you with a timeline but also with more affordable prices. The closer the day of the move, the higher the prices, that’s why we always recommend our clients to book this service in advance.

Looking for the Best Car Shipping Company? Contact Us Today, and Get the Quote You’ll Wish to Confirm Right Away!

Reliability, punctuality, and professionalism are three characteristics that our customers love most about East Coast West Coast Movers. Our guaranteed prices, pick-up, and delivery windows, and full support during the whole process will ease your relocation, and save you from any inconvenience or stress.

How You Can Get a Quote for Vehicle Shipping?

If you want a car to be safely delivered to your new home address, and according to plan, don’t hesitate to contact us, get a free quote. You can ask for the quote by calling us or filling out an online form on our website. The data we will request is Zip Codes, your personal details, car model, and year, and once you give us all the information you can expect a quote, and confirm it within the next 48 hours.

The moment you confirm it and agree on all the details with your dedicated agent, you can start with final preparations for the move. Don’t hesitate to contact us now, schedule the desired date in time, and we will make sure your four-wheeler will be delivered the way you like it!

Our car shipping services are not only varied, but they are affordable as well. There is not one fixed price for each car that we ship. The cost of the shipment depends on several factors, such as:

The distance:

the longer the distance between the pickup and delivery locations, the higher the price.

The weight and size of your vehicle:

heavier and larger vehicles cost more to ship.

The condition of your vehicle:

if you are shipping an inoperable car, be prepared to add a fee to your overall price.

The time of the shipment:

shipping a car during summer usually means that you will have to pay more, due to business overload. Likewise, weekends cost more than working days.

Don’t forget: if you decide to ship your vehicle with a professional auto transport service provider, there are two things you should keep in mind:

Prepare your vehicle for the shipment. Wash your car, note any existing damage, and fix any loose parts. This will ensure that your shipment goes problem-free.
Don’t transport anything but your car. Putting household goods in your trunk or your back seat to transport with your vehicle is not a good idea. Not only is it forbidden, but it will also add weight to your vehicle, and thus increase the overall price.

If you want to find out more about our auto shipping services, feel free to contact us. Our representatives will happily provide you with additional information, as well as the best interstate car shipping price estimates.

Sincerely, East Coast West Coast Express.

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