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        Relocating to thriving Ohio’s capital is a lot easier with the help of reliable Columbus movers. East Coast West Coast Movers can help you have an effortless move and enjoy such a great change. Contact our customer support representatives as soon as you make up your mind about moving, and get a free quote.

        The Best Moving Services Any Movers to Columbus Have Ever Offered

        Relocations are exciting events but also quite turbulent and unpredictable if not handled properly. A lot of things change for us once we make up our minds about moving. We start new jobs, meet new friends and expand our family. All while getting accustomed to a completely unknown place. But before we settle down, we have to organize the relocation process itself. In truth, it’s hard to tackle everything by yourself, and professional help from a reliable company may ease up the whole process.

        The Long-Distance Moving Services by Our Company Are Unparalleled

        We understand how complicated it may be to organize each and every step of relocation. And especially to do it all while staying on track with our daily errands. That’s where a reliable and highly professional long-distance moving company steps in and provides you with cross-country moving services fit for your needs. Our relocation team consists of the best movers Columbus, Ohio, ever had to offer, and we will handle all your relocation-related needs.

        Our team will do all in its power to make your relocation less challenging. Our pricing is straightforward and transparent, and we base our quote on the inventory list you provide us with. When you make a list we are going to base our quote on, it should consist of all the items you want to be transported to your new home. If you change your mind about some of the items, you can freely change and update the list – just make sure you finish updating one business day before the move-out date.

        Our Company Has a Variety of Packing Services

        Among all the other challenging and demanding tasks, packing a whole house must be high on everyone’s list of unfavorite things to do. It’s a hard-working and time-consuming process, especially when we’re not sure how to handle bulky stuff. That’s where our standard packing services come in handy. At no additional cost, our professional cross-country movers will disassemble all the large furniture pieces so they can fit into the truck without any problems whatsoever. They will also take care of appliances and other large items that won’t fit into a standard box and protect them for long-distance transport.

        Whether You Need Partial or Full, We’ll Tackle It With Ease

        Packing is a tedious job, and none look forward to it. But since it’s something that must be done in order for our customers to move on to other tasks, we can gladly take it off your plate. If your belongings fit inside less than 15 boxes, we will consider it a partial service and charge you accordingly. But even if you want us to pack more than that, it’s not an issue. Packing more than 15 boxes will be charged as a full service.

        East Coast Movers That Can Provide Auto Transport Throughout the Country

        Many of our customers are at first unsure whether they should invest in auto transport service or not. But once they realize that cross-country moving is far from easy and that, if they decide to drive, they will have to do it over a long distance, they start considering car shipping. Our shipping services are great and can be tailored to fit your budget. With us, your car will be cared for thoroughly, handled by an experienced crew, and delivered in a timely manner.

        Choose the Way You Want Our Company to Ship Your Vehicle

        Once you’ve decided that our impeccable shipping is the right thing you need for your car, you get to choose how you want us to ship it. We offer two solutions, and they are both excellent. Our open carriers are the more affordable option, and we can ship up to nine cars this way. These types of trailers are open from all sides, and although your car will be securely strapped, you will need to take it for a quick wash after it’s delivered.

        The other solution is a bit pricier but an excellent choice for winter shipping. Our enclosed trailers are popular among the owners of expensive, show cars and classic vehicles because all the cars loaded on them are perfectly protected. We can transport up to five cars this way.

        Decide on Our Pick-up and Delivery Options

        Besides giving our customers a choice when it comes to the type of trailer fit for their needs and budget, we also offer two different pick-up and delivery services. Our door-to-door service is a popular choice for its convenience, although the pricier one. With it, our long-distance movers will come to your home and take over the car, and later on, deliver it directly to your doorstep.

        The other option is our more affordable terminal-to-terminal service, better fitted for those who have a bit more time. With this solution, you’ll have to drive your vehicle and drop it off at a designated location, and later pick it up from the terminal that’s closest to your new address.

        Our Storage Always Comes in Handy

        When it comes to relocations, most of our customers require at least some time to get settled in their new home, before all their possessions arrive. Our secure storage service is of great help in these situations, especially because it comes at no additional cost for the first 30 days. But you shouldn’t worry if you need more time, because we can provide you with long-term storage, and charge you by the day. Our storage units are highly secure and kept under camera surveillance, while each unit has climate control. And before we load your goods into one of our storage units, we will carefully label each box with a barcode system.

        Get an Insurance Policy So You Can Relax

        Our team members are highly trained in handling all sorts of items. They can pack anything, from fragile to bulky, and they will do it with utmost care. But no matter how careful they are during packing and transport, accidents may happen. That’s where our moving insurance steps in to give you peace of mind. Our mandatory liability coverage is calculated into the initial quote and covers 60 cents per pound of damaged items for anything we transport.

        Since the mandatory coverage is usually unsuitable for more valuable items, we always recommend an insurance policy called Full Value Replacement. It comes at an additional price and is eligible only for items our crew has packed.

        With us, your vehicle will have an additional layer of protection in the form of coverage. If any exterior damage occurs on your vehicle while on an open trailer, the coverage can go up to $100,000, while it can be $500,000 for the enclosed trailer shipping. For any other additional information, feel free to contact us and talk to one of our customer support representatives.

        Columbus, the Biggest Small Town in America

        Once a bit of a sleeping small town, Columbus has seen a rapid burst of growth recently, while its population has increased around 14% in the past decade. The state capital is now its most populous city, with a very diverse economy. It’s based mostly on government, education, banking and insurance, aviation and defense, medical research, and many other industries.

        The world’s largest private research and development foundation, Battelle Memorial Institute, calls this city home. Some of the US Fortune 500 companies have their headquarters here, too. An awesome fact is that around 48% of US citizens live within 600 miles of the city because major cities like New York City, Atlanta, and Chicago are less than a day’s drive away.

        Get To Know the Costs and Housing Prices Before You Contact Columbus, Ohio, Movers

        Before you move to this bustling Ohio city, you should get acquainted with the costs, but above all else, the housing prices. The overall costs here are below or nearly the same as the average in the US, and it’s no different for the prices of homes. A median home cost is around $220,000, and the rent is similarly affordable. The expected rent for a one-bedroom apartment is around $900, while a three-bedroom one will cost you around $1,470 per month.

        The Lovely Columbus’ Neighborhoods Are Not Easy to Choose From

        People who relocate to this city do so for its diversity and vibrancy. Among many lovely neighborhoods, you can find historic districts, fancy spots, and family-friendly areas. Here’s just a shortlist of what the city has to offer:

        • If you’re looking for proximity to downtown and a great nightlife scene, German Village is your best pick. It’s a neighborhood also famous for the meticulously restored brick houses and buildings, high walkability, and charming vibe of a place between urban and suburban. It’s mostly popular with young professionals.
        • As with most neighborhoods located in the center of all the action, Downtown has higher housing prices than the rest of Columbus’ neighborhoods. On the other hand, it’s the city’s main business district, and government seat, along with being a cultural center. The neighborhood’s atmosphere is, naturally, business-meets-pleasure, with a lot of excellent dining options and all the diversity that is usually available with downtown living.
        • Olde Towne East is one of Columbus’ oldest neighborhoods. Its streets are lined with trees, pedestrian walkways, and rows of houses mainly in Queen Anne and Victorian style, but you can also find modern condos and large multi-family homes.
        • Bexley offers a vibe of a picturesque suburban district that draws young professionals but also families with children. This neighborhood is a perfect choice for those that enjoy close-knit communities and are looking for great schools for their kids. Both the public and private schools in this neighborhood have grades in the A range.
        • Homes in Clintonville are mostly owned by the residents, and the whole west side is lined with parks near the riverfront. It’s suitably located ten minutes from the center of the city while boasting a lovely suburban feel. You can find excellent dining options here, great shopping spots, and fantastic nightlife. Many students from the nearby Ohio State University are located here, along with young professionals and singles.
        • The Short North Arts District is for all of those looking for an LGBTQ+ friendly neighborhood, but also a trendy and creative spot. The N High Street is lined with hip boutiques, tons of restaurants, and art galleries. Its residents are mostly members of the Gen Z group and millennials.

        Wherever you choose to reside, you’ll get to enjoy short winters and long summers. While some of its parts retain a small city vibe, it’s now also full of amenities and a big-city atmosphere.

        Our Professional Columbus Movers, OH, Can Help You Move Out of the City, Too

        If you’re planning on long-distance moving out of the city, we can also provide you with all the services you need. Our years of experience in the industry will make sure everything runs smoothly, so you can focus on finding life outside of Ohio’s capital. Wherever you want to move to, East Coast West Coast Movers will be there to back you up and give you all the help you may need. Contact us today, and get a free quote for your upcoming move.


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