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        Organizing a relocation is never easy, no matter if it’s a home or an office move. If you are about to come to one of the best cities in Texas, you will need professional Dallas movers. Naturally, we all want the most reputable moving company in Dallas to help us get the memorable experience of a state-to-state move. You’ve come to the right place – East Coast West Coast Movers is what you’ve been looking for all along. Check out our services and contact us.

        Looking for Long-Distance Moving Services? Our Dallas Movers Are Here to Help You

        Finding a reputable company is a challenge, there’s no doubt about that. Sadly, there are many scammers out there, so it can be hard to find a trustworthy relocation team to take care of your move. But don’t worry – you’re in luck because you’ve run into us. East Coast West Coast Movers relocation company is one of the most reputable ones in the country. With our team of excellent cross-country movers in Dallas, Texas, your move will be a pleasant experience – that’s a promise. We will stay in happy memory, and you will want to contact us again for your next move, like many of our loyal customers.

        Our moving services have stellar online reviews – you can check that out for yourself. Nothing can go wrong with our team of professional movers in Dallas, TX. Professionalism isn’t the only trait we’re famous for – when you move with us, you can be sure that the price you pay is fair and transparent. We create the cost of each job in the most transparent way possible – the end price of your move is based on the inventory list, which you can change up until the day before the move.

        We Are One of the Most Reputable Moving Companies in Dallas, TX

        Our West and East Coast movers are one of the things that make our company what it is – excellent and one of the leaders in the industry. We only hire the best, and that’s why our moving services are always executed flawlessly. Having well-trained and skilled workers is the basis of all great companies, and that’s a rule we abide by. If you book us for your upcoming move, you can be sure that your items will arrive at your new house (or office) in impeccable condition – our team knows how to handle all issues related to move, and there’s nothing that can surprise them. Let us make your experience a stress-free one and move your entire household inventory to your new home, apartment, office, or storage facility.

        Professional Packing Service – Why Struggle to Pack When We Can Do It for You?

        Americans hate packing for a cross-country move, that’s something everybody knows. It’s stressful, takes a lot of time, and requires your full dedication – unless you want to lose half of your belongings due to damage, especially fragile ones. Still, the good news is that you don’t have to put yourself through this terrible experience. There is a straightforward solution – just book our team of packers for the perfect packing services, and you will take a huge load off your back. Why bother wrapping everything on your own when you can hire professional packers? Not only is it easier for you and saves you plenty of time, but you will also be sure that everything is packed in the best way possible.

        If you decide to book just our moving service, you’re in for a little surprise – with that goes our standard packing service. This means that our excellent state-to-state movers will pack everything too large to fit into boxes – your furniture, for example. This is an excellent solution for those who only need a bit of assistance with wrapping more complex items. Our team will disassemble your furniture, wrap it carefully, and assemble it back up in the room of your choice in your new apartment.

        Full or Partial Packing Services? Choose the Right One and Get Your Free Quote

        Those who want more than standard wrapping are in for a treat – we have two options for you to choose from. The first is full packing service, and the second is partial assistance. What is the difference between them? If you opt for full wrapping, our team will pack as many boxes as you want them to – there’s no limit. As for the partial wrapping, you will have up to 15 boxes packed by our experienced packers. Depending on the size of your household inventory, you have a decision to make – what’s it going to be?

        Our Long-Distance Movers Are Always Extra Careful With Customers’ Belongings – You Have Nothing to Worry About

        Trusting strangers with everything you own can be scary – we understand that, which is why we always make sure you know that our crew will take their time wrapping your things so that everything is safely wrapped and ready to travel across the country. Using the latest and the most efficient relocating techniques is a part of our everyday work, and your belongings will be more than safe with us. Every box will be delivered on time to your apartment, and your entire household inventory will be intact.

        Looking for Car Shipping Service? We Offer That As Well

        When relocating across the country, you can’t just drive your car to the new city – that would be exhausting and require a lot of your time. Obviously, you’re in need of auto transport services, and it’s a good thing that we provide those. Reach out to us and book the perfect car shipping for your vehicle. Just like we know how to take care of your household items, we know how to safely ship a vehicle and deliver it to you without a scratch.

        Open and Enclosed Trailer Options

        There are two types of trailers designed for car shipping. An open trailer is more commonly used – it is less expensive and provides a fair amount of protection to a car. You can rest assured that it can get your vehicle where it needs to go and do so quickly. Still, if you own a luxury vehicle or an antique one, it might be good to consider paying extra for an enclosed trailer. This carrier can provide additional protection against road debris and weather conditions, which is important for extremely valuable vehicles.

        Door-to-Door and Terminal-to-Terminal Delivery Services

        The standard terminal-to-terminal delivery is always a choice, but if you wish to save yourself the effort of going to the terminal to pick up your vehicle, we have an ideal offer for you. Why not book door-to-door delivery? Your car will be delivered right in front of your place, and if there is no access to the property, we will deliver it to the nearby parking lot. Either way, it will save you plenty of energy – and we all know that’s something you will need after you move to an apartment in another city, let alone in another part of the country. Reach out to us for assistance – we are always here to make your move less stressful.

        Storage Service – The First 30 Days Are Entirely Free of Charge

        What to do when you have way too many items to move, and your soon-to-be place isn’t ready or simply doesn’t have enough space to store everything you own? This isn’t a problem you should stress over – we can solve it quickly. All you have to do is book one of our storage facilities in the city, and your belongings are safe until you are ready to decide what to do with them. As always, we are here for you – our facilities are up to the latest standards and equipped with all the technology necessary for keeping items safe from humidity and temperature changes. You can store them for any period you want, and we’ll keep them in perfect condition.

        One of the best things about keeping your belongings in our storage unit is that you will get the first 30 days of storing for free – yes, you’ve read that correctly. All our customers get a free unit for 30 days – or less, depending on their needs. If you want to continue using our storage after that, you are more than welcome to do so for the standard fee. In case you decide to move your belongings out of our storage facility after those 30 days, you won’t have to pay a dime retroactively – we are always fair and transparent with our business offers, which is why we’ve earned the trust of countless customers.

        Don’t Forget Moving Insurance – It’s a Crucial Part of Every Long-Distance Relocation

        Even if you have the best crew responsible for your boxes and furniture, it’s always wise to be careful and pay for moving insurance just to be on the safe side. When relocating with professionals, you are obligated to have mandatory liability coverage – the policy is 60 cents per each pound of damaged goods, and it applies to everything we will move. If you’re not entirely satisfied with that, there are additional policies that can put your mind at ease. We offer full value replacement as well – this policy can be used to insure only items that were packed by our workers, and if you decide to go with this, you will also need to have a detailed inventory list of items that you want us to pack and insure.

        If you want to protect a few valuables separately from the rest of your belongings, you can do that too – why not move with confidence and not lose sleep over a few things? Speaking of valuables, we also have a car insurance policy for vehicles we ship across the country. If you book an open trailer, the policy is $100,000, and for the enclosed trailer, it’s $500,000. Keep in mind that insurance only applies for external damages to the vehicle.

        What Makes This City in Texas an Amazing Spot to Settle Down?

        This beautiful city with a population of 1,330,600 is one of the best places to live in Texas, and we’re sure you will find it a wonderful spot for settling down and building quality, happy life. The urban-suburban mix you will have here makes it a perfect place for everybody – it’s a popular choice for young professionals, but there are also many families with children living within city limits (expected, considering that the public schools are above average).

        Which Amenities Can You Expect Here?

        Dallas has a lot of lovely places to see, from great parks to great restaurants and lovely coffee shops. It’s a diverse city, ever-developing and full of opportunities for everybody. Here you will come across famous southern hospitality and countless events – there is always something interesting to do in this city. Many places for sightseeing make it one of the top destinations in the country. There are many incredible neighborhoods to choose from – Lake Highlands, University Park, Preston Hollow, White Rock, Downtown, Bishop Arts, Highland Park, Uptown, and Design District are some of our favorites.

        The Cost of Real Estate – What Is The Market Like?

        What to expect from the real estate market? Luckily, mostly reasonable prices – the median home value is $188,100, which is fantastic for such a popular city – the national median average is $217,500. About 60% of residents rent their homes, and the median renting price is approximately $1,050. That’s pretty close to the national medium rent, $1,060. Whether you decide to rent or own a place here, you won’t regret your decision.

        If You Want to Move Out of Dallas, We Have Your Back – Contact Our Long-Distance Moving Company for Help

        No matter how great the city is, somebody has to move out of it, right? If that somebody is you, don’t stress over finding assistance for the move – we are here for you. Considering that we operate nationwide, we can assist you with relocating out of Dallas to anywhere in the country. You’ve read about the work we do, so you know that we work magic when it comes to cross-country shipping – reach out, and book yourself the best crew in the business for the most memorable move yet.


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