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        If you are planning a long-distance move to one of the best cities in Michigan, you will need professional relocation services to help you get to your new home. Reach out to us, and we’ll provide you with the top-rated Detroit movers in Michigan who will make your move an effortless experience and ensure all your belongings end up at the right place, without any damage.

        Are You Looking for Cross-Country Moving Services for Your Move to Michigan? Reach Out to Our Detroit Movers

        We all know that organizing a move isn’t easy – there are so many things you have to do and so many items to pack (even if you have adequately decluttered). The one thing that can help keep your stress levels down during preparations is undoubtedly an excellent moving service. If you think it will take a lot of time to find a professional company that can live up to your standards, you’re mistaken – you’ve already found us.

        The right choice for your relocation is our company, East Coast West Coast Movers, and we will do everything in our power to show you that we are worthy of your trust. From the moment our truck arrives at your old house to pick up the boxes to the moment when we’ve unloaded the last box from the truck at your new place, we will keep up the highest professional standards.

        Come on a Long-Distance Moving Adventure With Us – We Have the Best Movers in Detroit, MI

        Why waste your time stressing over the move? You can simply contact us and book our services. Naturally, you will get a free quote before you definitely decide to hire us, but don’t worry – our prices are pretty affordable for such a professional and reputable company. We will form a quote based on your household inventory list, and you can change this list until the day before the move. So even if you change your mind about some belongings this close to the relocation day, we can update the quote – this allows us to be one of the most transparent and fair businesses in the industry.

        Our Company, East Coast West Coast Movers, Has Outstanding Packing Services That Will Make Your Move Effortless

        Preparing everything in your home for the move is probably the main reason why Americans hate relocations – this task will take a lot of time, plenty of energy, and not to mention piles of boxes and other supplies. It’s a complex issue, but there is a solution for it, and it’s one that won’t leave you exhausted – hire our excellent packers to handle this job for you. We have experienced and well-trained people who will be extremely careful with all of your things, and we can guarantee that they will pack everything better than you can imagine.

        Let’s say you’re not sure you need packers – maybe you just want a few cross-country movers and a truck. In that case, we have an idea that can help you. If you book us for regular cross-country moving services, you will get standard packing assistance for the same price. What does this mean? Our crew will pack up everything too large to fit into a box – furniture, for instance. The workers will disassemble, wrap, and assemble your pieces after the move (in the room of your choosing in the new home).

        Partial or Full Packing Service – Which One Should You Get?

        We also offer two types of additional packing services – partial and full assistance. If you decide to go with the partial service, our packers will pack up to 15 boxes for you. If your choice is full assistance, they will pack as many boxes as you like. Obviously, the choice depends on how many items you are about to move, but it’s always easier to let a team of experienced relocation experts handle everything, especially fragile items such as dishes and electronics.

        Having Experienced Packers Is the Key to a Successful Move

        We can’t emphasize enough the importance of packers – quality, skilled, and experienced ones, naturally. After packing the entire household inventory, you might experience a bit of anxiety, wondering if your boxes will be okay on that relocation truck. Here’s the trick – if you let our packers pack your things, you won’t stress out. Why? Because they will do an outstanding job, using the appropriate supplies and up-to-date relocation techniques that will ensure your belongings stay intact, even if that truck hits a few bumps on the road.

        We Can Also Offer Excellent Car Shipping to Michigan

        Don’t think that we only move boxes and furniture – if you have a vehicle you want to ship across the country, we’re here for you. Our relocation business offers excellent auto transport serviceif you hire us, we will get your car to MI in no time. When relocating to the opposite part of the country, it’s understandable that you can’t drive – it would be too exhausting, and you’ll already be tired from preparations for the move. So having us in your corner is bound to make this experience way better.

        Trailer Options – Open and Enclosed Carrier

        Your car can be transported in an open or enclosed carrier. Most customers choose an open trailer, mainly because it is less expensive yet still provides excellent protection to any vehicle. In most cases, it is enough for getting your automobile across the country. Exceptions to this rule are luxury vehicles – with these, it’s better not to risk anything. If you own a luxury car, booking an enclosed carrier is the way to go.

        Door-to-Door and Terminal-to-Terminal Car Shipping as Delivery Options

        Standard terminal-to-terminal delivery is always possible with our business, but why settle for that when you have a better option? Naturally, door-to-door car shipping is a more convenient solution for those who don’t want to wander around in search of our terminal. If you decide to go with door-to-door shipping, our workers will deliver your vehicle right in front of your new house. In some cases, that’s not possible, and then we will leave the vehicle in the nearest parking lot – either way, it will save you a lot of trouble and allow you to get the much-needed rest after the difficult move.

        Don’t Forget to Book Our Storage Services – The First 30 Days Are Free for All Our Customers

        Some people aren’t that good at decluttering – they are simply too emotional and can’t bear to get rid of some things. If you recognize yourself in this description, the chances are that you will need a good storage service during or after your move. Why is that? Those who have a lot to move probably won’t have enough room in their new house – at least, not until they figure out what will go where. Luckily, you can simply book our storage unit and forget about the countless boxes you have to unpack. When you’re ready to deal with them, we will be here to move them to your new place in the blink of an eye.

        In addition to having excellent facilities, modernly designed and equipped with everything required to keep your items intact, we have a fantastic offer for all our future customers, and we hope you will become one of them. Once you book us for relocation assistance, you will automatically get the first 30 days of using our storage facility entirely for free. Yes, you read that correctly – no fees for the first 30 days whatsoever. If you decide to move out your items after that period, there won’t be any retroactive payments. Also, if you want to keep your belongings with us after 30 days, we will gladly keep them secure for our standard per-day fee.

        Moving Insurance Is Essential for a Stress-Free Move

        Everybody who’s ever moved can tell you that having moving insurance is a must. No matter how experienced your crew is, mistakes can happen, so it’s better to be extra careful and buy an insurance policy. We always have mandatory liability coverage for our customers – it’s obligatory and covers everything we move no matter who packed it. The policy grants 60 cents per pound of damaged goods.

        If this doesn’t seem enough for you, we also offer a full value replacement policy. However, this policy can only apply to items packed by our packers, and there has to be a detailed inventory list of insured things – that’s something to keep in mind.

        Additionally, we can also insure a valuable item separately – this, too, has to be carefully packed by our workers. It’s definitely worth it if you have to ship something truly precious across the state – better safe than sorry, right?

        Another precious item we shouldn’t forget is your vehicle – there is also a car insurance policy. If you book an open trailer, the policy is $100,000, and for the enclosed carrier, it’s $500,000.

        Detroit, Michigan - Why Is Relocating to Motor City a Great Idea?

        If you are looking for the most incredible place in Michigan to settle down in, this is undoubtedly an excellent choice. We are sure you’ll enjoy your new life here and find that there are many lovely things to see and do in Detroit, the largest city in Michigan, with a population of about 675,000.

        Amenities You Will Enjoy After Relocating Here

        Detroit is known as a center of the automobile industry, but it has so much more to offer its residents. It’s booming with excellent nightlife, an art and culture scene, sports events, and so much more. There is a lot of diversity here, so you won’t have trouble fitting in no matter who you are – everybody is welcome here, and you will quickly begin to feel like you’ve lived here forever. The feel of the place is an urban-suburban mix, and there are many coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and parks. The most popular neighborhoods include – Downtown, Midtown, University District, North Rosedale Park, Palmer Park, West Village, Sherwood Forest, and Rivertown.

        The Real Estate Market – What Is It Like?

        Compared to other large cities, this one is quite affordable – you won’t have to worry much about your budget after relocation. The median home value here is $75,000, which is more than excellent when you know that the national median value of a property exceeds $300,000. The median rent is under $1000 – again, great compared to the national median renting price of $1,300. It’s no surprise to hear that 53% of residents rent their homes – these prices are outstanding.

        Moving Out of Detroit? Contact Our Long-Distance Moving Company for Impeccable Relocation Service

        Suppose you are about to move out of Detroit. In that case, you can still contact us for relocation assistance – our business operates nationwide, and we can ship your belongings anywhere within the country. Just give us a call, and we’ll arrange everything for you – your move will be efficient and effortless with us by your side. Don’t waste even a second – seeing how popular we are, you better rush to book yourself the perfect relocation crew. Our workers will make sure you have the move of your life, and there’s no doubt that you will want to reach out to us again.


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