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        The only time you may say, “Houston, we have a problem,” is when you first try to decide what to do after moving to this marvelous city. We at East Coast West Coast Movers are excellent Houston movers, too. Read more on why our services are worth booking here, and let us know whenever you choose to be Texas-bound.

        Moving Services by East Coast West Coast Movers Make Any Relocation Effortless

        We’re a long-distance moving company that cares for customers and their needs. Each service we provide is a way for you to save money and still get the highest quality relocation possible. We’ve worked on making our company stand out for years, and we think our standard relocation package is a pretty great first impression. With the standard relocation service, each customer gets furniture and appliance packaging and handling and truck loading, unloading, and transport.

        Next to these, the standard package includes storage use and a relocation insurance policy. You can add money here and there to customize the move and adapt it to your preferences. Overall, the main factor that determines the long-distance relocation cost will be your household inventory list.

        Contact our customer support team and put together an inventory list that will cover your requirements. It’s possible to change the household inventory list over time, and the last day to do so is relocation day. Of course, when you make changes to it, our team will check it and update the price to match the changes.

        Let Our Houston Movers Make Everything Right with a Professional Packing Service

        Our professional team of packers is great at their job, and they were trained to reach that greatness. That’s why we can promise a stellar packing service with as many additional options as we can achieve. Besides handling furniture and appliances, we can offer packaging methods to help you plan the move effortlessly and stress-free.

        You Can Decide Between Two Great Packing Options

        The two packing options our company offers are full and partial pack service. The full option makes it possible to take time and plan other parts of the move while allowing our professional team to take care of the entire packing process. This way, they’ll pack more than just 15 boxes of things.

        If you want to save up or be more involved in the process, you can opt for partial packaging. Our crew will pack up to 15 boxes of stuff and let you handle the rest. This way, you could box up some more personal items and participate in your long-distance move a little more actively.

        Moving Precious Items Is Effortless with Our Company

        Another great option for anyone relocating with valuables is custom crating. This one doesn’t fall under any of the packaging options above because it’s intended only for fragile and valuable items.

        We have sturdy wooden crates that get custom-made according to the item you want us to pack this way. The box will be tailored to fit the most fragile items and protect them from any possible harm. You can even choose to insure these items separately and go to sleep knowing your valuables are safe.

        Let Our Long-Distance Movers Ship Your Car and Decide How They’ll Do It

        The list of all the things we can do for you wouldn’t be complete without a car shipping service. Who better to contact about it than us, East Coast West Coast Movers. Aside from having professional packing and moving crews, we have a professional auto transport team that handles vehicles.

        You can get a separate free quote for car shipping on our website, but when you contact our customer support, they’ll give you the complete list of factors determining the cost. We can tell you that we provide convenient and budget-friendly options for every customer.

        The Cost of Car Shipping with Our Movers in Houston Depends on Your Preferences

        One of the factors that will determine the cost of the car shipping service is your choice of trailers. We have open trailers that transport vehicles across long distances and deliver them safely. They’re open-air carriers, so vehicles are exposed to weather and road debris during the trip. However, we have car insurance included in the costs, and those on open trailers are insured for external damage for up to $100,000.

        If you don’t want any harm to come to your beloved four-wheeler, there’s the enclosed trailer option. These trailers cover every inch of vehicles and don’t expose them to weather or external damage. However, even in this case, we like to play it safe, so the car insurance policy in enclosed trailers covers up to $500,000 worth of external damage.

        Your Quote Will Also Depend On the Kind of Pickup and Delivery Services

        Another big decision you’ll have to make before transporting your vehicle is to choose how we will pick it up and deliver it. This will also impact the cost, and you will be offered options that can cover both budget and comfort.

        If you wish to save up, terminal-to-terminal is the right kind of pick up and delivery for you. You’d only have to drive your car to the closest terminal, we will pick it up from there and ship it to the terminal nearest to your new home, where you can take over.

        In case you don’t have the time to drive around, we offer door-to-door pickup and delivery, too. Our truck will come to your driveway or street and do the same in H-Town as soon as it arrives. However, if these areas aren’t accessible by truck, we have a solution – we’ll just do the exchange at the nearest accessible site instead.

        Make Room for Storage Services in Your Relocation Plans, Since We Offer Them for Free

        What if, after you meet our house movers in Houston to deliver your belongings, you realize the home you’re supposed to move into isn’t fully ready yet? This is a stressful but possible scenario that often seems to catch customers off guard. To show you we won’t just unload the truck and abandon you, we offer a plan B solutionstorage service.

        Furthermore, our storage is free to use for thirty days, after which you can let us know if you still need it or not. Our storage units are equipped with a state-of-the-art security system and have 24-hour surveillance. Inside the units is a climate-controlled environment that keeps items in perfect condition while they’re there.

        Long-Distance Moving Services Aren’t Complete Without Relocation Insurance

        Moving insurance is one of the most beneficial parts of any relocation. It helps customers feel more confident in the process and have a stress-free experience. It also gives us a chance to prove we’re a trustworthy and reliable moving company that cares for client needs even in unpredictable circumstances.

        Our mandatory liability insurance is 60 cents per pound of damaged goods and covers all packed items. If you want to insure some things for their total value, that’s entirely possible with our Full Value Replacement Insurance policy. However, this policy only applies to items packed by our crew and could apply to custom crated objects.

        Houston Is Where the Heart Is Since Everyone Feels at Home Here

        Houston is the most populous city in Texas and the fourth most populated in the US, yet despite the crowd, it makes every newcomer feel at home. It’s an ethnically diverse place where around 140 languages are spoken, and it makes for an exciting destination to settle in. The city has many nicknames, but Space City, Bayou City, and H-Town are the most famous.

        It is home to NASA’s space center, and besides being an aeronautics hub, it’s also a renowned energy industry and biomedical research center. Young professionals and families can expect to settle in H-Town quickly. Next to being ethnically and racially diverse, it accepts the LGBTQ+ population and has one of the US’s largest communities and pride parades. More interesting facts about H-Town are:

        • Its population is around 2,3 million people,
        • It was founded in 1836 and named after General Sam Houston, who won Texas’s independence from Mexico,
        • Its neighborhoods are referred to as wards,
        • The humidity levels are high year-round, and every household has an AC as a sort of rule of living in H-Town,
        • There are underground pedestrian tunnels through which the locals commute to avoid heat – they were initially made to connect two movie theaters but now have ranges of small shops and restaurants,
        • H-Town has one of the best culinary scenes in the US, which is mainly due to its diverse population,
        • Some notable people from Houston include Beyonce, Walter Cronkite, Tom Ford, Dennis and Randy Quaid, and Wes Anderson.

        How Much Will It Cost to Live in Houston?

        Every move requires money, and some cities are more expensive than others, but with H-Town, the experience is unique. The emotional costs aren’t demanding since you’ll be able to feel like you belong to whichever neighborhood you choose.

        Financially, you’ll have the option to rent or purchase real estate inside or outside the Inner Loop since the Houston area is divided by the Interstate 610 Loop. On average, one-bedroom apartments in the central area are around $1,400 and about $1,000 outside.

        If you need more space in Space City, you can rent a three-bedroom apartment for about $2,400 in the Inner Loop and $1,700 outside it. House prices average at $170,000, but most residents are renters.

        Which of These Neighborhoods, or Wards, Would You Choose to Move to?

        There are a bunch of neighborhoods to choose from, so knowing where to begin could be complicated. We’ve found the highest-rated areas in H-Town according to Niche.com, which are:

        • Kingwood Area – the best place to raise a family and buy a house. You can spend time outside in one of many parks and green areas, and visit some local businesses,
        • Memorial – the highest rated neighborhood in H-Town has locals praising it for the great schools and a tight-knit community that’s always willing to help,
        • Clear Lake – the second most suitable neighborhood to live in and buy a house, and third for raising a family. It’s filled with fun for all ages and types of people, so there’s a lot to love about it,
        • Neartown-Montrose – considered the most suitable neighborhood for young professionals. It’s a walkable, safe, and diverse area, with minimal traffic and booming art and nightlife scene,
        • Eldridge/West Oaks – the most diverse neighborhood in H-Town, which has recently experienced a rise in big, luxurious homes, and community spaces.

        Had Enough of Houston, TX? Our Cross-Country Movers Will Help You Leave H-Town in the Past

        Our East Coast movers are skilled in helping people move out of H-Town, too. You can book our cross-country moving services in Houston, TX, and leave the humidity and heat behind. Sometimes, life takes us to different places, but whichever location and destination you choose, we’ll be there to help and make moving easier for you.

        With East Coast West Coast Movers, there’s nothing to worry about. Contact our customer support, get a free quote for relocation and car shipping, and start a new adventure in a place of your choosing. We love making dreams come true and giving customers the high-quality service they deserve in such situations. Call us and let the planning begin.



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