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        Taking a leap and deciding to change homes isn’t always the easiest thing to do. However, if you’re moving to the capital city of Indiana and decide to find reliable and professional Indianapolis movers, you’ll have nothing to worry about. The whole move will be an experience to remember.

        Check Why Our Indianapolis Movers Offer the Best Long-Distance Moving Services

        When the time comes, and you decide to move, whether it’s for better job opportunities or you’ve just found a perfect new home, professional help is something you should consider. Although the relocation industry might be notorious for scammers, all you have to do is check if the company is legitimate. That way, you’ll be sure professionals are handling your move, and you can plan your exciting future in peace.

        With our cross-country moving services in Indianapolis, we’ll ensure you have the best possible experience. This means we’ll take care of all the needed services to make your move as smooth as it can be. So when you decide to relocate, ensure you contact our customer service support first. That way, you’ll get a completely free quote before even hiring us. Our patient and skilled customer representatives will explain each service and answer any questions you have.

        The greatest thing about our relocation company is that you’re the one that chooses how much the move will cost. Yes, this means we don’t rely on the weight or volume of your belongings. Instead, you make the inventory list, and the fewer items you have, the lower the price will be. Also, the time of the year, the distance of the move, and how many services you’ll need for an effortless relocation are factors we consider.

        We Can Provide the Best Packing for the Ultimate Protection for Your Belongings

        One of the things that make us the best movers in Indianapolis is our efficient packing services. Standard packing is already included in the quote. This means that we’ll disassemble and reassemble all pieces of furniture you wish to have in your new home. Also, after our truck arrives at your destination, we’ll ensure all the furniture is put wherever you say. We will also handle other bulky items, such as appliances.

        We all know how exhausting long-distance moving can be, especially when you have to pack everything on your own. Having our experienced and efficient packers by your side will make the whole thing easier, especially if you haven’t moved before and you’re pretty sure it’s mission impossible. When you’re moving with professionals, each service they provide you with is designed to alleviate any stress you may be experiencing.

        Explore the Additional Packing Services Our Long-Distance Movers in Indianapolis Offer

        Don’t forget you’ll still have to pack the rest of your household. This process requires a lot of time and energy, and that’s why many people leave it to trustworthy cross-country movers. If this overwhelms you as well, don’t hesitate to contact us and add into the quote one of the two extra services we can provide you with:

        • Full packing – our packers will carefully wrap all items from your inventory list with the highest quality supplies. Or if you need additional help for more than fifteen boxes.
        • Partial packing – when you just don’t have the energy to deal with some more fragile stuff, our partial options will be just what the doctor ordered. Our packers will pack everything up to fifteen boxes.

        East Coast West Coast Movers Can Securely Ship Your Car

        You’re probably wondering whether professional movers in Indianapolis can safely ship your car to Indy. Of course! We’re one of the relocation companies that have many years of experience in auto transport. This means we have highly trained drivers who can handle any unpredictable situation on the road. As a result, you’ll have your vehicle transported safely to another destination. So, when you contact our reliable company for a quote, know that the car shipping service also is available. It’s a great opportunity not to have to think about yet another task. Leave it to the professionals and have the greatest moving experience ever.

        Decide What Transportation Option Suits You Most When Moving Across the Country – With an Open or Enclosed Trailer

        We at East Coast West Coast Movers are always thinking of our customers, and the only thing we aim for is to help people have a completely stress-free experience. That’s why we have two types of transport. One type is with a completely open trailer, and the other with an enclosed trailer. If you pick the first option, know it’s more affordable, but also, your vehicle won’t be protected from weather conditions. The second option is for more expensive cars and those that can’t fit into the regular trailer.

        Choose Between the Delivery and Pick-Up Options We Have for Your Vehicle

        Another decision that’s completely on you is choosing between terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door pickup and delivery. If you prefer picking your car up at the nearest terminal, then the first option is for you. This means you won’t have to rearrange your entire schedule just to be there when our drivers arrive at your future destination. However, if you prefer your car to be delivered in front of your doorstep, then pick the door-to-door option. Know that you’ll have to check if our drivers can reach the street (if it’s not too narrow).

        Having a Free Storage Unit for a Whole Month Sounds Too Good to Be True? Not With Us!

        Imagine not spending a cent more than the estimated amount and still having the possibility to use a completely safe storage unit? With us, that’s possible! We offer you one of our storage facilities completely free of charge for a whole month (30 days).

        It’s an amazing benefit because not only will you not have to check your relocation budget a thousand times, but you also won’t have to worry about the items left in our storage units. All of our storage facilities are highly secure and temperature-controlled.

        If you need to store your belongings for longer than a month, that is possible as well. What’s more, we will provide you with a special per-day rate, so you will only have to pay for what you actually use.

        No Worries When Transporting Your Possessions Is Guaranteed With Our Moving Insurance

        When it comes to moving insurance, our trustworthy long-distance moving company understands how important it can be in most cases. And here’s why: even though our experienced and dedicated East Coast movers will protect your belongings, accidents during transport can still happen. That’s why we have standard mandatory liability coverage. It’s 60 cents per pound for every broken item. However, consider taking out the full value replacement policy if you have more expensive possessions.

        But that’s not all! We have insurance for your vehicle as well. If you choose to transport it in an open trailer, the insurance will go up to $100,000 for any external damage. And for an enclosed trailer, we cover up to $500,000.

        Indy Is Always a Good Choice if You Want Quality Free Time

        Although Indy won’t provide you with the opportunity to say you’re living in one of the biggest cities in the country, this city with around 980,000 residents will win you over with its charm. Many people say that something about this place makes you consider staying forever. There are many things to do here, including many interesting outdoor activities, like hiking the famous Cultural Trail or spending a relaxing day in Holliday Park. Don’t think that kids will be bored here, either. On the contrary, here you’ll find the largest museum for kids in the world – about 470,000 square feet. And, don’t forget the Indy 500 – an all-day sporting event that is the largest one of its kind in the world.

        When it comes to job opportunities, the job market is constantly growing, even during the pandemic. The most wanted and popular occupations here are in the fields of economy, sales, education, insurance, IT sector, transportation, and production.

        Strangely for a popular place like Indy, the cost of living isn’t as high as it is in other cities of similar size. In fact, it’s lower than the national average by around 12%. So, for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center, you’ll be paying around $1,200. For the same apartment, just outside of the center, the rent will be around $800. Not only will you not have to spend your entire fortune to live in a city like this, but you’ll get the opportunity to work in some of the world’s most prosperous sectors.

        The Capital of Indiana Will Provide You With Many Amazing Neighborhoods to Choose From

        After you find a new job and learn how much money you’ll have to set aside for all those monthly expenses, plan a search for the perfect neighborhood. As important as it can be, choosing from the numerous excellent neighborhoods can be a tough task. That’s why we listed some of the top-rated ones and made the whole process easier:

        • Broad Ripple – the fact that this area is closed down to local traffic and with numerous cute shops and amazing restaurants makes it the perfect neighborhood for all ages.
        • Delaware Trails – this area will give you a suburban vibe with the lowest crime rate in the whole city. These facts are just some of the many reasons why this place is perfect for families.
        • Devon – if you’re looking for a place to buy your own property, this place is just for you. Here as many as 70% of residents own their homes.
        • North Central – this place is a great area to settle in for all sports lovers. It has many bike paths and other interesting things to do outdoors.
        • Allisonville – no matter if you’re a young professional or have a family, this area will suit you both. There are numerous restaurants and bars, and the schools here are highly rated.

        Contact Us for a Free Quote Whether You Want to Move From or to the Most Populous City of Indiana

        We’ll keep you company with each service we can offer, no matter if you’re relocating from or to Indy. Contact us and ensure some of the greatest experiences you can tell your family and friends. There’s nothing better than having a reliable relocation crew that will be at your disposal at any moment during this tricky process. So don’t hesitate to ask for help when needed, especially when you know you’ll be in good hands with East Coast West Coast Movers.


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