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        If you’re planning a relocation to Chilltown, and looking for trustworthy Jersey City movers to manage your relocation, here is how we can help! Our services are designed to cover every relocation request you have safely and in time, and that’s exactly what differentiates us from other moving companies in Jersey City. The only thing you have to do is contact us and request a quote.

        Our Moving Company in Jersey City, NJ Offers Prime Moving Services to Help You Relocate Safely and Efficiently

        Finding a reliable long-distance moving company is of utmost importance when you’re about to organize a cross-country move. For all those who plan to relocate soon, East Coast West Coast Express offers a wide range of great cross-country moving services to help you manage every aspect of your move. No matter what you need, our highly-trained team will be there to support you during the transition process. All you need to do is contact us in advance and book a move.

        The detail that differentiates us from other Jersey City moving companies is the way we base our prices. Namely, all quotes we give are based on the distance and the number of items in your inventory list, which is adjustable up to 24 hours before the relocation day. This means that you can add or remove the items from your inventory list, and our friendly agents will be happy to help you out.

        Packing Is Also a Part of Our Long-Distance Moving Services

        Packing will undeniably be the focal point of your relocation, and you’ll need weeks to box up all the items you want to bring to a new home. If this sounds like it would take too long and you’d like to speed things up, we have a great suggestion for you. Getting some of our best packing services will allow you to handle any item you want to take with you, and here is what they entail.

        Standard packing services are free of charge and included in every quote we provide. This assistance implies our long-distance movers and packers from Jersey City will:

        • Bring all protective packaging supplies like sofa or mattresses covers, plastic wrap, or any additional material needed to pack your belongings safely;
        • Disassemble furniture pieces, and reassemble them again once they are delivered to your new home;
        • Load and unload all the stuff into and from the truck, no matter who packed it;
        • Label all boxes and other pieces of furniture and appliances with electronic barcodes to minimize the chance of mix-ups.

        However, in case you need additional assistance with boxing up your belongings, we have three packing options that will undoubtedly accelerate the process. This will give you great precedence when organizing your move, so you better consider this offer thoroughly.

        Getting Partial or Full Packing Services Will Help You Pack Your Household Much More Quickly

        If you want your most valuable items to be packed by professional West Coast movers, getting our premium packing service is going to be a must. Our professional team will take care of every detail related to boxing up your belongings, including acquiring the right protective packaging materials and bringing all the necessary equipment. Depending on the number of items you want us to pack, there are two options to choose from.

        Partial packing assistance implies that our team will pack a maximum of 15 boxes, while every additional box will be counted as full packing service. No matter if you want our team to box up your clothes, books, fragile items, or chinaware, we will handle it! Just make sure to take care of the number of boxes we’ll need to use.

        Full packing service could also mean boxing up your whole household. In case you need such assistance don’t hesitate to contact us and book your relocation as soon as possible. This will allow us to set up all the details and give you an estimate for how long the boxing-up will last. Full packing service is the best option for all those with lack of time, since our

        Moving a Grandfather Clock or a Massive Sculptures Is Much Easier With Custom Crating

        Bulky and valuable pieces, especially those that are family heirlooms, are always the toughest to handle. Nevertheless, we have the right solution for this request too. If any of the things we mentioned are on your inventory list, we will take care of it by creating a special custom crate. Just inform your dedicated agent about the measurements and what item should be packed, and our team will be ready to ship it safely to your next home address.

        Jersey City Movers Offer Best Auto Shipping Service

        Taking your car to another location can’t be easier than letting experts from the East Coast West Coast Express handle it! We provide all auto shipping services you’ll ever need to transport your car safely. What’s even better is when you combine this service with our great moving assistance, you’ll get a better price for car shipping.

        Open and Enclosed Trailers Are Available for Shipping Your Four-Wheeler

        One of the most common questions we get from our customers is what type of trailer is better for their car. The choice will depend on the type and size of your car because not every vehicle can be shipped on open trailers.

        Open trailers are a perfect fit for all standard-size vehicles that don’t require any special protection. Choosing open trailers will also be very beneficial for your budget because they are up to 40% more affordable compared to enclosed trailers.

        On the other hand, if you have a larger car, like Jeep, Volvo, or Bentley, then going for an enclosed trailer will definitely be the right option for you. Enclosed trailers are designed for shipping these types of machines, and moreover, they are slightly safer than open trailers. Enclosed trailers are entirely protecting your car from any road or weather conditions, which is especially important if you choose to move in winter, for instance.

        Our Movers in Jersey City Can Deliver Your Four-Wheeler to Your Front Door!

        When it comes to pick-up and delivery points, the East Coast Movers give you two options. The first and most convenient solution is door-to-door pick-up and delivery, which means our team will be at your address to take your car and ship it to another location. This way, you’ll save a lot of time and literally don’t need to worry about anything related to your car.

        The second and more affordable option is terminal-to-terminal pick-up and delivery. This service implies you will drive your car to the terminal, where our crew will load it on the chosen trailer and ship it to the next regional terminal, where you’ll pick it up.

        Car Insurance Is Also a Part of the Deal, and You’ll Get It for Free

        Once we load your car on the trailer, we automatically insure it in case of any external damage. Cars shipped on open trailers are covered with $100,000, while vehicles shipped on enclosed trailers are covered with an amount of $500,000. Make sure to ask your dedicated agent about all details regarding the car insurance, and get all the answers!

        Our Fully Equipped Storage Units Are at Your Disposal for Free for the First 30 Days

        All our clients are provided with free usage of our fully equipped storage units for the first 30 days. Moreover, in case you need to extend the usage for any reason, you’ll get special per-day prices and be able to make significant savings on this service.

        Our storage units are exclusively used by our customers. What is even more important is that they are fully protected with a 24/7 video surveillance and temperature control system, which will keep your stuff protected from mold or water damage. Our automated system records every time goods are checked in or out, which is an additional way of protecting your stuff in the storage.

        There Are Two Types of Moving Insurance to Choose From and Book Within Our Company

        While damage during transportation happens rarely, we always try to think forward and prevent any inconvenient situations. For that reason, the mandatory liability coverage will be automatically added to your quote as soon as you book our relocation services. This type of policy is free of charge and grants the reimbursement of 60 cents per damaged goods.

        In case this type of moving insurance doesn’t fit your expectations, there is also an extra-paid solution. A full-value replacement policy guarantees reimbursement in the full value of the damaged goods, and if you feel more comfortable having this coverage, you can get it in our company too. Just make sure to consult your dedicated agent, and the full-value replacement insurance will be added to the quote.

        Welcome to Jersey City, the Second Largest Place in New Jersey

        Just across Manhattan, situated at the banks of Hudson rivers, there stands Jersey City, the second largest place in NJ. In recent years, Chilltown has become one of the most popular choices of Americans who want to live near NY but avoid paying high rent or spending too much on covering all the living costs.

        J.C. is only 5 miles away from the downtown of New York, which gives easy access to broad job opportunities, higher quality of life, and safety. Another advantage of living in Chilltown is a tax loophole. Not only are federal taxes lower, but your earnings won’t be taxed if you work in NY but live in Chilltown.

        Costs of Living and Rental Prices Are Considerably More Affordable Compared to New York

        Living in New York is expensive, and that’s the main reason why people choose to set up their homes in Chilltown. To keep up with all costs, a single person needs $8,300 in New York, while for the same lifestyle, you’ll need to set aside around $6,000.

        The difference is noticeable, and the same case is with rental prices. Namely, renting a one-bedroom apartment in J.C. could be 30% more affordable than in New York, while the three-bedroom apartments can be even 50% more affordable.

        Do You Plan to Move Out of Chilltown? Movers from Jersey City, NJ Can Organize this Relocation Too

        If your plan requires you to move out of Chilltown, keep in mind that our professional cross-country movers from Jersey City, NJ, can help you organize this relocation too. The process of booking and picking the services is the same, all you have to do is provide us with exact zip codes, and our team will start working on your request right away. Contact us to explore your options, get a free estimate, and let the experts from our company take care of every further detail.



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