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        Mild Mediterranean weather, the world’s economic center, and plenty of outdoor activities all year round are just some reasons why LA has 4 million residents and is still growing. And the high cost of living is not stopping so many young professionals from seeking the best Los Angeles movers to help them move.

        Get the Best Moving Services with Our Los Angeles Movers

        Cross-country moving is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. You must say goodbye to your friends and family, leave behind everything familiar, take a leap of faith, and start your life over in some unknown city. That is why hiring a long-distance moving company should be one of the first things you do once you decide to relocate. Since there will be a lot of arrangements and stressful tasks only you can finish, why not outsource things professionals can handle? With years of experience, we have brought relocation to perfection. We have a team of trained professionals who can tackle every problem and make sure your belongings reach the final destination without a scratch. So stop searching for moving companies in Los Angeles and contact East Coast West Coast Movers in LA so you can have a smooth and stress-free relocation.

        After You Get a Free Quote We Will Come To Your Home to Give You an Estimation

        The thing about long-distance moving is that it is long and if you just rent a truck, driver, and a crew to help you out, it will cost you more in the end. And not to mention, you will lose your mind trying to coordinate the whole process. And if you are still in doubt about whether to hire us or not, go on our website and apply for a free online quote and see approximately how much your move will cost. And as we are a straightforward company, you must know that this quote is not precise. We can not give you a precise quote without an in-home estimation.

        So, what is in-home estimation? Let’s start by explaining how we make a price. We base our price according to your inventory list – the list of all the things you plan to bring. Once our movers in Los Angeles come to your home, they will make this list, and later on, our agent will send you an actual price. With us, there are no hidden costs. You will know your price the whole time, and best of all, you can change it up to one business day before your move by adding something to the list or taking it off.

        Our goal is to make a move tailored to your needs. That is why as soon as you book us for a long-distance moving service, you will get a designated agent who will be in charge of your move. The agent will be at your disposal for any questions and requests. So don’t hesitate to contact us right away.

        East Coast West Coast Moving Company Offers Top-Notch Packing Services

        Packing a couple of shirts and pants is easy, but dealing with your entire household can be challenging even for the most meticulous person. Here is where our movers in Los Angeles shine. When it comes to packing, they are the real deal. They will protect, wrap and pack each of your belongings with the most care and once they are finished, you will feel like Mary Poppins has been there.

        Once you hire us for Los Angeles moving service, you will get free of charge standard packing, which means that, aside from loading and unloading a truck, our cross-country movers will disassemble and reassemble all of your furniture. Also, they will deal with all of your bulky items, such as the refrigerator and washing machine, and protect them before loading them on a truck.

        Take Full or Partial Packing With Our Moving Company

        Aside from the standard packing that you get as part of our basic cross-country moving services, you can hire our long-distance movers for full or partial packing service. With full packaging, our professional team will pack everything on your inventory list. On the other hand, if you wish our crew only to pack some of your belongings, you can take our partial service and hire us only to pack, let’s say, your fragile items. The only condition for partial service is that number of boxes packed by our crew doesn’t go over 15.

        Our Auto Transport Service Is Among the Best

        Relocating without your car to LA will be a mistake. As you know, driving a car there is a necessity. But don’t worry, our company offers car shipping services as well. You can choose to transport your vehicle via an open and enclosed trailer. An open trailer is a better option if you have more than one car to ship. And your car will be insured for this ride, up to $100,000 if any external damages happen. We offer an enclosed trailer for full protection and transportation of luxurious and sports cars. Your car will be protected from any road debris, and it will be insured up to $500,000.

        Choose Where You Wish to Pick Up Your Car

        Another thing you can choose when it comes to car shipping services is where you wish us to pick up and deliver your car. If you wish our team to come to your home to pick up your vehicle and deliver it the same way at your new location, you should take our door-to-door delivery option. Another option is to take terminal to terminal. With this option, you will have to leave your car at the nearest terminal and to pick it up the same way at your new location.

        Try Our Storage Facilities Free of Charge for Whole Month

        As you may know, relocation can be quite unpredictable, which is why we, as experienced professionals, have a backup plan for all our customers. If you, for some reason, end up not knowing where to store your belongings, don’t worry. We have top-notch storage units at your disposal for a whole month for free. With a high-quality climate control system and one of the best video surveillance and security systems, you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe in our storage units. And if you wish to use our storage facilities for more than one month, we will make you a great deal.

        With Out Moving Insurance You Will Transport Safely

        We are a professional company. Therefore, we take the safety of your belongings very seriously, which is why once you become our customer, you will be insured. There are two types of insurance you can take. The first one is called Mandatory Liability Coverage. If any damage happens on a truck or before, you will get 60 cents per pound of any damaged goods with this insurance.

        On the other hand, if you wish to cover your belongings more, you can take our Ful Value Replacement Insurance. With this option, if anything happens to your belongings, you will either get a replacement or reimbursement in the full market value of your damaged item. Remember that Full Value Replacement is only possible if our professional team packs your insured belongings.


        Auto Transport

        East Coast West Coast Express ships all kinds of vehicles, regardless of their shape, size, price, or weight. From scooters to trucks, if you need it shipped, we can do it.

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        All your belongings are insured from the moment our professional movers lay their hands on them first, until they are all safely delivered to your front door and unpacked by our personnel.

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        The only problem is, an average American is not exactly a packing expert. There are so many rules to this process that learning how to do it can take more time than actually moving.

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        We at East Coast West Coast Express offer top-notch storage units to all our customers. Our storage services are among the best ones you will find in the country

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        Mild Weather, Sunny Beaches, and Glamour Are Just Tips of the Iceberg of Things LA Has to Offer

        Located in the south part of California, LA, it is the most populous city in the state, with around 4 million souls living there. It is spreading out in a basin of southern California next to the Pacific ocean, covering 469 square miles. It is no wonder no one walks in LA. Being the economic and cultural center of the state and nation, LA is one of the most prosperous cities in the country to start over and seek new career opportunities. But be aware that the job market is very competitive, and it may be difficult to find a job before you move.

        Aside from the movie and entertainment industries being among the most popular for newcomers, LA is a leader in many other industries. It has become one of the top centers for the technology industry, with over 500 technology companies and start-ups, and it is home to one of the most prominent companies in the industry, such as Google, Hulu, Headspace, and Postmates. But healthcare, manufacturing, government, tourism, technology, and construction are among the top employers.

        With $1.0 trillion made each year, the LA metropolitan area has the third-largest GDP in the world. Still, money-making is not all LA has to give. It is a leader in culture and art with more than 23,000 art jobs and is the country’s leading artistic center beating the New Your.

        Life Revolves Around Sunny Beaches

        Sunny California weather and sandy beaches are among the biggest reasons people decide to move here. And once you move, you will, like many locals, have your favorite beach. The best way to see what the LA coastline has to offer is to take a drive on Pacific Coast Highway, the iconic road you have seen in so many commercials and movies. Highway separates blue ocean and sandy beaches from multi-million-dollar villas carved in mountains. Your tour can begin from the Santa Monica Pier, one of the most iconic and most beautiful piers in California and the place where Baywatch and famous Mitch Buchannon gained fame.

        Amazing Scenery and Job Opportunities Come With a Cost

        It is no secret that LA and California are costly and that housing options are pretty expensive. For example, renting a one-bedroom apartment in the city center will cost around $2,200, while the same apartment further from downtown is around $1,600. The median home value is $788,000, and the median household income is $62,100. Overall, the consumer prices and living costs are 43% higher than the national average. Still, living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, in a place where dreams come true, will make the high cost worthwhile. And if you find a place to live further from the action, you will have a comfortable life. Here are the most popular areas in LA and best places to buy a house:

        • Playa del Rey,
        • Beverlywood,
        • Hollywood Hills West,
        • Century City.

        Finding Something to Do in Los Angeles Will Not Be a Problem

        No matter if you are a culture lover, outdoorsy type, or just looking for a nice meal at a restaurant, you will easily find something to keep you busy and entertained in LA. From the most famous city landmarks like the Hollywood Walk of Fame to a range of world-renowned restaurants and amazing LA museums you must not miss, there are so many things you can do. If you are a nature and science lover, you should hike through Griffith Park and look at both stars below (the whole downtown is visible from here) to the stars above – here is Griffith Observatory. Or, if you more like to enjoy the mild breeze running through your hair, go on Braude Bike Trail, a 22 miles long trail that follows the coastline. And even your dog will have so much fun on one and only off-leash beach, Rosie’s Dog Beach.

        Even Leaving LA is Easy With East Coast West Coast Movers

        Even if you grow tired of the West Coast charms and decide you need East Coast Movers to help you with moving from Los Angeles, we can assist you. Our Los Angeles moving company operates in many cities, and if you wish to relocate from LA, give us a call. Our professional workers will make sure you have the most efficient, fast, and stress-free move. With East Coast West Coast Movers, you will be able to deal with other things, such as saying goodbye to friends or soaking your feet in the ocean one more time. It is up to you how you will spend your last days in LA and leave the relocation business to us.

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