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        Manhattan’s amenities make it a very popular place to live in for just about anyone, with many describing the New York City borough as the cultural, entertainment, and financial capital of the world. If you are thinking of moving here, hiring our Manhattan movers will allow you to have a quick and easy move. Contact our Manhattan moving company, and you’ll receive a free quote on all our cross-country moving services.

        Relocate to the Popular NYC Borough With Our Excellent Manhattan Moving Service

        Relocating to this NYC borough from across the country becomes much easier when you hire one of the best Manhattan moving companies. East Coast West Coast Movers provide excellent long-distance moving services which enable you to move everything you own to NY without having to lift a finger.

        Whether you’re relocating to a new home or changing your office location, our team will carefully disassemble large items, load everything onto the truck, and then unload it at the destination. You won’t even have to worry about securing your furniture, as relocating with our East Coast movers will automatically provide you with a standard packing service for free.

        Our Manhattan Moving Services Have a Very Clear Pricing Model

        The relocation price is primarily determined by the distance traveled and the size of your inventory. The farther you are from the New York City borough, the more your move is going to cost and vice versa.

        Likewise, the more things you want us to transport, the higher the final bill is going to be. Anything you want to move will be added as an item on the inventory list, which can be changed until the very last day before the relocation date.

        Considering each move is unique, requesting a quote from our customer support will give you an accurate estimate of your relocation costs.

        Secure All Your Delicate Belongings by Booking Our Exquisite Packing Services

        Transportation is only one part of the relocation process, as you also need to carefully pack your belongings before they can be shipped across the country. Considering the process can take anywhere between a few weeks to several months, booking our packing services will significantly reduce the time it takes to prepare everything.

        While your furniture will get secured just by relocating with our company, this service is specifically designed to take care of all the smaller items that need to be boxed up. You won’t even need to worry about getting any supplies, as we will provide all the necessary high-quality materials. This will ensure even your most fragile belongings stay intact.

        Our Movers in Manhattan, NY Provide Partial and Full Packing Services

        Packing provided by our company can differ depending on the number of boxes you want our long-distance movers to pack. If you need fifteen boxes or less, you can get partial packing, which is perfect for those who only need some help with the items they don’t know how to pack.

        On the other hand, the full packing service is excellent for anyone with tons of belongings that need to be secured before shipping. This option is particularly good if you are relocating in a hurry and don’t have the time to pack everything appropriately.

        Car Shipping Allows You to Transport a Vehicle Across the Country Much More Easily

        While driving is not as popular in New York City as it is in other parts of the country, clients who want to ship a car across the country can still do so with the help of our auto transport service. After all, transporting a vehicle will be much easier if you don’t have to drive it to NYC yourself.

        Select a Transportation Option and Pick Up and Delivery Method for Your Vehicle

        Professional car shipping includes several options, allowing you to choose the transportation and pick-up and delivery method. If you wonder how your vehicle can be shipped, know that our company can transport cars in open and enclosed trailers.

        An open trailer is cheaper, but it doesn’t protect the vehicle from severe weather conditions. Enclosed trailers provide perfect conditions for shipping expensive vehicles, but the smaller capacity makes it more expensive. If any damage occurs during transport, your car will be insured no matter which option you choose.

        Besides transportation, you also have to select one of two pick-up and delivery methods. Door-to-door transport is the most convenient option, as you won’t even have to move the car out of the garage. Our cross-country movers will come to pick it up and transport it to the specified address in NYC.

        Terminal-to-terminal shipping is a cheaper method, but it requires you to leave the vehicle at our nearest terminal from where it will be delivered to the NYC terminal. Fortunately, you won’t have to drive for too long, as we have terminals across the entire country.

        Hire Our Manhattan Movers to Get Free Storage Services for 30 Days

        When relocating to NYC, there’s a good chance you won’t have as much storage space as you have in your current home. Thankfully, all the things that don’t fit can be stored in one of our storage facilities. More importantly, relocating with our long-distance moving company will provide you with 30 days of storage for free. Once this period expires, you can continue using our storage for a very reasonable price.

        All the Belongings We Transport Are Insured During the Move

        Buying moving insurance is a great backup plan in case an accident occurs during the move. All our clients are always supplied with mandatory liability coverage, which reimburses them up to 60 cents per pound of damaged goods. Considering this might not be enough to recover an item that was damaged or lost during transport, top moving companies in Manhattan also offer other forms of protection.

        That’s why we always recommend that our clients get a full value replacement policy just in case. If you have a lot of high-value items, send us a detailed list with everything you want to insure, and our representatives will take care of the rest.

        Manhattan's Amenities Make It One of the Best and Most Popular Places to Live in the Entire Country

        Manhattan’s amenities easily make it one of the best and most popular places to live in the city and the US overall. The borough is often referred to as the world’s financial, media, entertainment, and cultural center, and it definitely lives up to its reputation. It houses some of the world’s most important institutions, including the two largest stock exchanges, countless corporations, and excellent universities.

        Besides always being within walking distance from the famous Central Park, people who choose to move here will have access to many restaurants, cafes, entertainment opportunities, and vibrant nightlife. The borough is also incredibly diverse, meaning that anyone should be able to feel at home here.

        Manhattan’s Cost of Living Might Be Too High for Some

        Living in a popular place like this doesn’t come cheap, as Manhattan’s cost of living is one the highest in the entire country. This is particularly true for housing, as the median home price of $1.6 million and rent cost of $5,000 are almost four times higher than the national average (according to Payscale).

        The good news is that these costs vary between neighborhoods, with many communities outside Upper Manhattan being significantly more affordable. Another factor that makes the cost more manageable is the median household income, which is about 35% higher than the rest of New York City.

        Research the Borough Before Deciding Where to Live

        Manhattan’s neighborhoods provide many different opportunities despite it being the smallest NYC borough by area. While most places will cost more on average, there are still plenty of good choices that almost anyone can afford. If you’re not sure where to move, take some time to research the borough, starting with the following neighborhoods:

        • Upper West Side,
        • Lenox Hill,
        • Washington Heights,
        • Greenwich Village,
        • Hell’s Kitchen,
        • Gramercy Park.

        Want to Move Out of Manhattan? Contact Our Customer Support to Get a Free Quote

        While the city’s busiest borough does offer a lot of exciting things to do and see, not everyone can get used to the hustle and bustle. If you plan to move out of the borough and New York City overall, our mover in Manhattan will help you have a quick and stress-free relocation. Contact us, request a free quote, and book a move, and your journey will begin shortly.

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