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        If you decide that you need a change of scenery and the urban core surrounded by beautiful nature is the breath of fresh air you want, our Milwaukee movers can be of great assistance. Professional, trained, and reliable, our East Coast West Coast Movers will ensure that your long-distance moving ends up being as smooth and stress-free as possible.

        Our Milwaukee Movers Will Provide You With the Best Cross Country Moving Services

        If anything, relocation is complex, time-consuming, and often emotional. In such a situation, having professionals such as East Coast West Coast Movers by your side is invaluable in many respects. And we’re not talking just about the quality of the services, to which we’ll get in a moment, but the knowledge that you’re dealing with a business that genuinely cares for its clients and has years of experience in the industry. If you decide to become one of the thousands of people who put their trust in us and haven’t regretted it, all there is to do is pick up a phone and contact our team for a free quote.

        What sets East Coast West Coast Movers apart from many other long-distance moving companies is complete transparency in pricing. There will be no hidden fees and unexpected expenses along the way. The quote you’ll get is guaranteed and binding, based solely on the inventory list you provide our agents with.

        You can submit the list by filling a form on our website, or directly – by phone, video call, or arranging for our employees to visit your home. Once the list is submitted and verified with you, the price will be set and won’t be changed unless you decide to alter the list, which can be done up to one working day before the agreed-upon move-out date.

        Our Movers in Milwaukee Will Do All the Heavy Lifting

        The benefits of hiring East Coast West Coast Movers for long-distance moving services are visible from the moment the contract is signed. With years of experience, we believe that clients are in the first place.

        How does it all work? The team of cross-country movers will come to your home at the designated hour and load everything from the inventory list onto a truck. Once at the destination, they will bring everything to your new home and place it according to your instructions.

        With Our Packing Services, Your Belongings Will Be Safe

        Packing is the most dreaded part of the relocation process, and for a good reason. There are countless household objects to be packed and each of them demands a specific approach and technique. Luckily, our professional packers know them all.

        When you book our long-distance movers to relocate you to Miltown, a great burden will be off your shoulders. They will bring just the best packing materials and use them to pack large appliances and disassemble and wrap up bulky furniture pieces. Of course, each disassembled piece will be put back together at the destination address. That, as well as dealing with the household items larger than a medium-sized box, is our basic packing service that comes free of charge, as part of the initial quote.

        Furthermore, each item and package handled by our workers will be labeled with a barcode sticker. That is just one of the measures we take to ensure that no items get misplaced or lost. Everything is scanned at each step of the process, so no mistakes with inventory can happen.

        We Offer Two Types of Packing Services

        If our standard packing service isn’t enough and you want more help (and who could blame you, knowing the quantity of stuff all of us possess,) we have your back. Packing ordinary household items in boxes comes at a price, but it’s more than worth it, in both time and nerves.

        All you have to do is provide our company with the detailed list of items you want to be boxed up, and if the number of boxes is 15 or less you’ll be charged for partial packaging, while more than 15 boxes count as full packing service. It goes without saying that, whichever option you choose, you can count on our team to bring all necessary materials and treat your belongings with utmost care.

        For Your Oddly Shaped Items, We Have Custom Crating

        Sometimes the item you want to be moved is just too valuable, oddly shaped, or for some other reason can not fit in standard boxes. Again, you don’t have to worry. Just contact our agents and inform them about the item’s dimensions and we’ll make a custom wooden crate for the ultimate protection. Custom crating does come at a price, but it’s way more affordable than losing something precious.

        Our Movers in Milwaukee Can Transport Your Car as Well and the Costs Will Be Tailored to Your Budget

        The Badger State is a paradise for outdoor types, and to fully enjoy nature you’d need a car to reach all its corners. Still, driving across the country should be out of the question (for both your and your car’s sake). So what then? Booking an auto transport service, of course. And not only that East Coast West Coast Movers company offers it, but it also lets you tailor it to fit your needs and budget. And if you contact us for using both our moving and car shipping services, you can count on a nice discount.

        When it comes to delivery, there are more and less affordable options. More popular and much more convenient, but pricier, is the door-to-door option. It’s as the name implies – your vehicle will be picked up from your driveway and delivered the same way at the destination. The only preconditions for it are that you or someone you designate is present at both points and that our truck can access the streets. If it can’t, handovers will be arranged at the nearest parking lot.

        More affordable, but requires a bit of driving, is the terminal-to-terminal option. While more time-consuming, it’s an ideal way to say goodbye to the old area and get to know the new one. And we have terminals in all major US cities.

        There Are Two Types of Carriers for You to Choose From

        Like what our company has to offer so far? Because we have even more – you can choose which way your four-wheeler will be shipped. Once again, there is an option for every pocket. An open trailer is more available and more affordable of the two, shipping up to nine cars at once. That is great news for those relocating with family and possessing more than one vehicle. On the other hand, an enclosed trailer is the usual pick of the owners of luxurious or vintage cars, due to the ultimate protection it provides.

        Is there any downside? Open trailers are, well, open, and cars transported on them are exposed to outside conditions. As ever, we are ready to provide you with peace of mind. If anything happens to the exterior of your four-wheeler while on an open trailer, the insurance will cover up to 100,000 USD of damage. If you go for the complete protection of the enclosed carrier, you can count on reimbursement of up to half a million, in the unlikely case that any damage occurs.

        East Coast West Coast Movers Offer Free Storage Services for the Whole Month to All Customers

        Sometimes, things just don’t go as planned. Schedules can go awry and your belongings may end up between homes without the possibility to enter either one. Or maybe you simply don’t know what to do with some of the stuff. The obvious solution to this problem is a storage unit, but it can cost quite a buck. But not with the East Coast West Coast Movers!

        Our storage facilities aren’t just constantly monitored, climate-controlled, and top-notch in every regard, but are also free for the first month. Of course, you aren’t obliged to use our storage for the whole month, nor to leave your belongings there when that period passes. But if you choose to do so, you’ll be charged by the day, to avoid paying for something which you don’t get to use.

        You Will Get Top-Notch Moving Insurance With Our Cross Country Movers

        Sometimes, things go not only against the plans but plain wrong. And yes, our company is professional and reliable, but to err is human. Mistakes can happen. But since it’s your belongings that are on the line, we also provide relocation insurance to ensure that you’re covered if it comes to an accident. The first line of defense is the 60 cents per pound of the damaged item. That is the basic coverage and it’s free for all our clients. Still, it’s often not enough.

        That’s why we provide Full Value Replacement Insurance or FVRI. With it, the items you select from your inventory will be covered in full market value should anything happen to them. The only requirement for FVRI is that the insured items are packed by our team, and not by you.

        commercial area

        Before You Relocate to the “Beer Capital of the World” Find Out What Else This City Has to Offer

        Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee WI or Cream City is in many ways a hotspot of its region. Its population is growing, the economy is booming, and amenities and entertainment options aren’t lacking. Five Fortune 500 companies have their headquarters there, including Harley-Davidson, one of the symbols of our country. There are also large and competitive markets in technology, finances, and banking.

        But the field that really put this metropolis on the map (before Bucks won the ring) is brewing beer. It commenced with German immigrants in the 19th century (hence the city’s nickname German Athens of America) and it never stopped, so don’t be surprised to hear that this metropolis is called Beer City and Beer Capital of the World and that Miller Brewing Company is one of the leading employers in the city. Still, most Milwaukeeans are employed in the healthcare industry.

        Finding something to do here will not be a problem, with many music venues, galleries, and museums, including, no surprise there, the Harley-Davidson Museum, the only one of its kind in the world. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy the games of NBA Bucks and MLB Brewers, while those who prefer to spend their time in the open can take a walk on the walkway along the city’s namesake river, visit parks designed to form a complex system, or go to Urban Ecology Center or some of the many nature centers in the Miltown’s metro area. And there’s Summerfest, which counts as one of the largest and best music festivals on Earth. And if we’ve missed mentioning something you’d like, Cream City certainly has it, in one way or another.

        Costs of Living Are Fairly Affordable and Available for Anyone Pocket

        If you set your sights on America’s Dairyland largest city, you’ll be pleased to hear that Miltown is more affordable, on average than both Wisconsin and the US. Average housing prices are nearly half of the national average (median price of a home is $162,600 which is significantly less than Wisconsin’s $231,300 and national’s $291,700). And all that on an average net salary of 3,700 USD. Not bad, right?

        To get in a bit more detail, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment varies between $800 and $1,600, depending on the location, while larger places can be rented for anywhere from $1,200 to $3,200, again depending on whether they are downtown or further away from it. If you wish to become a homeowner, you can count that square foot will cost you between $70 and $350.

        Finding a Right Neighborhood to Live Will Not Be Hard

        Now that you know some basic budget requirements, let’s see what are the best areas to get accommodation. Since that mostly depends on each person’s lifestyle, we picked a few to help you in your search:

        • Bay View -While Miltown is generally safe, Bay View is considered the best neighborhood for families,
        • East Town -sitting between two rivers, East Town is a mecca for outdoorsy types,
        • Third Ward – If you think that day without a new addition to the wardrobe (or anywhere else in the household) is a day wasted, don’t look further from the Third Ward,
        • East Side– A perfect place for all who enjoy a night out,
        • Historic Mitchell Street -If you believe that food makes life worthwhile, you’ve found the right place.

        Our Movers in Milwaukee WI, Can Relocate You Anywhere in the Country

        No matter how great a place is, we can all grow tired of it or simply have to move away for work, education, health, love, or any other reason. If that’s the case with you and Miltown, East Coast West Coast Movers will be there to back you up. Our professional East Coast movers in Milwaukee can take you anywhere closer to the Atlantic Ocean, while West Coast Movers are ready to get you to California, Oregon, Texas, or anywhere you like on that side of the country.

        You can entrust your relocation to us, and stellar reviews across the web are there to back our words. Just contact your local branch of our long-distance moving company and arrange all the details of your cross-country move to Miltown or away from it. Either way, our job is to make it smooth and allow you to prepare for a new chapter in life.


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