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        If you want the experience of living in a big city, then relocating to NY is definitely for you. Not only is it the most populous city in the US, but it’s also the most desirable destination for numerous people all over the world. Our New York movers will provide you with the best moving services because we have experience with all kinds of moves.

        Explore the Best Long-Distance Moving Services East Coast West Coast Moving Company Has to Offer

        Changing a home and relocating to the Big Apple can be quite a challenging process. Whether you’re relocating for the first time or not, there are many tasks to think about if you want a successful move. Doing it on your own can cause you a lot of stress, and as a result, you won’t have such a positive experience.

        That’s why having professionals by your side is the best choice you can make. You’ll get a free quote with reliable cross-country moving services when you contact us. Also, you can enjoy many other benefits on top of a stress-free relocation. For example, we have well-protected storage units, relocation insurance, efficient packers who will pack everything you need, and experienced drivers who will transport your car to another location. You won’t have to worry about a thing, and you can think about the next chapter of your life in peace. With us, it’s possible!

        We stand out from other relocation companies because we base the prices differently. The weight of the belongings you want to move is irrelevant to us. You make the inventory list, and the more stuff you have, the higher the price will rise – and vice versa. In other words, you are in total control of your budget.

        When you send us the final inventory list (you can change it as much as you like until one day before the move), we’ll proceed with planning the relocation accordingly. However, if you have any concerns or questions regarding the free quote, don’t hesitate to call us. Our skilled customer support team will gladly help you.

        Our Efficient New York Movers and Packers Can Help You With the Packing Process

        Most long-distance moves require thorough planning of the packing process in order to be successful. However, it’s one of the most tedious and nerve-racking tasks in the whole relocation. So having a professional team of packers to provide you with the best packing service is the right choice. Knowing that professionals will take care of everything, from your furniture to the smallest items from your household. It will help you organize better and avoid all the stressful situations you could run into during this process.

        When you contact us and get a free quote, a standard packing service will already be included. This means all items that can’t be packed into regular-sized boxes will be on us (without any extra costs). We’ll deal with bulky appliances and pieces of furniture. Our efficient workers will disassemble and wrap them with the highest quality materials and supplies. Once we arrive at your future location, everything will be reassembled and put wherever you want.

        Check Additional Packing Services With Our Long-Distance Moving Company in NY

        Besides the standard packing service (wrapping furniture and other bulky stuff), our experienced East Coast movers will help you wrap and move to NYC everything else you need. We have additional services to make your life easier. That’s why we can offer you the following options:

        • Partial pack – it’s a great solution for those who have already started to pack and just need a helping hand with up to fifteen boxes.
        • Full pack – if you want us to pack your entire home or need assistance with more than fifteen boxes, this option is the right one for you.

        Our committed moving company with packers that have many years of experience will ensure all of your items are prepared for the trip to NYC. However, if you need some additional information, give us a call, and our pleasant customer service will provide you with everything you want to know.

        The Most Reliable Cross-Country Movers in New York Can Provide the Best Car Shipping

        Many would say that you don’t even need a car in NYC because the traffic there is unbearable. However, if you’re used to getting into your vehicle whenever you need to run errands, then having your car shipped to NY is the best choice. Although it’s one of the most populated cities in the US, and you can imagine how everyday traffic looks, you’ll still need to get from point A to point B in NYC.

        We at East Coast West Coast Moving Company are very proud of our auto transport services. Many years of experience have made us one of the leading relocation and car shipping companies in this industry. Our drivers are dedicated and are constantly working on improving their skills even more. That’s why you can find many positive reviews on our website with remarkable comments from satisfied customers. We’ll transport your vehicle to or from NYC in no time, and we’ll guarantee safety.

        Additionally, we cover the car insurance, as well. There are two transportation options we offer – with an enclosed trailer and with an open trailer. If you pick the enclosed option, the insurance can go up to $500,000 for any external damage. For the open trailer, we offer up to $100,000.

        Pick One of the Auto Transport Types You Prefer Most

        Since one of our ultimate goals is customer satisfaction, we offer you two types of car transportation. You can choose between an open trailer and an enclosed one. With our West Coast movers, both options are secure; it’s just a matter of the protection level you need. Let’s explore what the main differences between these two options are:

        • Open carrier – the more popular option, but your vehicle will be transported in the open air without any physical protection from weather conditions.
        • Enclosed carrier – if you want a fully protected carrier for your luxury vehicle, the enclosed trailer is the right option for you.

        We’re One of the New York Moving Companies With Two Car Delivery Methods

        When you decide to entrust us with car transportation, you’ll also get to choose between two delivery and pick-up options. Again, both of them are reliable, and all you need to do is decide which one is more convenient. The first option is door-to-door delivery. It means we’ll deliver your vehicle in front of the future home’s doorstep. The second option is terminal-to-terminal delivery. If you can’t wait for our drivers to deliver your vehicle, then picking it up at the nearest terminal is the more convenient option for you.

        Use Highly-Protected Storage Units Thirty Days for Free

        Relocating from one home to another is a time-consuming and stressful process. It includes many tasks, from decluttering to preparing the belongings you wish to move. However, sometimes things won’t go as planned. Your future place of residence may not be completely ready for you to move in, and you might need to leave some belongings in a secure storage unit.

        Worry not! We offer a completely free storage facility where you can keep your belongings, be it just some boxes or bulkier stuff, like furniture. You can enjoy all the benefits of this service and utilize one of our storage facilities completely free of charge for the whole thirty days. And rest reassured, all storage units are temperature-controlled, and whatever you decide to keep inside (from furniture to artwork) will remain dry and in excellent condition. Check with our customer representative all the benefits we provide our customers and have one of the greatest relocation experiences.

        We Include Standard Moving Insurance in Our Quote

        Cross-country moves have many challenges – organizing the whole process and ensuring all of your belongings arrive at one piece to another destination. All that can be quite overwhelming for many people. That’s why we have mandatory liability insurance. It’s 60 cents per pound for each damaged object while we’re handling it.

        All of the items our efficient packers wrap are less likely to get damaged during transport because we use only the finest wrapping materials. However, sometimes additional moving insurance is needed because accidents can happen. And as an additional option, we provide a full-value replacement policy. It’s a great solution for belongings of sentimental value or more expensive objects.

        If you’re struggling with deciding which option will suit you more, you can consult our customer support team. They will explain everything and help you make the right choice.

        The Big Apple Is So Much More Than Fascinating Skylines

        Relocation to the city with the highest population across the United States, around 8,800,000, brings many opportunities, but also high expectations. NYC is one of the most important megacities in the world, next to Sao Paulo and Seoul. However, people who are relocating from the West Coast or the Midwest will need some time to adapt to a completely different lifestyle.

        When it comes to the cost of living, you need to know that the monthly expenses here are pretty high. Being the most popular city in the world also means it’s one of the most expensive cities in the United States. Also, housing possibilities are limited, so being financially prepared and armed with patience will show you some results. The average monthly renting price is around $2,400 for a one-bedroom condo. And keep in mind that you’ll probably have to pay three times more upfront.

        Check some other interesting facts about NYC:

        • The first pizzeria was opened in 1895 right here,
        • There are more than 800 languages spoken in the Capital of the World,
        • NY’s Public Library has more than 50 million books,
        • The largest storage of gold in the world is situated here,
        • Honking your car horn is illegal, although the law is not really enforced.

        Find Your Perfect Place in the Capital of the World

        The City That Never Sleeps has five boroughs –  Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx. All of them are divided into diverse neighborhoods and areas where you can make a perfect home. Here are some of the most popular ones:

        • Lower East Side, Manhattan
        • Jackson Heights, Queens
        • Downtown Brooklyn
        • Harlem, Manhattan

        Find a Professional New York Mover That Makes Long-Distance Moves to or From NYC a Breeze

        If you’re looking for a trustworthy relocation company with all the necessary services, then we’re the right choice. Contact us and get a free quote for long-distance movers, whether you’re relocating to or from the City of Dreams. We’re completely dedicated to all kinds of moves, and we have an experienced relocation team that will ensure your relocation feels like a breeze.


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