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        Dreaming about starting anew in SF? California is the right place for many people looking for excitement, opportunities, and dreamy sunsets. To move there, you’ll need help from the best San Francisco movers, so keep reading to find out why our moving company is the number one choice for that purpose.

        Choose the Moving Services of Our San Francisco Movers to Relocate to the City by the Bay

        With our moving services to San Francisco, you won’t feel like anything’s missing. East Coast West Coast Movers have many relocation options available since we know what it takes to move, especially to one of California’s most lucrative cities.

        We’ve made it easy for you to contact us – just send a free quote on our website, or give us a call. With the free quote option, you’ll be able to learn more about relocation terms and prices instantly.

        As part of the standard moving package, we offer furniture and appliances packaging, with disassembling and assembling included wherever necessary; truck loading, unloading and transport; storage unit use; relocation insurance for security and safety.

        The main factor used to determine the cost of your relocation is the inventory list you give us. This is the list of all items you wish to pack and bring to SF. The price covers all the options mentioned above and won’t change unless you change the inventory list.

        The East Coast West Coast Movers Provide Packing Services for Every Kind of Customer

        If you think packing is simple, you may be in for a surprise. While it isn’t impossible to do it all yourself, having our long-distance movers by your side will make the process a lot easier. They’re trained to take care of items of any kind and know how to professionally and carefully pack even the most delicate things; that’s why our packing services are superb.

        Professional relocation workers are trained to disassemble and assemble furniture, so the move doesn’t end as soon as you arrive at the destination. Additionally, if you want us to pack more belongings, you can decide between partial and full packing options.

        Partial or Full Packing Service – It’s Your Choice

        These options aren’t free, but they’re worth the cost added to the final price. You can go for the less expensive option – partial packaging – if you want to handle most of your stuff. This option means our relocation crew can package up to 15 boxes of things while you’d handle everything else.

        If you have a solid budget or need all hands on deck, the full packaging option is the one for you. This means our relocation crews can pack more than 15 boxes of stuff, so they would handle most of it.

        When you deliver a detailed inventory list to our customer support, they’ll tell you whether it calls for full or partial packaging. We’ll contact you and tailor it together to help you get the relocation package you want.

        Our Movers to San Francisco Can Pack the Most Valuable Items, Too

        Sometimes, cross-country moving services seem like a risk for your most valuable belongings. Traveling long distances is never easy with something expensive in the truck, but there’s a way to avoid that feeling of dread and stress. It’s called custom crating.

        Our custom-made wooden boxes, or crates, are sturdy enough to sustain long, bumpy rides and protect the insides from getting so much as a scratch. TVs, mirrors, heirlooms, and any other precious item are worth diving into the budget for, and hopefully, you can combine custom crating with other services so it doesn’t break the bank.

        Get a Free Quote on Our Website and Ship Your Car to SF, California

        Many San Francisco moving companies offer car shipping besides standard relocation, and we’re one of them. While SF is known for being one of the most bicycle-friendly cities, it’s also a huge place, so getting from points A to B in a car is the easiest way to commute. That’s why we recommend you ship yours with our modern trailers.

        Besides the standard relocation service, you can also get a separate quote for car shipping. The price will depend on distance, weight, and some other factors, like the sort of carrier and delivery you choose. You can learn more about the price-defining factors when contacting our customer support.

        You Can Save Up by Choosing Between Car Pickup and Delivery Options

        As mentioned, the cost of our cross-country movers’ car shipping service can depend on the kind of pickup and delivery you choose. Our company has terminals in every city it covers, so you can choose the cheaper option and have your car delivered to our terminal in SF. It will also be picked up at the terminal before you move, so this will require some driving around.

        If you don’t feel like driving anywhere on relocation day, there’s the door-to-door delivery option. Our relocation crew will pick up your car in the driveway and deliver it to your home at the destination. If both the driveways aren’t accessible by truck, the pickup and delivery will be arranged at the nearest accessible street or parking.

        Trailers Matter – Shipping the Car in Open or Enclosed Carriers Is Also Your Choice

        Another factor that determines the car shipping price is your choice of trailers. We have open and enclosed trailers, and each one is a good choice in its own way.

        For example, if you choose to ship your car on an open trailer with our long-distance moving services, it’ll be cheaper but equally efficient and safe. Despite these carriers being open and there’s some risk of dirt and dust, the cars are protected as much as possible, so no significant damage comes to them.

        On the other hand, enclosed trailers are so protective and safe that no harm can come to the cars at all. They’re the ideal car carriers that transport and deliver any vehicle in shape as good as new. Their downside is the price since the fully protective trailers have more going for them.

        Whichever option you choose, you won’t make a mistake. East Coast West Coast Movers is the company to trust with your cars, and if you don’t believe us – we provide car insurance for both types of trailers. Cars on open carriers are insured for external damage of up to $100,000 and up to $500,000 on enclosed carriers.

        Our Moving Services to San Francisco Have Free Storage Use for a Month

        One of the most important, free services our San Francisco moving company provides its customers is storage service. Our security-equipped, modern, and climate-controlled storage units are state of the art and make it easy for anyone to store their belongings for no charge for thirty days.

        Our customer representatives will let you know what can be kept in storage and the fees if you need to keep items there longer than a month.

        Moving Insurance Will Help Make Your California Dreamin’ Come True

        What’s better than professional relocating and packaging? We know the answer – insurance for all your belongings during the move. Our standard relocation insurance, or mandatory liability coverage, is 60 cents per pound of damaged goods. We want customers to feel like they can trust our long-distance moving company and sleep well at night knowing their belongings are safe.

        If 60 cents per pound of damages seems little, you can add some cash to get the Full Value Replacement Insurance or FVRI. This is a beneficial type of insurance for custom crated and more valuable items, so it’s good to consider it. Our relocation workers will help you choose what item is best insured for its total value.


        Auto Transport

        East Coast West Coast Express ships all kinds of vehicles, regardless of their shape, size, price, or weight. From scooters to trucks, if you need it shipped, we can do it.

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        All your belongings are insured from the moment our professional movers lay their hands on them first, until they are all safely delivered to your front door and unpacked by our personnel.

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        The only problem is, an average American is not exactly a packing expert. There are so many rules to this process that learning how to do it can take more time than actually moving.

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        We at East Coast West Coast Express offer top-notch storage units to all our customers. Our storage services are among the best ones you will find in the country

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        San Francisco Is the Californian Gift that Keeps on Giving

        San Francisco is known by many names – SF, The City by the Bay, Frisco, 415, Gay Mecca, The City that Knows How, and more. Over the years, people have given it many nicknames because of the numerous possibilities it provides. In fact, SF is California’s cultural, financial, and commercial center.

        SF is the fourth most populated city in California, with around 870,000 residents. People worldwide flock to SF to try their luck with working at Silicon Valley or one of many start-ups within the city borders. While it’s considered one of the more expensive US cities, the monthly income per capita was, statistically, the seventh-highest in the country in 2019.

        Some more interesting facts about SF are:

        • The SF Bay Area is a world-renowned cultural and scientific hub,
        • SF was founded in 1776 by Spanish colonists and named after Saint Francis,
        • It is the birthplace of the United Nations, founded in 1945,
        • The most popular tourist attractions are the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Fisherman’s Wharf, and many hills and natural hiking trails in the Bay Area,
        • SF is the most bicycle-friendly city in the US,
        • One of the oldest pride parades is the San Francisco Parade, which was first held in 1970,
        • The Golden Gate Bridge was officially opened in May of 1937 – 84 years ago,
        • The unofficial anthem of Frisco is Tony Bennett’s famous song “I Left My Heart In San Francisco,” from 1962.

        People are Nervous About the Costs of Living in SF, but There Are Ways to Find Affordable Options

        We’ve mentioned that SF is considered one of the more expensive cities in the US, but how realistic are those rumors compared to reality? According to the numbers shown on Numbeo.com, the average monthly salary is around $7,800.

        The monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment outside of the city center is around $2,400, while it ranges at $2,800 in the center. Other popular realties are three-bedroom apartments; getting one outside of the center will cost you around $4,400 on average, while in the center, you may not get one for less than $7,100 per month.

        These are average prices, which means you’d be able to find cheaper apartments and accommodation. There’s always an option to look for roommates or join a shared household if you’re relocating alone. You may need to have a big budget, but SF always seems to be worth the trouble.

        If Budget Is Not a Priority, These Five Neighborhoods Are Worthy of Praise

        Of course, budget matters, but it’s not always essential to find an ideal home in every aspect. People like to know the neighborhood they’re relocating to is safe and has enough amenities to keep them entertained and satisfied.

        Here are some of the highest-rated SF neighborhoods that combine budget and amenities:

        • Presidio of San Francisco – also known only as The Presidio, this former military area is now a nature-abundant neighborhood in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. It’s considered the best neighborhood in SF to raise a family,
        • Telegraph Hill – voted as the best neighborhood for young professionals in SF. It’s filled with gardens and slightly cheaper than The Presidio,
        • Bayview – the most diverse neighborhood in SF has struggled over the years, but it’s risen to its final, glorious form. Its locals love it because of the public schools, commuting ease, and high quality of homes,
        • Hayes Valley – considered one of the top neighborhoods of SF and the perfect mix of suburban and urban lifestyles,
        • Lone Mountain – this neighborhood is ideal for college students attending the University of San Francisco. There are two campuses nearby and many parks, walking areas, cafes, and restaurants.

        Want Our Movers in San Francisco to Take You Away from the City? We Can Assist You Leave SF and Conquer New Places

        Need to leave SF behind? Tony Bennett left his heart there, and you probably will, too. Still, if you’ve had enough of life in the Bay, it got too expensive, or you just want to take more chances in life and visit more places, we have the best movers in San Francisco that will assist you in leaving it. We cover a wide area, coast to coast, and can provide stellar service no matter where you want to settle.

        We are great East Coast movers and equally great West Coast movers, which is in our company’s name. Our relocation workers will help you with packaging, car shipping, and anything else you need. All the relocation options we’ve listed are available for people who wish to leave SF, too. Contact us and verify why we’re one of the best moving companies in San Francisco, whether you’re looking to escape the West Coast or move there.

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