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        Only 32 miles away from Los Angeles and famous Long Beach lies Santa Ana, the second-most populous city in Orange County. If gorgeous California beaches, lush nature, and plenty of entertainment options sound appealing to you, here is how Santa Ana movers can help you get it all!

        East Coast West Coast Movers Offer Prime Moving Services in Santa Ana, California

        Do you plan to relocate to the opposite coast and look for a reliable full-service long-distance moving company to provide you with all the moving services you could possibly need? If so, you’re at the right place! East Coast West Coast Movers have a team of long-distance movers who are here to support all your moving needs since we understand how complex relocations can be.

        For that reason, we created a range of different services and many beneficial conditions to help you handle the whole process. The thing you should definitely keep in mind when it comes to our offer is that we provide guaranteed prices since we base all our quotes on inventory lists and the distance between the starting and final point.

        The greatest advantage of those inventory lists is the fact that you can readjust them until 24 hours up to your scheduled relocation date. You can add or remove items from the list, and the price will change accordingly. This means that once you create an inventory list and finally confirm it, there won’t be any additional costs added after the relocation is complete.

        Different Packing Services Are Available to Book With Our Movers in Santa Ana, CA

        Our basic packing services include different kinds of assistance. Namely, within the basic moving service, we’ll do a bit of packing as well. Our crew will disassemble all furniture pieces, protect them with the right packaging materials, and load them into the truck. It also implies they will reassemble and reposition them in the household once all of them are delivered to your new home address. In case you need additional assistance with any of your items, here are other options available to book with us.

        Partial Packing Service Is the Right Choice for Protecting Your Dearest Items

        The silverware set your grandma gave you, Christmas ornaments you’ve brought from Russia, or any other item that is special to you deserves to be handled by professionals. Our cross-country movers are highly trained to deal with any kinds of fragile or delicate items, and going for their assistance, in this case, is definitely the most convenient solution.

        Partial packing assistance implies our team will pack all belongings in a maximum of 15 boxes, and it also includes all necessary protective equipment and packing supplies. This means that once you book a partial service, you won’t need to worry about any other details related to packing since we’ll take care of all.

        Our Movers in Santa Ana Offer Full Packing Services Too

        For all those in a hurry and with strict timelines, full packing service presents the best solution to organize seamless and stressless relocation. Our team can pack your whole household in a timely manner, efficiently, quickly, and safely, and these are something our customers value the most when leaving their reviews.

        Do You Want to Take a Piano or Precious Antique Piece to a New Home? Here Is How We Can Help With Moving Them All!

        Are any of your precious belongings like piano, grandfathers clock, or piece of art listed in your inventory list? For all similar possessions, East Coast movers provide custom crating service, which implies we will make a crate according to measurements of the item itself and ship it to your new home address. Everything you’ll have to do is to provide us with the right measures and note it to your dedicated agent, and our team will make it for you just in time.

        Superbly Organized Car Shipping Is Also a Part of Our Cross-Country Moving Services Offer

        Separating from their beloved car is something unimaginable for many people, and if you’re one of them, we’re on the same page! That’s why we offer exceptional auto transport services you can book with our company.

        Various options are available, and our helpful agents will be more than happy to provide every customer with additional information and explanation on the tiniest details so you can be sure your vehicle will be safely delivered. Here is everything you need to consider before choosing the right shipping option for your four-wheeler.

        Consult Your Dedicated Agent Whether to Choose an Open or Enclosed Trailer

        Depending on your car size and type, there are two options to ship your vehicle. Open trailers are the most convenient choice when it comes to standard-size cars. On the other hand, if you possess any larger or more expensive car, our agents will definitely recommend you to go for an enclosed trailer.

        Although both types of trailers are safe for shipping vehicles, there are slight differences between them. Firstly, open trailers can not accommodate any larger vehicles because of the very limited space on the hauler. Also, keep in mind that the vehicle will be exposed to weather and road conditions that could be inconvenient in winter. For that reason, enclosed trailers are a perfect option for more expensive cars that are usually larger and require special shipping conditions.

        Second, and the biggest difference is the price. Namely, shipping on an open trailer is 40% more affordable compared to the enclosed one. The reason for such price difference is the fact that more vehicles can be accommodated on the open trailer – up to 9, while fewer cars are accepted on enclosed trailers. The conclusion is that your trailer choice will be mainly determined by the type of car you possess. Let’s move next now, and see what else you should pick when it comes to our assistance.

        Pick-Up and Delivery Points Also Impact the Total Sum of the Car Shipping Quote

        When it comes to pick-up and delivery, West Coast movers offer two solutions – door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal. The major difference between those two options is in price and convenience.

        Quite expectedly, if you pick door-to-door, it will save you a lot of time since our team will take a car right in front of your doorstep. Also, it will cost you more since this type of assistance implies greater support. Still, a door-to-door pick-up and delivery solution is perfect for all those who want to have their car readily available as soon as they arrive.

        In case you want to keep an eye on the budget and you’re known for a driver who can easily adapt to any driving situation, then terminal-to-terminal could suit your needs best. This implies you’ll take care of your vehicle and pick it up from the regional terminal once we inform you the delivery is finished. As you suppose, this is the reason why this option is more affordable than a door-to-door deal. However, the choice is yours.

        The Best Thing About Our Shipping Assistance Is the Fact That Car Insurance Is Included

        When we say we take care of the tiniest detail, we really do so. All vehicles shipped with our company are covered with $100,000 on open trailers and $500,000 on enclosed trailers in case any external damage happens on the open road. The best thing is that the coverage is included in the price, and you won’t be additionally charged for this.

        Use Services From Our Santa Ana Movers and Get Free Storage for the First 30 Days

        Every customer that uses our long-distance moving services is automatically provided with a special deal that includes 30 days of free use of our fully protected storage unit. Besides, if our customer has to extend the period of usage for any reason, they’ll get a special per-day price. This means they’ll be additionally charged only for the days they used the storage.

        Another advantage of our storage is they are 24/7 under video and guard surveillance, and they also have a temperature control system that prevents any water or mold damages. Furthermore, there is an automated system for recording all check-ins and check-outs of the goods, so the chances for any inconvenience are reduced to the minimum.

        Insurance of Your Belongings Is Also a Part of the Deal

        Once loaded on our truck, all your possessions are insured with mandatory liability coverage, which grants reimbursement of 60 cents per pound of damaged goods. This basic insurance is included in the price and automatically added to your quote.

        Still, if you want an upgrade, you can always go for a full value replacement policy, which implies reimbursement of the full value of the damaged goods. This option is incredibly convenient if some of the stuff you own is highly valuable, and you don’t want to put them at any risk.

        Although damages are rare, having some kind of additional security is always desirable. That’s why we offer these two types of coverage, and if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact your dedicated agent and ask for all details.

        Welcome to Santa Ana, a Place Where All California Diversity Meets

        Ocean coast, vibrant downtown, gorgeous nature, rich history – in short, these are the main characteristics that describe Santa Ana. Besides the pleasant atmosphere, SA is also known as the second-largest city in Orange County and a part of the larger LA metropolitan area. The great location and vicinity to one of the most popular cities to live in all around the globe made SA a desirable place on the California coast.

        Great housing options and more affordable cost of living, excellent prospects for finding a job within government institutions or healthcare, marketing, or service industries are reasons good enough to consider this place and relocate here.

        Are You Looking for More Affordable Living Costs Compared to Los Angeles Standard? Santa Ana Might Be the Solution

        Los Angeles is one of the most expensive cities in the US to live in. For this reason, many people who want to live there but still keep their costs of living low found Santa Ana as the most suitable location and solution. Only 30 miles away from LA and the center of Orange County, Santa Ana offers considerably lower prices when it comes to the cost of living.

        On average, the cost of living in SA is around 12% lower than in LA, while rent prices are 17% more affordable. The biggest difference definitely comes with apartment prices. Namely, buying an apartment in SA could cost you up to 47% less than in LA, so if your aim is to buy your own home within Orange County, SA offers a higher probability of reaching your goal.

        How Much Will It Cost You to Rent an Apartment in Santa Ana?

        We know that numbers can always show you the right state of prices. That’s why we’ll go through some of them now. The average rental price of a one-bedroom apartment (out of the city center) in Santa Ana equals $1,550 on a monthly basis, while an apartment of the same size in the downtown area would cost around $2,150.

        If you want a greater commodity and look for two-bedroom apartments, you should set aside around $2,500 per month, while three-bedroom apartments will cost you up to $3,000. Of course, those numbers change with the specific location, and you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

        Are You Planning to Move Out of Santa Ana? Here Is How Our Santa Ana Moving Company Department Can Help

        If you want to move from Santa Ana to any other place in the US, East Coast West Coast Express can support this plan too! The process of booking your relocation is quite the same, the most important part will be to contact us and provide us with all the information, and our agents will give you a free quote. Our company operates all across the US, and any request is easily feasible. Don’t forget to check our reviews and see how other customers rated our assistance and why they would recommend it to you.


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