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        If you plan to relocate to California soon, and to search for reliable Santa Clarita movers to handle your relocation, here is how we can help! Our cross-country moving company offers all types of relocation assistance you could possibly need, and what’s even better, many special deals and prices are waiting for you!

        Our Long-Distance Moving Company Provides Prime Moving Services to Cover Every Relocation Request

        A high-quality and wide range of cross-country moving services is something that differentiates us from all other Santa Clarita moving companies. Not only do we provide all the long-distance moving services you could possibly need to organize your relocation, but we also strive to give you fair prices, ensuring that the whole relocation process goes stressless.

        What Should You Know About Our Moving Services?

        The way we form our prices is exclusively based on the number of items you have in your inventory list and the distance of your move. The fewer items you have, the lower the price and vice versa, and this is what gives you an opportunity to be in complete control of your costs.

        Besides, another advantage of our inventory lists is that they’re adjustable until 24 hours before your moving date so you can add or remove the things from it. If you initially forgot to put something on the list, don’t despair! There’s enough time to fix it!

        Movers in Santa Clarita Provide Various Packing Services to Additionally Ease the Relocation Process

        If you feel like you need a helping hand with boxing up your household, East coast movers have the right solution for this request, too. We provide various packing services that will be perfect for all those who want to speed up the process and be sure their stuff is handled in a safe manner.

        Our basic packaging service is included in every quote we provide and is free of charge. It implies our professional long-distance movers will help you:

        • Disassemble and reassemble all furniture pieces,
        • Handle large appliances like TVs or refrigerators,
        • Load and unload all the stuff you’ve listed in your inventory list, including boxes you packed on your own,
        • Provide all necessary packaging supplies for your bulky stuff (mattresses and sofas).

        If the basic assistance is not enough to cover all your expectations, there are also extra-paid options that could really speed up the whole packaging process. Here is what you can expect when you decide to use each of them.

        Professional Santa Clarita Cross-Country Movers Offer Partial and Full Packing Services

        Depending on your home size, the boxing-up process could last for weeks. If you want to make the process quicker, then going for partial or full packaging service could adequately meet your needs.

        Partial packaging service implies that our crew will come to your home with all necessary boxes and other packaging materials and pack all the stuff you decide at a maximum of 15 boxes. If the stuff that has to be packed requires more than 15 boxes, it will be counted as a full packing service which is a great choice for all those who don’t want to be limited with the number of boxes.

        Also, this type of assistance could cover you in case you want our professional West Coast movers to pack your whole home. If you choose to go for this solution, just make sure to inform your dedicated agent about all details and agree on everything in advance, so we can organize it and execute it smoothly.

        Custom Crating Is a Perfect Choice for Items That Need Special Packaging Treatment

        If any smaller musical instrument, sculpture, antique, or art piece is placed on your inventory list, then you will definitely want to go for our specially designed custom crating service. This packaging method implies you will give us the exact measurements of the specific item, and our team will build a special crate. Ensure you inform your dedicated agent who will guide you through the whole process, and make sure you do it in time.

        Our Santa Clarita Moving Company Offers Prime Car-Shipping Services, Too

        Auto-transport services are also available to book with our long-distance moving company and are highlighted as favorites in our customers’ reviews. We ship all types of cars, both on open and enclosed trailers, so once you give us all the details related to your vehicle, we will support you in choosing the correct shipping option for you. Here are some basic details you should know before you contact us and initiate the booking process.

        Open or Enclosed Trailers? What Solution Should You Pick for Your Car Shipping?

        The choice of the trailer type mainly depends on the car size since space on the enclosed trailers is pretty limited, and not every type of vehicle can be loaded on the open trailer. The greatest dilemma for our customers, however, is related to the safety of shipping, since the majority of them consider enclosed trailers safer for shipping cars. Although this could seem true at first sight, when it comes to safety, both types of trailers offer the highest security thanks to the special equipment we use.

        The crucial difference between open and enclosed trailers is in the price. Namely, shipping a car on an open trailer will cost you 40% less compared to an enclosed one. The reason for this price difference is that more vehicles can be loaded on an open carrier.

        In general, enclosed trailers could be a perfect fit for more luxurious machines that require a special shipping method or if you want to ship your car during the winter. Since enclosed carriers are entirely closed, no road or weather conditions could affect your vehicle in any way. That’s why it is always more recommendable to use it if your relocation takes place in winter.

        Choose Pick-up and Delivery Locations That Suit You Best

        When it comes to pick-up and delivery locations here at East Coast West Coast Express, we offer two possibilities. The first and the best solution is the door-to-door pick-up and delivery, which implies that our professional crew will come to your address to pick up your car and deliver it to your new address. Everything you should do in this case is to hand over your car keys.

        The terminal-to-terminal solution implies you will have to drive your four-wheeler to the designated address of one of the regional terminals we run all across America, and that’s why this assistance will be more affordable compared to the first one. The thing you should have in mind when it comes to this pick-up and delivery option is it will take you more time to manage the whole process. But if your budget is a priority, you should not have any second thoughts about it.

        You’ll Get Free Car Insurance Policy When Shipping a Car With Us

        Situations where some car gets damaged during the transportation process happen once in a blue moon. However, we have to think about every detail. That’s why we additionally insure every car is loaded on our trailers, providing a free car insurance policy.

        In case of any external damage that occurred during the transportation process, all cars shipped on open trailers are covered with $100,000, while four-wheelers shipped on enclosed trailers are covered with up to $500,000.

        Every Customer Gets Free Storage Unit for the First 30 Days With Santa Clarita Movers

        Relocations can be very unpredictable and get extended for millions of reasons. Regardless of the reason, you will definitely need some safe place to store your stuff until your home is set. That’s why we provide a free storage unit for every customer we serve.

        In order to meet all safety standards, all our storage units are fully equipped with:

        • 24/7 video surveillance,
        • A temperature control system that keeps your items from getting damaged with mold,
        • An automated system that records the time of every check-in and check-out of the goods,
        • Limited access to the storage unit.

        Also, for every customer who has to extend the usage of storage units for a couple of months, we offer special per-day prices, which means you will pay only what you use. Of course, if you have any further questions regarding our storage units, don’t hesitate to ask your dedicated agent about it. And if you have any doubts about whether to use it or not, be sure to check our reviews and find out what our previous customers said about it.

        Moving Insurance Is Also a Part of the Deal

        We understand how precious your belongings could be to you, and that’s why we always strive to give them an additional layer of protection in terms of the insurance. Every quote includes mandatory liability coverage, which is free of charge, and grants reimbursement of 60 cents per pound of damaged goods.

        In case you don’t find this policy satisfactory in terms of reimbursement amount, you can always go for an upgrade and full value replacement policy. This type of coverage means reimbursement in the full value of damaged goods and is an extra-paid option, so don’t forget to contact your dedicated agent and ask for further information about moving insurance and book it in time.

        Welcome to Santa Clarita, Another Stunning Place in Sunny California

        Only 35 miles away from Los Angeles and the sunny Californian coast, Santa Clarita represents one of the most desirable places to live in CA. The main reason for this trend is because living costs in SCL are way more affordable than in LA and for the spotless location. Many outdoor opportunities, ravishing nature, top-notch schools, and universities make it just a perfect place for families and fresh students ready to start their careers.

        Plenty of Outdoor Activities Is Something You’ll Love Most In SCL

        Not only is SCL near LA, but it’s also surrounded by gorgeous nature hidden in nearby mountains. This gives you a perfect opportunity to spend your weekend being active. Biking, hiking, or enjoying stunning sunsets is definitely something you must try once you relocate to SCL.

        Thanks to its great location, all Californian landmarks will actually be easily approachable to you. No matter if you wish to visit some of the super fun themed parks, countless museums, or Hollywood hot spots, everything will be only a few miles away from SCL.

        Costs of Living in SCL Are Significantly Lower Compared to Those in Los Angeles

        Los Angeles is one of the most desirable places to live all across the US, but it’s also one of the most expensive cities. For all those who don’t want to give up on their dreams of living in Big Orange, finding a place near this metropolis is the best way to fulfill them, and Santa Clarita is definitely a destination to consider.

        Namely, living in SCL is 10% less expensive than living in LA, and when it comes to rental prices, this difference is even more obvious. Renting an apartment in SCL can be 23% more affordable compared to LA for a similar apartment. Also, buying an apartment or house is more likely to happen in SCL than in LA because of both the prices and availability.

        Movers from Santa Clarita Can Help You Relocate to Any Other Part of the USA

        If your plan is to move out of SCL, our professional movers can also support you with this request and provide you with impeccable service. All you need to do is to contact customer support to get all additional information. Soon after you contact us, our team will start working on your relocation. Read our reviews and find out why our previous customers say we are the best and don’t hesitate to give us a call and get our quote.


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