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        If you are ready to get moving to or from California, it may be time to call up reputable Santa Monica movers. By hiring one of the best moving companies in Santa Monica, you can rest assured that the move will go by in a stress-free and easy manner. And it all starts by calling East Coast West Coast Movers and getting a free quote for your cross country relocation.

        Relocation Has Never Been as Easy as With the Help of Our Santa Monica Movers

        No one really enjoys the process of relocation. That is something everybody can agree on. It’s long, tedious, and outright frustrating at times. However, when you can delegate a portion of your tasks to professional long distance movers, the entire endeavor becomes that much easier. And while people think that hiring a professional crew is another complicated process, let us assure you that it is not. All you have to do is contact East Coast West Coast Movers, obtain a free quote, and book the perfect date for your move. The rest is up to us.

        With Our Relocation Service, Clients Get Everything They Need for a Successful Move

        East Coast West Coast Movers is a company known for providing stellar cross-country moving services to its customers. The reason why we get so many great reviews is that we provide an all-encompassing service that is executed efficiently and safely. Within it, you can expect to get the following without any additional costs:

        • A truck is provided without additional charge, and our experienced professional drivers behind its wheel,
        • The process of loading and unloading of the truck,
        • Packing up of furniture and basic appliances that exceed the size of a normal box,
        • Free storage for a month with the possibility to extend the use,
        • Insurance packet to cover any breakage or damage to your belongings.

        Packing Is Easier With East Coast Movers By Your Side

        The main reason why people hire a long distance moving company is to obtain packing services. Generally, the packaging is one of the most dreaded, and simultaneously, one of the most important parts of relocation. And to an unskilled person, it can take a lot of time, effort, and not to mention nerves.

        So, it’s always better to contact moving experts and have this part of your move resolved by professionals, rather than spend days stressing about it. And what’s even better is that we’ll provide you with all materials needed for the process, and not just our know-how.

        Our Movers in Santa Monica, CA Provide Options For Different Needs

        Our long distance movers provide multiple options when it comes to packaging. We have something that fits every household inventory list, as well as every budget. So, not only will we make sure your wallet isn’t emptied, but we’ll provide you with assistance tailored to your needs. Here is what you can choose from when hiring us:

        • Partial packing assistance – Partial packaging service is perfect for those without too many items. It entails our experienced team coming to your home and packing up to fifteen boxes. This also works perfectly for those who want experts to make sure a portion of their more breakable items is safely stored. And, this is the most affordable option – so it is perfect for anyone relocating on a budget.
        • Full packing assistance – For those requiring assistance for over fifteen boxes, full assistance will work like a charm. All you have to do is provide us with the list of your household belongings, and the rest you can leave to us. So, don’t worry about a thing, because we’ll do everything for you.

        West Coast Movers Are Experts When It Comes to Car Shipping

        Most often, when people move, they need to relocate a few extra things besides their house inventory. And one of those items is a car. If you are a driver, you may be wondering about the safest and most cost-efficient way to transport your vehicle. Well, we can tell you one thing – it surely isn’t you driving it. Rather, leave it up to us to transport your vehicle with one of the following carrier options:

        • Open carriers are the more popular and affordable service. It allows you to transport more than one vehicle at a time, so it’s perfect for those who drive multiple cars. The carrier is partially opened, so it does leave your vehicle exposed to weather conditions and dirt. Although this is the most damage that may happen to your car, you can sleep soundly knowing we will cover any potential external damage for up to $100,000.
        • Enclosed containers are more expensive but more shielded too. They provide more security to your vehicle, so they are perfect if you’re a car lover who invests a significant portion of their savings in the vehicle you drive. The carrier is completely shielded, so even the most vintage and vulnerable machines will be safely shipped. However, we do provide mandatory insurance for any damage of up to $500,000.

        Hire the Best Moving Company in Santa Monica to Ship Your Vehicle to the Desired Location

        Not only do we provide a multitude of options for car carriers, but for delivery and pickup locations as well. No matter if you are moving from California or somewhere else in the States, we’ll have an option that will fit your needs perfectly. It’s just up to you to choose the door-to-door, or the terminal-to-terminal delivery, and contact us to let us know which one works better for you:

        • Door-to-door service – Our movers have no problem coming to your door, picking up the vehicle, and taking it to your future place. It’s definitely the easiest way to have your car delivered to whatever location or address you want it at.
        • Terminal-to-terminal service – If you want a more affordable option, you can leave your car at one of our terminals. We have them all over the country, so you won’t have a problem finding the one that is near you. We’ll agree on the time, date, and place which works for you for pickup and delivery, and that’s it – you can consider the job done.

        With Our Santa Monica Moving Services, You’ll Be Entitled to a Month of Free Premium Storage Use

        If you want to become a customer and use our long distance moving services you’ll get to use our storage facilities for a month free of charge. Since moves in general entail a bunch of arranging and rearranging of the newly obtained space, having a storage space at your disposal can mean a lot in the long run.

        That’s why we’ll provide you with a month of free use of one of our climate-controlled and monitored units. There, you can leave anything you want to be stored safely and securely with our company, without having to worry about it up until the moment you are ready to pick the items up once more. And if you want to prolong the use after the first month, feel free to contact our customer service team to obtain all the relevant information.

        With Cross Country Movers, All Your Things Will Be Covered By a Significant Liability Packet

        Whenever you move household items with our team, you can expect your belongings to be covered and secured while with us. Although we are of utmost professionalism when it comes to relocating, and we can practically say that we don’t make mistakes. However, we don’t want our customers feeling unsafe. That’s why we provide anyone who gets our moving service with mandatory insurance.

        The insurance liability policy at hand covers 60 cents per pound of your damaged or lost inventory. Of course, if you want a full-price insurance policy, we provide it as well. However, it would be best to contact our friendly customer support team for any further information on what this service implies, as well as how much it costs.

        Santa Monica Is One of the Finest Places California Has to Offer

        If you’ve always wanted to live on the beachfront with amazing sunsets and great access to Los Angeles, you shouldn’t look further than the wonderful SaMo. However, you don’t actually need to commute to LA constantly, because here you can find everything you may need – from a booming job market to great social life, and many wonderful attractions like the Pacific Park and the Palisades Park.

        Before You’re Set on a Neighborhood, Make Sure You’re Aware of the Housing and Living Costs

        Unfortunately, SaMo isn’t the most affordable place in the country. Actually, it is one of the most expensive places in the entire US. The median home price goes for about $800,000 while average rent goes for about $3,800. Although you may be able to find some places for less than that.

        So, get your bank account ready if you aim on renting or buying here. However, with high prices of properties come high incomes. Generally, if you want to live here, know that homeowners have an income of about $135,400. And with that type of salary, you can go ahead and look into one of the city’s great areas:

        • Ocean Park – With a population of somewhat over 13,000 Ocean Park is one of the most cherished and beloved parts of the city. It has something for everyone, from amazing public schools, and family-friendly parks, to great nightlife and a multitude of bars, clubs, and restaurants.
        • Wilshire Montana – With Wilshire Montana you’re also looking at one of the local favorites. This is also a great area with many bars, cafes, and parks, as well as amazing public schools. It is also located near Wilshire Boulevard, one of the main roads, that will allow you to easily and quickly travel in and out of the area.
        • Sunset Park – If you want to live in a very safe neighborhood, Sunset Park is the one to look at. And that’s great because it is also a bike-friendly area. So, not only will you be able to bike everywhere, but also won’t have to worry about where you leave your bicycle.

        It’s Time to Embark on the Relocation Journey With a Trusted Santa Monica Moving Company

        East Coast West Coast Movers are a company that can help you relocate out of SoMo too if you are over living in sunny California. Since you’ve seen all the services we can provide you there is only one thing left to do and that is to call us up and obtain your free quote. So, rather than procrastinate your move further, we urge you to contact us and start your relocation journey today. We are only a phone call away.


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