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        When organizing a relocation to the country’s capital city, the most important thing you should have are reliable moving services in DC. Our relocation company can help with that – we have the best Washington DC movers you can imagine. With us by your side, your relocation will be an effortless one, without much relocation stress. Check out which services we offer, and contact us – book your crew on time, and move efficiently.

        Relocating to the Capital of the Country? Our Washington DC Movers Will Provide the Best Cross-Country Moving Services

        Relocating is complicated for many different reasons, but the one thing most people worry about is choosing the right moving company to assist you with your move. If you have to pick moving services in Washington DC, our crews are undoubtedly the best option. East Coast West Coast Movers have been around for quite some time, and we are leaders in our industry. With the most modern technology and well-trained workers, there’s nothing that can go wrong. Every team of ours is carefully selected, and we always put much effort into training our workers. You can rest assured that your furniture, boxes, and any other kind of belongings will be safe and well taken care of while in our possession.

        If you are still undecided about reaching out to us, be sure to check out our customer reviews. You will learn a lot about us that way and see how we take care of our clients. It’s not only about achieving an excellent move – we also do our best to make you feel comfortable and stress-free during this challenging period of your life. So, why not contact us for a free quote? We set up the price based on your household inventory list – which you can change up until one day before the move. This is the fairest and most transparent way of setting the price, and you will realize that the work we do is quite affordable compared to its quality.

        Our Long-Distance Movers in Washington DC Are Among the Best in the Relocation Business

        East Coast West Coast Movers in DC are simply the best. With us, your move will be a pleasant experience, and we have no doubt that, once the time comes for another move, we will be the first long-distance relocation company that will come to your mind. Indeed, we have many loyal customers who use our assistance every time they move. Wherever you’re coming from, West or East Coast, we will have a team for you. Thanks to them, your furniture and boxes will arrive at their new home (or storage facility) in no time.

        We Have Excellent Packing Services That Will Make Your Move Easy and Stress-Free

        It’s a well-known fact that Americans hate packing for a move, especially a cross-country one. Luckily, that’s not something you will have to worry about. Naturally, we offer a professional packing service that will save you plenty of energy – thanks to our packers, it won’t be long until all your boxes are wrapped up and ready to go. This will automatically make your relocation to-do list a lot shorter – trust us, that’s the ultimate goal of all relocation preparations. Now you can focus on other things and ensure you don’t forget anything (forgetting tasks is very common while preparing for the move, thanks to all the stress).

        If you think this kind of assistance isn’t necessary, we can meet you halfway. When you book our basic relocation assistance, you will receive standard packing included – with no additional fees. What does this service provide? Our team will take care of all items too large to fit into a box – that’s usually furniture and appliances such as a fridge or dishwasher. Professional workers will handle disassembling and wrapping your furniture – that’s a lot safer than trying to do it yourself. Of course, our team will also assemble all the furniture back up once it reaches the new home – in the room of your choosing. You won’t have to do a single thing.

        Partial or Full Packing Service – What Do You Choose?

        If you decide to go for actual packing assistance, we have two options for you – partial and full. Partial assistance includes wrapping up to 15 boxes, and a full one means there’s no limit in the number of boxes our team will pack for you. All you have to do is decide which option suits you better, and then hurry to get your quote.

        Rest Assured Our Cross-Country Movers in DC Will Be Careful With Your Breakable Items

        Fragile items are most susceptible to damage during relocation across the country. Sure, this will cause you some stress, but believe us – there’s no reason to overthink this issue. Simply let our packers take care of things. They know all the best relocation techniques and hacks used for wrapping delicate items – that’s the benefit of having professional assistance by your side. Check the quote –  we’re sure you will want to book East Coast West Coast Movers. This is an excellent opportunity for an affordable yet high-quality service during every step of the relocation.

        Be Sure to Book Car Shipping as Well – It’s an Essential Part of Long-Distance Moving Services

        If your new home is a few states away from the old one, driving your car across the country is certainly a bad idea. Although it is manageable, there’s no reason to exhaust yourself this way – the relocation will do that to you anyway. So, be sure to take care of yourself as much as possible. This includes booking auto transport – letting professional workers move your vehicle to its new home is an essential part of the relocation process.

        Should You Book an Open or Enclosed Trailer?

        Customers often get confused when choosing a trailer for their vehicle. What’s the difference between an open and enclosed carrier? We’ll explain this briefly. An open carrier is more commonly used, primarily because of its affordability – an enclosed trailer would cost you a bit more. Still, transporting a vehicle in an open trailer is very safe, and it’s a great option for most cars – the exceptions to this rule are the luxury and antique vehicles. They should be moved in an enclosed trailer, as it provides additional protection from road debris and weather conditions.

        Our Moving Company in Washington DC Offers Terminal-to-Terminal and Door-to-Door Delivery Options

        You have probably noticed that most relocation and auto transport companies offer terminal-to-terminal shipping. This is a classic delivery option that works well, but it isn’t the best solution possible. It means you have to waste time getting to the terminal in your new city. Although our relocation company does offer this delivery option (we have terminals in most larger US cities,) we have something better for our clients – door-to-door delivery is a more recent concept, and it has proven to be quite popular. We will leave the car right in front of your new residence. If we can’t access it, the vehicle will be left in the nearest parking lot.

        East Coast West Coast Movers Offer Top-Notch Storage Services – The First 30 Days Are Entirely Free

        Having a storage unit to keep the stuff you have no idea what to do with is always a good idea when relocating. Some people aren’t so good at decluttering – if you can’t make yourself throw away, sell, or donate your belongings, storage service is the way to go. We have excellent storage facilities with the most modern technology and adequate conditions that will allow your things to stay intact for extended periods. Our workers will take care of your belongings – once you decide to move them out of the unit, they will be in perfect condition, like they haven’t spent a single day in storage.

        The best thing about our facilities is that you can use them for free if you contact and book us for relocation assistance. That’s right – the first 30 days of using our storage won’t be charged. There won’t be any hidden fees or tricks when you decide to move out your stuff – we stay true to our word. You can keep the items here for less than 30 days, and whenever the moment comes to move them out, our workers will take care of everything. If you need to continue storing anything after 30 days are up, you are welcome to do so for the standard fee.

        You Should Always Have a Moving Insurance When Relocating

        No matter how experienced and skilled the relocation business is, buying relocation insurance should be one of your primary concerns when you contact them for a move. When you hire us to help you with the relocation, you will automatically receive mandatory liability coverage – it’s 60 cents per pound of damaged goods. It applies to everything our workers will move, no matter who packed it. If you want to be extra safe (which is always wise,) getting a full value replacement policy should be your next step. However, keep in mind that this policy can only apply to the items packed by our packers.

        For extremely valuable belongings, we have a separate insurance policy that should help your peace of mind during the move. Don’t stress when you can simply cover any possible damages with insurance. With our expertise and experience, there probably won’t be any issues, but anything is possible during a move – it’s better to be safe than sorry. Lastly, we offer car insurance as well – for vehicles moved by an open carrier, it’s $100,000, and for those carried by an enclosed one, it’s $500,000. Keep in mind that policies only apply to the external damages to the vehicle.

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        Washington DC Is One of the Best Places to Live in the Country - You Will Be Glad You Moved There

        The capital city and the only federal district of the United States (formally known as the District of Columbia,) DC is one of the best places to live in the entire country. As an important political capital of the country and the world, it attracts countless new residents every year – which isn’t a surprise, considering the plethora of opportunities it offers and the diversity you can find here.

        The Cost of Living in The Country Capital

        The metropolitan area has a strong urban feel, and about 58% of the population rents their places. The median rent is $1,540, which is pretty reasonable for the country’s capital – for comparison, the national median rent is about $1,060. If you plan on buying a property in DC, expect the median home value to be around $601,500. The national median housing price is $217,500. Considering that we’re talking about an important, large city, these prices are excellent.

        The Amenities That Await for You in This Beautiful City

        DC is known as a place that offers everything. There are many opportunities for young people who want to build a career (it’s one of the best cities to live in as a young professional) but also those with families – excellent public schools are indeed one of the reasons for that. The city is suitable for outdoor activities – it’s one of the healthiest cities in the United States. There are plenty of amenities such as great restaurants, bars, coffee shops, stores, farmer’s markets, and festivals. The best-rated neighborhoods in DC are Columbia Heights, Georgetown, Capitol Hill, Mount Pleasant, Shaw, Chinatown, and Anacostia.

        Moving Out of DC? Our East Coast Movers Can Help You Get Anywhere in the Country

        If you plan on leaving DC for some reason, our relocation business can still help you get to your destination. We operate nationwide, so you can reach out to us no matter where you need to go. Our highly rated assistance will make your relocation simple – get your quote, and book one of our excellent and experienced crews for your move. We’re looking forward to relocating with you!


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