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        When looking for a long-distance moving company to help you relocate to the capital of Texas, remember that East Coast West Coast Movers’ Austin movers are, without a doubt, the best for the job. Combine relocation to one of the top US cities with the finest moving team. That way, a process that was threatening to be one of the most stressful times in your life will go by quickly and without an ounce of stress.

        Save Your Money, Time, and Nerves By Hiring Best Movers in Austin, Texas

        A DIY relocation, especially of a whole household, is a very tiring and time-consuming process. That is why many people opt for getting cross-country moving services. However, it’s when they are faced with one of the most important questions – how to choose the right moving company? You must look for a team with outstanding reviews, recommendations, and ratings, with years of experience in the business and professionalism as the main policy. Luckily, you don’t have to look any further than this! Our performance easily tops all other East Coast movers and West Coast movers, so choosing us should be a no-brainer.

        There Are Countless Reasons Why Our Company Is the Top Choice for Moving to Austin

        Years of learning and never-changing intention to do good by each of our customers have made us leaders in the industry. However, we don’t want to brag about how great we are just for the sake of showing off. Soon enough, you can find out for yourself! This is what you can expect after hiring us:

        • High level of organization during each move,
        • Excellent working ethics,
        • Good communication and readiness to answer all of your questions and requests,
        • Deep knowledge and experience with every relocation task you put in front of us,
        • Prime quality for every service we offer,
        • Reasonable prices combined with many non-chargeable benefits,
        • Free quote and relocation cost based only on your inventory list (which can be changed until the day prior to the move),
        • Complete transparency with no unexpected or hidden costs.

        Get the Feel of Stress-Free Moving With Our Splendid Packing Services

        Keep in mind that dealing with all of your non-boxable items is a part of our standard long-distance moving services. What does it mean? Handling furniture and appliances, as well as loading and unloading all of your belongings, comes cost-free. Even if some of your furniture pieces need disassembling and, later, reassembling, we will do it for you and won’t charge a cent more than we previously agreed on.

        However, if you decide you could use some of our help with boxing up some or all of your belongings, consider getting our exceptional packing services. Our cross-country movers are there to prepare, protect and pack any of your items so they can stay completely safe and intact during the long-distance move. The boxing up process will be considered partial or full packing service depending on the number of things you want us to pack. Remember that any number of boxes up to fifteen is regarded as partial service.

        Our Long-Distance Movers Are Able to Pack Even the Most Trickiest Objects in Your Possession

        Our professional packers can protect and relocate any kind of your belongings. We don’t make a difference between your children’s toys and clothes, on the one hand, and heavy furniture or china sets, on the other. Even if your move is a commercial one, do not doubt that we will relocate all your office supplies and sensitive electronics without any trouble. After all, we wouldn’t be the best movers in Austin, TX, (and further) if we didn’t go above and beyond to keep everything secured and damage-free. Even if you have some items that demand extra attention and custom crating, remember that our team can provide that, too.

        With Our Austin Movers, Have No Doubt That Your Car Will Be Handled With Utmost Care

        If you would rather book a flight than drive all the way across the country to your new destination, remember that East Coast West Coast Movers can also offer you great auto transport services. You don’t have to hold us to our word – excellent reviews stand as proof. No matter the size or the shape of your vehicle, our professionals are more than capable of shipping it safely and quickly. The only shipping-related thing you need to do is choose between a variety of great auto transport options.

        Open or Enclosed Auto Transport?

        Open auto transport implies that your car or cars will be shipped in one of our open carriers. It’s a preferable choice for many, primarily because of the more affordable price and space for a larger number of vehicles. However, the open character of the trailer means that the car can’t be protected from road hazards and dirt, as well as bad weather. So, if you own luxurious and expensive pieces or don’t want to leave anything to chance, we suggest an enclosed carrier option.

        Terminal-To-Terminal or Door-To-Door Car Shipping?

        One other choice you must make is connected to the location where our drivers will pick up and deliver the vehicle. The door-to-door option proves to be more suitable for our customers because they don’t waste any energy on the shipping process. All you have to do is hand us over your key and make sure that you or your representatives are there at the moment of pickup and delivery. On the other hand, remember that our terminals are located in larger cities all over the country. So, if you want to opt for more affordable terminal-to-terminal auto transport, you won’t have to go much out of your way to return the vehicle.

        Our Storage Offer Is Unmatched With a Good Reason

        Due to some unforeseen circumstances or because it’s just impossible to part ways with some of your belongings yet, it’s possible that storage services will be needed. With East Coast West Coast Movers, you’ll get the most modern storage units there are.

        With the ability to resist extreme weather conditions outside and preserve the optimal temperature inside, you can rest assured that none of your belongings will get damaged. Moreover, with highly trained guards and the latest technology, note that each storage unit is monitored constantly. However, we haven’t yet got to the greatest part of our offer! When you hire us, you’ll get to use our storage units for one month free of charge!

        We Offer Multiple Insurance Options That Can Suit Everyone’s Needs

        The more miles between your current and future location there is, the more danger your belongings will be exposed to. Although our team proves to be the finest in the business, some bumps down the road (literal or figurative) may occur. In order to give yourself peace of mind, look at the following insurance options we offer:

        • Mandatory Liability Coverage – we provide this type of insurance option for all clients who choose us as their partners. With it, in the case damage occurs, you’ll get $0.60 per pound of the damaged item. For example, if your 200lb table gets harmed, we will compensate you with $120.
        • Full Value Replacement – if you want to get a full refund for some or all of your inventory, this additional insurance is a great choice. However, remember that we need to be the ones who pack items you want to insure. Also, if you choose this option for your whole household, you should prepare as detailed inventory list as possible.
        • Third-party insurance – if you want to insure some especially valuable pieces, you can choose an outside company to do so.
        • Car insurance – when getting our auto transport service, you will be entitled to car insurance in case of any external damage. With open trailers, you can get up to $100,000, while enclosed trailers can bring you up to half a million dollars.


        Auto Transport

        East Coast West Coast Express ships all kinds of vehicles, regardless of their shape, size, price, or weight. From scooters to trucks, if you need it shipped, we can do it.

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        All your belongings are insured from the moment our professional movers lay their hands on them first, until they are all safely delivered to your front door and unpacked by our personnel.

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        The only problem is, an average American is not exactly a packing expert. There are so many rules to this process that learning how to do it can take more time than actually moving.

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        We at East Coast West Coast Express offer top-notch storage units to all our customers. Our storage services are among the best ones you will find in the country

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        Countless Benefits of Living in ATX Are What’s Drawing Many to Relocate

        If the name Silicon Valley holds any meaning to you, then you’ll guess why Austin’s metropolitan area is nicknamed Silicon Hills – ATX has become one of the major tech centers in the US. Apple, Amazon, Tesla, and Google all have their offices or even headquarters located here, and so do many other Fortune 500 companies. Therefore, finding a job as an IT expert will be a breeze after the move. Still, what if technology is not your specialty? Have no fear! Jobs from healthcare, education, government, and entertainment are also in high demand. With the unemployment rate lower than the national average and steady job growth, thinking about how to find a job in ATX shouldn’t be one of the things to lose your sleep over.

        Austin’s one of those cities that has something for everyone, which makes it a perfect place for every generation, from the youngest ones to those in retirement. With a nickname such as Live Music Capital of the World, numerous music venues, plenty of museums, theaters, art galleries, and public art pieces, be certain that the cultural scene is strong here.

        On the other hand, if you just want to enjoy spending your days outdoors during year-round warm weather, note that there are plenty of places to provide you with various recreational activities. From hiking and biking on countless trailers to swimming and canoeing in lakes and rivers, everything is possible in ATX. Just set some time aside to enjoy Austin’s marvelous sunset, after which it got the name City of the Violet Crown.

        Living in ATX Won’t Cost You an Arm and a Leg

        You would probably think that many benefits don’t come without a high price – and you would be wrong. The cost of living in this city is slightly higher than the national average, but it doesn’t come close to the expensiveness of the West Coast and Silicon Valley. For example, the median home cost in San Jose, the Capital of Silicon Valley, is even $1.25 million, according to BestPlaces! The same source states that the median home price in ATX is twice as low – around $550,000. Numbeo, on the other hand, sets the renting costs for a one-bedroom apartment between $1,200 and $2,000, depending on the location.

        Besides higher housing costs, other parts of life in ATX can actually be beneficial for your wallet. Prices of groceries and utilities are lower than the national average, while Texas is one of the nine US states without an income tax. Not bad if you consider that, according to CareerBuilder, Austinites have some of the highest average salaries in the US.

        Austin’s Remarkable Neighborhoods

        Choosing some of the top ATX neighborhoods is not an easy task – there are just too many great places to live in. However, the list had to be made, so here are our top picks:

        • South Lamar – if you want to live in the urban area but be close to hiking and biking trails, there is no better place for you. Keep in mind that it’s one of the most diverse of Austin’s neighborhoods, so no matter your ethnicity or age, you’ll fit right in. On the other hand, many high-quality schools in proximity make this destination very sought after by young families.
        • North Loop – if uniqueness is what you’re searching for, think about charming housing options in the North Loop. Being close to Texas State University, it’s also one of the more preferable neighborhoods between students, too.
        • Downtown – as usually in large cities, Downtown ATX is a home for a cluster of companies, making it preferable for young professionals and other business-oriented people. If you opt for this neighborhood, a diverse nightlife scene, trendy restaurants, shops, and entertainment options will all be on top of your fingerprints. However, keep in mind that prices in the city center tend to be higher.
        • East Austin – a hipster paradise according to many reviews, this district even made it to the Forbes’ list of top hipster neighborhoods in the US. Musicians and artists choose this place to call home, but simultaneously, the place is overflowing with small businesses. When thinking about the city’s motto, Keep Austin Weird, this is the area you should think about first.

        Do You Need a Little Change? We Can Help You Move from ATX to Any Other Place in the States

        If you decide to leave Southern friendliness, delicious dishes, and all other benefits the capital of Texas offers, let us assist you. East Coast West Coast Movers company is your safest bet whether you decide to explore the wonders of the City of the Violet Crown or leave them behind. As our name suggests, our team can help you move anywhere between the East and West Coast and do it superbly. Don’t hesitate – contact us and get your quote as soon as possible.

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