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Blog July 19, 2022

Moving-Out List for Fresh Parents

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Michael Vaughan

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Welcoming a new bundle of joy and navigating parenthood comes with a lot of stress and anxiety. On top of everything, having to move to another city might seem like an impossible task. However, with our in-depth moving-out list, you will know how to organize and execute the move properly. Your family will be packed and ready for a fresh start in another home in no time. Let’s dive in.

Is There a Checklist for Moving?

You might be wondering how one can move to another city properly? Every successful relocation starts with an in-depth plan. For the purpose of making a good strategy and plan, you will need to have a relocation checklist. It will remind you whether some tasks still have to be accomplished and what you have already done throughout the entire process.

Therefore, if you don’t want to be disorganized and pack in a hurry, get a piece of paper and write down everything that needs to be accomplished, such as stocking up on supplies and materials, getting a free estimate from movers, and collecting essential documents. One thing is for sure; you will minimize relocation stress by creating a to-do list for moving out of state.

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First, Hire a Reputable Long-Distance Moving Company

Before contacting any long-distance movers, try to make time to research reliable companies worth hiring. Start by doing an online search and reading all the reviews and testimonials you can find. Read additional information on their websites, such as how long they’ve been in the business and whether they are properly licensed. Check the US DOT number on the FMCSA website and see whether the company is legitimate.

Upon choosing the relocation company, make sure to reach out to customer service and request an in-home estimate and information on the cross-country moving services, storage, car shipping, and full and partial packing services. With a free in-home estimate, you’ll be able to predict what costs await you. Hire the company you are most confident in, and that can meet all your relocation needs and requirements.

professional-movers Research reputable companies before investing in long-distance moving services

What Is the Best Time to Schedule a Move?

When relocating with a child, one should book a move when the demand is low and when the East Coast movers will be able to meet all the schedule requirements. The best time of the year to relocate is from September till April. During these months, companies have fewer moves booked, and they lower their prices.

The weather is more agreeable in early autumn and spring, and you won’t have to deal with freezing temperatures or heat exhaustion. What is more, you will evade the peak of their season, which is in summer. Relocating in the summer heat and humidity with a toddler is exhausting and rather difficult.

Make an Inventory List

Before boxing-up everything, you have to decide what to keep and what can be discarded. Go on a walkthrough of your house or apartment and determine whether certain pieces of furniture, clothing and electronic devices will be necessary for the new place. Make categories of your belongings and create a plan for how to pack everything safely. An inventory list will also be helpful on the day of the move since it’s a lot easier to check if you have loaded every important item into the truck. A simple way to do this is by using an inventory app that will allow you to draw up a checklist digitally.

Decide to Leave Some Belongings From Your Apartment in a Storage Unit

Arriving in another city with a child and getting accustomed to another place will be overwhelming at first. Immediately starting with unpacking all the boxes and furnishing the apartment might be too difficult. Fresh parents won’t know how to keep track of all that needs to be done.

That’s why we always recommend getting some storage services. It will give you an opportunity to put some of your items in a safe place before you get settled in another home. There won’t be any pressure to unpack all the boxes and continue living as before the move.

Some belongings should be kept in a storage unit until you settle in another place

Donate or Sell Unwanted Belongings

Some items you want to get rid of but that can still be useful should be donated to a local organization or charity. Things such as old books, worn-out clothes, toys your kids no longer play with, old kitchenware, and furniture you no longer require can be donated to Goodwill, local Libraries, Salvation Army, and Habitat for Humanity.

On the other hand, one could profit from old belongings by organizing a yard or garage sale. The best thing to do would be to invite neighbors, friends, and colleagues to come and see whether they want to buy some of your used items. It will be a great opportunity to earn some extra cash and improve your relocation budget. With all of your family and friends there, it can easily turn into a farewell party.

Moving Insurance

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The only problem is, an average American is not exactly a packing expert. There are so many rules to this process that learning how to do it can take more time than actually moving.

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Visit the Pediatrician Before the Move to Another City

Keeping your child safe and healthy is every parent’s number one priority during a stressful relocation process. Therefore, you should take your child to a pediatrician. Ensure that you are up to date with all the prescriptions and vaccinations necessary for traveling to another city. Make sure that you obtain all the essential health records which will be required when seeking another physician. A useful relocation tip is to use the opportunity to inquire about any recommendations of good pediatricians in the place you are heading to. They might be able to directly transfer all the records to a physician or a clinic they have connections with.

Schedule an appointment with a pediatrician before leaving

Pack Your Belongings – Start With the Non-Essentials

Begin crossing off the packing list items you won’t need before the move-in cardboard containers. These non-essential things you can pack immediately are, for instance, winter clothing, equipment, books, kitchenware, and electronic devices. Everything that will be used only after the move should be safely packed. Next, take care of the baby’s non-essential belongings, such as blankets, extra toys, pacifiers, and clothes. All the belongings should be neatly stored in boxes that are labeled “Nursery.”

Pack a Bag of Essentials for the Baby to Take With You – A Complete List

Some of the belongings will be needed during the entire relocation process. They should be placed in a separate bag where you can easily access anything at all times. We’ll provide you with a complete moving-out list of essentials for the baby that you will require during the relocation day. Here is what to pack:

  • Formula, food or juices,
  • Snacks,
  • Diapers,
  • Change of clothes,
  • Pajamas,
  • A bouncy seat,
  • A blanket,
  • Pacifiers,
  • Bath items,
  • Wipes,
  • Sippy cups,
  • First aid kit,
  • Medications,
  • Baby monitor,
  • Extra bag for dirty diapers.

Don’t forget to include favorite toys in the list because children can get fussy, and you should have something to distract them with. Sometimes a smartphone with cartoons or music can do the trick but pack their favorite toys or plan a fun activity just in case.

family Some important baby items have to be easily accessible on the day of the move

Purchase Supplies for Baby-Proofing the New Home

Apart from purchasing packing materials and supplies, parents should think about how to enhance the safety of their children in another apartment. Therefore, when making a moving-out list of things to buy, one should remember to stock up on baby-proofing products. Avoiding painful injuries as the toddler starts crawling and walking is of utmost importance, so here are some of the items parents should purchase:

  • Door knob covers – Keeping toddlers from accessing dangerous areas such as the basement and garage or bathroom is only possible with door knob covers.
  • Guard latch – They won’t be able to open cupboard doors and hurt their fingers with guard latches designed to hold doors together tightly.
  • Keyguard – Getting locked inside a room alone cannot be done with a key guard. They can get to the key, but turning it won’t lock the door. It will be only possible by pressing the keyguard and turning the key which is too complicated for a toddler to do.
  • Table edge guard – Banging their head against the table edge while playing is common for all children. They will be safe in the new apartment with a soft foam table guard that will help them get out of the situation unscathed.
  • Corner cushions – Has your baby started to crawl? When they start learning to walk, there will be a lot of falls. Use corner cushions to baby-proof furniture edges and shelves and avoid dangerous accidents.

Keep The Child Safe During the Relocation Process

Do not forget to check on the baby and see whether they are safe during the entire process. Keep them away from any sharp objects like scissors and box cutters. Don’t leave them anywhere close to furniture with sharp edges, cleaning supplies, and packing tools. While the West Coast movers are in the house, designate a baby or kid’s zone where they will be able to play and nap, surrounded by their favorite toys and activities. This gives you enough time to get everything done and avoid relocation mistakes, and the baby won’t feel the stress of the entire process.

Watch this video for additional information about helping your child adjust to the new house or apartment:

YouTube video

If It Seems Difficult to Handle Everything – Hire a Babysitter for Both Ends

If it seems like the only way to have a stress-free relocation experience is to have someone take care of the baby or child for you, you can always get a sitter. Call a relative, friends, or a babysitter that will ideally keep an eye on your little one while you are busy loading the truck and checking whether everything has been properly packed. They will be safe and away from all the commotion and noise. The best thing to do would be to check if you can hire childcare at the new destination. Seek help from a babysitter or friends. If you can find anyone, turn to online sitting services.

Hiring childcare might be the ideal option


What Do I Need When I First Move Out?

Individuals who want to move out for the first time should know that there are some basic necessities one should have in order to move successfully. These include a reliable relocation company, finances for getting started in another place, documents for traveling, boxing-up supplies and materials, apartment basics, a plan for finding employment, and health insurance.

What Are Things You Should Do Before You Move In?

When relocating with a child, it is necessary to clean the new apartment or house before you move in. Make sure to bring some cleaning supplies and tools with you and wipe and scrub the floors and horizontal surfaces. Baby-proof the place when you are done unpacking after the relocation and furnishing the home. Do this as soon as you move in and have peace of mind.

Is Moving Stressful for Babies?

Babies and toddlers will be clueless about their future moves; however, they can pick up on the stress if there is a lot of noise and commotion around them. Parents should do everything in their power to shield the child from the stress of the move and designate a safe space where they will be protected. It is also important to try and maintain a consistent routine. Try to stick to the same feeding and sleeping schedules which will help babies feel secure and not experience adjustment insomnia in the new home.

Use Our Ultimate Moving-Out List and Start Preparing for the Move

So, have you stocked up on baby-proofing products? As fresh parents, you will need all the help you can get. Don’t let any unpredictable situations ruin your relocation. Use our checklist for relocation, and you’ll be equipped with all the necessary tips and relocation hacks. Start by investing in the most reliable movers. Knowing that your belongings are in the hands of a trustworthy company is essential. Don’t forget to research every bit of information about the company in order to avoid relocation scams. With the right movers and our tips, the move will be smooth and effortless.

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