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        Making a decision to move to the most populous city of Maryland is a major event in one’s life. If you’ve never lived in a harbor town before, this will be a big leap of faith for you, although any relocation can be quite stressful. But finding reputable Baltimore movers for your upcoming move will make the relocation process run more smoothly.

        The Best Services for Long Distance Moving East Coast Movers Can Give

        No two relocations are the same, but as much as they differ, one thing remains the same – they are all complex and demanding in their own way. That’s why it’s always a good idea to invest in cross-country moving services and let professionals handle everything. But good and reliable long-distance movers to Baltimore don’t grow at every corner. That is the reason why you should do thorough research before deciding on a company. One of the first decisive factors is the rating a company has. You can figure it out by looking at the reviews left by the customers, but you should also run a background check and see if there have been any name changes. It can be a sign of a fraudulent past they wish to hide. A reliable company will also have a registered USDOT number on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website.

        Looking for the Best Movers in Baltimore, Maryland, to Help You Move? Contact Us Today

        Picking East Coast West Coast Movers as your professional movers to Baltimore is the best choice you can make. We have years of experience in the moving industry to back us up, and our reviews are stellar. We always strive to leave a customer satisfied and help in every way we can. Also, our pricing for long-distance moving services is transparent. If you contact us, we will give you a free quote based on the inventory list you provide us with. It should consist of all the items you want us to move, but you may also update it until the last business day before the move-out date.

        Our Impeccable Packing Services Will Make Your Move Effortless

        Packing is a big part of every relocation, and it usually bothers everyone the most. When we think that we’ll have to box up our whole household, we might feel as though we’re losing our minds. There are too many things to take care of already, so boxing up will come up as a burden, and it will take a lot of our time.

        That’s where we step in – to take this dreadful and tedious task off your plate with several of our solutions. First, East Coast West Coast Movers will provide you with a standard packing service, at no additional cost and as part of our initial quote. Our cross-country movers in Baltimore, MD, will arrive at your home to take care of all the bulky furniture, along with appliances and other items that can’t fit into a box. They will disassemble and later reassemble the furniture pieces so that they can be loaded onto a truck.

        Choose Between Partial and Full Services Before Cross Country Moving

        At an additional cost, our long-distance movers to Baltimore can pack up more than what’s included in our standard service and charge accordingly. No matter what kind of items you have, our team members will take care of them with the utmost care, from fragile belongings to bulky and large items. If you have less than 15 boxes for us to pack, we will consider it a partial packing service, while more than 15 packages are a full service.

        Our Professional Auto Transport Will Blow Your Mind

        Usually, when we make up our minds about moving, we’re not sure what to do with our vehicle. It’s probably mostly true for relocations across the country, as driving is out of the question. It will not only strain you, but the car too, and then there are logistics to consider – like lodging, meals, and gas. But selling the car shouldn’t be considered either, as we may need our car as soon as we arrive. The third option is the wisest one to use – a proficient and punctual auto transport service that we provide you with will set all your worries aside.

        Contact Our Baltimore, MD, Movers and Agree on the Transportation Options

        Once you’ve decided to trust East Coast West Coast Movers with your vehicle, we will provide you with two transportation options to choose between. Our open trailers are the more affordable and most common option our customers choose. If you decide to use this service, your car will be shipped alongside up to 8 other vehicles on a trailer that is open from all sides. Although your car will be exposed to all kinds of weather and dirt on the road, it will be safe and highly secured.

        The other option is a pricier one and is mostly used by owners of expensive cars. Our enclosed carriers can ship up to five cars which will be perfectly safe and protected since these types of trailers are completely closed. It’s also a great option for shipping in winter if you’ve chosen to move off-season and save up a bit.

        Decide on the Pick-up and Delivery Services on Time

        Besides choosing the transportation solutions, you also get to pick the way your car is picked up and later on delivered. Our door-to-door services are extremely popular for their convenience, although a pricier option. With it, you won’t have to leave your home – instead, our crew will arrive at your doorstep to take over the vehicle and later drop it off at your new address.

        The terminal-to-terminal solution costs less but is suitable only for people who have enough time in their schedule. With this solution, you’ll have to drive your vehicle to a designated terminal and later pick it up from the one that’s closest to your new home.

        Use Our Storage and Leave Your Worries Behind

        Among all the other solutions that will help you move and make everything run smoothly, our secure storage service is no less convenient and helpful. It’s free of charge for the first 30 days, but you can also use it long-term if you require. The only difference is that beyond that first month, we will charge the use of our storage by the day.

        Our storage units are highly secure and kept under camera surveillance, while the members of our team scout the surroundings regularly. Everything is kept in climate-controlled units so that no harm will be caused to your belongings.

        Our Insurance Takes a Ton of Worry of Your Back

        Our team members are versed in dealing with all sorts of items, and they are highly experienced in all relocation-related tasks. But even with utmost carefulness, accidents may happen. With our moving insurance options, you’ll have peace of mind while your belongings are in transport. Our mandatory liability coverage covers 60 cents per pound of damaged items at no additional cost, which includes each possession we transport and handle.

        Since it’s not a suitable coverage for more valuable things, we always recommend the Full Value Replacement policy at an additional price. It is eligible for all the items our packers have boxed up. If you have opted in for the auto transport services, you’ll be relaxed knowing we also provide insurance for vehicle relocation. If your car is transported on an open trailer, you can get covered up to $100,000 for any exterior damage and up to $500,000 for enclosed carriers.

        Baltimore - The Charm City of the US

        Baltimore started out as a shipping port for grain and tobacco, and since it was a shipbuilding center and a seaport, it has come a long way. It was once an industrial city, but now nearly a quarter of the jobs in the region include those in technology, science, engineering, and math. It’s the resting place of Baltimore’s native, famous poet Edgar Allan Poe. Even the city’s NFL team, the Ravens, is named after his poem.

        Get Acquainted With the Costs and Housing Before You Contact a Long Distance Moving Company

        If you’re interested in buying a house, a single-family home’s median selling price in the city is around $235,000. You can expect to pay around $1,050 for a one-bedroom apartment, while a three-bedroom one will cost you around $1,900 per month. The rest of the monthly costs like utilities, healthcare, and groceries will cost you nearly as the average in the country.

        Get To Know the Neighborhoods and Decide on the Best One for You

        The city with gorgeous harbor views has many vibrant neighborhoods, of which each has both friendly people and lots of fun things to do. Here are the most prominent ones:

        • Hampden is the perfect local spot for those looking for a hip neighborhood with an artsy feel to it. The most fun happens around W 36th Street, which is filled with lively restaurants and bars and a bunch of cool independent shops. This is the spot where Honfest and Hampdenfest festivals happen.
        • It’s no wonder that Fells Point is undividedly popular among local singles, families, and young professionals. It offers high walkability, while its residents also rely on the available bus transportation, so getting around it is possible without a car. You can tell at a glance that it’s a historic neighborhood based on many historic row houses, of which many have been turned into restaurants, shops, and pubs. Besides old homes, which in truth have been remodeled on the interior, residents may choose to live in newer apartments and townhomes.
        • Canton residents have easy access to the waterfront location and its many parks. Here you get to enjoy great seafood cuisine, all while you’re living in a neighborhood with a small-town feel. Most of the shops, cafes, and restaurants are located in Canton Square, that’s also near the south side of Patterson Park. Future residents can choose between waterfront condos and apartments and brick row houses and townhomes to rent or buy.
        • Mount Vernon is popular for its high walkability, which is excellent for visiting historical landmarks, including the original Washington Monument. There are also different cultural spots like museums and theaters and venues for live music. As for the residential part, you can take your pick from high rises and condos to Victorian-style homes.
        • Both residents and visitors of the Federal Hill neighborhood enjoy the sight of historic buildings alongside lovely cobblestone sidewalks. It’s also home to excellent shopping spots and great restaurants. There’s also so much more to this district besides shopping opportunities. The Cross Street Market is a spot for local boutiques, eateries and florists, the American Visionary Art Museum, and activities on the waterfront at Rash Field.
        • Columbia can be seen as a suburb with a bigger town feel. It offers some fantastic options for all-night birds who like to have fun. Many consider it the second-best neighborhood in the city’s area, with a dense suburban population consisting of young families as well as young professionals in some parts. Some of the public schools here are among the top-rated in the state.
        • The number-one-rated neighborhood is Ellicott City, first and foremost for its family appeal and highly rated public schools. Residents own most homes here, although it’s a bit more expensive when it comes to housing prices – the median price here has reached $560,000. Although the overall vibe of this neighborhood is suburban, it’s no stranger to great cafes and restaurants.

        After getting a good overview of the neighborhoods, you can more easily decide which of them may be the best place for you to live and become a local.

        If You’re Moving From the City, Our Baltimore Movers Can Back You Up

        No relocation comes easy, and leaving Baltimore’s vicinity may be as complex as moving into the city. But don’t worry – if you contact us, East Coast West Coast Movers can handle your long-distance move with ease and take all your belongings in the desired direction. Wherever you want to go after Maryland’s independent city, we will back you up and be your best professional partners all the way.


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