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        It’s not always easy to find Boise movers that can help you move without trouble – and without destroying your savings in the process. Luckily, East Coast West Coast Movers are just the people for the job. So, let us present our long distance moving services that will make your move a breeze.

        Hire the Best Cross Country Moving Services and Relocate in No Time

        If you don’t want to struggle with everything that relocation brings, we recommend hiring long distance moving services. By getting such assistance, you’ll have not only the best in the business working for you but also a professional truck, equipment, and materials at your disposal. And you’ll get it at more than a reasonable price. Contact West Coast movers to get your free moving quote, but before you do, know that all of the following will be included in it without any extra costs:

        • A truck we will drive,
        • The loading and unloading of the truck
        • The packaging of furniture and basic appliances,
        • The use of a storage unit for thirty days,
        • A liability packet ensuring your items and furniture for the time of the move.

        With Our Relocation Service, You’ll Be Entitled to a Great Liability Packet

        With our cross country movers, one thing is certain – you’ll sleep soundly at night knowing your goods are safe in our truck. Not only will our professionals do everything in our power to make sure your goods are safe and sound. But if something happens to your things, know that they will be covered with the utmost moving insurance anyone in the business could provide. In case anything happens to your goods, they will be covered at a rate of 60 cents per pound of broken or lost items.

        Hire Boise Movers, and Ensure You Won’t Struggle With Dreaded Packaging

        The common reason why people decide to hire long distance movers is to have someone provide packing services. Generally, packaging up a home is the least fun and most tiresome part of any long distance move. So, rather than struggle with it, choose one of the following options we provide and get your needs taken care of:

        • Partial packing service – The most affordable option when it comes to packaging is our partial assistance. It entails our professional team packing up to fifteen boxes, so it’s great if you want to delegate the task of boxing up the breakable and fragile items.
        • Full packing service – If you outright hate packaging, it may be better to leave the job to us. We’ll make sure everything you own is safely packed and can be transported to your home.

        You’ll Be Entitled to a Month of Free Storage Use

        One of the many reasons our customers keep coming back to us is that we are a long distance moving company that puts them first – and we show it by providing free use of our premium storage units. We provide each of our customers with climate-controlled and 24/7 monitored storage so that they can store their items safely there for as long as they need. And yes, that does mean you can prolong the use of the said unit, and you can do it with just one phone call.

        Don’t Drive Your Car – Ship It Safely With Our Company

        Why drive all day and night when we’ll safely ship your car with our auto transport assistance? All you have to decide is whether you want our team to deliver the vehicle at our pickup venue, or directly to your door. We have terminals all over the country, and if you contact our support team, they’ll tell you where the closest one to you is. Then you’ll be able to conclude whether door-to-door transportation or the terminal-to-terminal service works better for you.

        With Movers in Boise, You’ll Get Great Moving Service and the Best Car Shipping Options

        If you decide on shipping your cars with us, you’ll first have to decide what trailer will work better for you and your vehicle. We provide two options you can choose from:

        • Open trailer service – Open trailers are the most affordable way to transport your vehicle. Although the trailers are open, your car will be safe, as well as insured for any external damage up to $100,000.
        • Enclosed trailer service – Enclosed trailers are more pricey, but they shield your car completely, ensuring its utmost safety. Your car will be covered up to $500,000 of external damage if anything goes wrong.

        Now That You Know How We Can Help You Get to Idaho, It's Time to Start the Journey

        Many want to live in the mountain-hugged Idaho capital. And it’s no wonder, since it’s beautiful, lies on a river, and is deemed to be one of the safest cities not only in Idaho but the entire country. It is commonly known as the City of Trees, due to its amazing nature. But, it is also getting more and more famous for its cultural events and an ever-growing number of attractions.

        Boise Is the Best Affordable City You Could Move to

        One of the main things to consider before relocating anywhere is the ratio of costs and average salaries. Although the last few years have seen an increase in housing costs in Idaho in general, its capital still remains quite affordable. Actually, the median monthly rent is among the lowest in the US, amounting to just about $880. Additionally, you could buy a home for no more than $221,500, which is phenomenal. So if you secure an income of $29,000 annually, you can look into one of the following neighborhoods:

        • Downtown,
        • Winstead Park,
        • Barber Valley,
        • Borah,
        • Centennial.

        Contact Our Relocation Company Today to Get Your Quote and Start Moving to Idaho’s Great Capital

        Moving can be exciting, especially when you have a great professional team behind your back. Among our numerous services, we are sure you’ll find some that will fit both your pocket and your needs. Contact our company today to get any further information you may need and book the date of your move. The rest you can leave up to us to handle.


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