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        Relocating to sunny California is a dream for many, especially for those who work in the entertainment industry. Burbank’s vicinity offers a suburban feel, with all the amenities of a metropolis, so it’s more than a perfect spot for living in. Finding reliable Burbank movers will help you ease the transition and move to this city with a small-town feel and great opportunities.

        Are You Looking for a Good Burbank Moving Company That Offers Relocation Services? You’re at the Right Place

        While each move is different, they all consist of similar steps. Once we’ve landed a job or dealt with the housing problems, we’re faced with a whole new set of challenges. Getting from point A to point B isn’t simple when you have to take your whole household with you, and it’s quite difficult to pull it off by yourself, especially across the country.

        Since relocation is a pretty demanding process, finding a reliable and professional long-distance moving company should be of utmost importance. Whether you need the basic long-distance moving services or bundle them up with other solutions, East Coast West Coast Movers will provide you with excellent service. If you have ever thought that an effortless move wasn’t possible, we are here to prove you wrong and deliver an utterly stressless relocation.

        You can contact us today and get our free quote. We always strive to be competitive with other moving companies Burbank provides you with, and that’s why our pricing is very transparent. We do not include any hidden fees or costs, and we base our quote on your inventory list. When you prepare the inventory list, you should write down all the items you want our crew to tackle and transport to your new place. You can update it until one business day before your move-out date.

        Our Packing Services Will Take a Great Burden off Your Back

        One of the most time-consuming tasks that is an essential part of every relocation is the packing process. Let’s face it – boxing up our whole household or an office takes a lot of work, and above all else – time. And since a long-distance move is already complex, we may dread the packing the most.

        This is where our long-distance moving company shines because our standard packing service will ease up the process. At no additional cost, our professional crew will disassemble bulky furniture for easier transport on a truck, which they will later reassemble in your new home. They will also take care of your appliances and other large items that won’t fit into a box.

        Partial and Full Packing Services by the Best Cross Country Movers Burbank CA Has to Offer

        Our standard packing is a neat solution, but we can help even if you want us to pack more than just furniture and other large items. We offer partial and full packing services at an additional price, depending on the number of household items you want us to box up. If you have less than 15 boxes for our packers to pack and seal, it’s considered a partial service, while packing more than 15 boxes is considered a full service, and you will be charged accordingly.

        Invest in Our Auto Transport Services and Let Us Take Care of Your Vehicle

        If you’re not sure how to deal with your car when a long-distance move is ahead of you, investing in auto transport services besides other cross-country moving services is a wise decision. After all, it’s better to let professionals deal with your whole move than to drive across the whole country and strain both yourself and your car. We offer different shipping solutions for any budget or need you might have.

        Our Cross-Country Moving Company Will Provide You With Different Transportation Options

        Our auto transport is unparalleled, and we provide our customers with different solutions for shipping, fit for what they require, and tailored to their budget. You can choose between two types of carriers. Our open carriers are the more affordable option and also the more available one. We can ship up to nine cars this way, and although your car will be exposed to weather conditions, it will be safely strapped and secured.

        Enclosed carriers are a bit more pricey and are usually picked by owners of expensive cars. It’s also a convenient solution for shipping in winter. We can transport up to five cars in these types of trailers, and they will all be perfectly protected from any dirt on the road or various weather conditions.

        Delivery Solutions by the Best Burbank, CA, Movers

        Besides choosing your preferred trailer, you can pick how you want us to take over and deliver your vehicle as well. We offer two solutions, with different pricing. The pricier, but also the more popular option is our door-to-door service. It’s a convenient solution that saves you a lot of time because our crew will pick up your car from your doorstep and later on deliver it directly to your new address.

        The more affordable option is the terminal-to-terminal solution. If you have more time on your hands, you can choose this option and save up a bit. With it, you will have to drive your car to the nearest terminal location and hand it over to our crew, and later on, pick your vehicle up from the location closest to your new address.

        Leave Your Stuff Inside Our Storage for Safe-Keeping

        Unlike many other relocation companies, we offer several of our solutions for free, at no additional cost. One of the solutions we have calculated into our initial quote is our storage service, free of charge for the first 30 days. That is usually more than enough time for each of our customers to get settled in their new residence and figure out the layout around the house.

        Our storage units are completely safe and secured. Everything you trust us with will be labeled by a barcode system to avoid any mix-ups and kept under camera surveillance. Each storage unit is climate-controlled so that no damage can come to any of your belongings from heat or moisture. If you require us to store your possessions for more than the initial month, our storage is at your disposal, and we will charge you by the day.

        Insurance Solutions by our East Coast Movers

        Our crew is trained to take care of any type of item, whether it’s fragile, irregularly shaped, or heavy. But even with extra carefulness, accidents may happen, so it’s convenient to have at least some sort of additional security. We offer basic moving insurance for everything our long-distance movers in Burbank transport, which comes at no additional cost. It covers 60 cents per pound of an item that received damage.

        This basic insurance offers some peace of mind, but it isn’t suitable for more valuable possessions. That is why we always recommend getting an insurance policy called Full Value Replacement at an additional price. It’s a policy only eligible for the items our crew has packed.

        When it comes to auto transport and handling your car, you may also relax. We offer coverage for both types of trailers, and we can cover up to $100,000 for exterior damage on open carriers. For vehicles shipped on enclosed trailers, we cover up to $500,000 for exterior damage.

        Burbank, California, Is the Global Entertainment Spot

        Laying on the edge of San Fernando Valley, Burbank has been dubbed “the Media Capital of the World,” well known for being home to Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros. Studios, and Nickelodeon Animation Studios. But that’s not all – it also has the largest IKEA in the US, and it’s a city just a few miles from Hollywood. You’ll find all the conveniences of a metropolitan area here while it preserves its small-town charm.

        The business opportunities here are great because there are over 1,000 media companies that call this city their home. It’s a prime location where you can pick to live in lovely homes or modern condos. If you’re visiting to scout out where to buy a home, you can take a tour at Warner Brothers Studio and see an exhibit dedicated to Batman.

        Its Housing Prices Are High, but the Opportunities Are Unmatched

        Burbank’s cost of living is quite high, and it’s one of the most expensive cities in the US because of its housing prices. The typical house value on the market is around $1,100,000, while the monthly rent is $1,700 for a one-bedroom apartment and around $2,400 for the three-bedroom one.

        The overall prices are not that different from the national average, so the utilities, groceries, and healthcare won’t be a burden to your budget. Above all, people move here because of the thriving entertainment industry market and for the income that is above the average in the country.

        The Thriving Neighborhoods With a Small Town Feel and Great Diversity Offer Plenty

        Whatever your lifestyle and budget are, you can find a place for yourself in Burbank’s vicinity. It attracts homebuyers from around the country who look to buy in these areas:

        • The main instrument in the development of Northwest District was the aerospace industry, and some of its remnants are still present. As for the housing of this area, it offers the most affordable homes in the city.
        • Magnolia Park is a retro-inspired neighborhood, especially noticeable while strolling down Magnolia Blvd. There you get to enjoy vintage shopping and sipping coffee in many casual cafes.
        • The Rancho neighborhood lies close to Griffith Park trails and the Equestrian Center, so it’s an excellent spot for all horse enthusiasts. Many homes here have arenas, barns, and turn-outs.
        • The Hillside neighborhood offers outdoor activities for those who love hiking trails. Because it’s nestled in the hills, you’ll have a lot of recreational opportunities close at hand because nature is only 10 miles away from the City Hall. It’s also a lovely historic and residential area, built for everyone’s taste.
        • The Media District is where you can feel like you’re part of entertainment history. The neighborhood is home to the CW Network, so whenever you walk by, you can bet that some of your favorite shows are probably being filmed at that moment. The neighborhood is also home to the Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros. Studios, Legendary Entertainment, while many more companies have their offices here, too.
        • The North Estates, as well as Hills Estates, offer beautiful housing for the residents. Homes in the North Estates were constructed in the ’70s, and all of them offered modern amenities such as family rooms. The Hills Estates district was developed a decade later. Here you can find both larger homes as well as bigger lots on which these houses were built, than the ones in the North.
        • Burbank’s Downtown is an entirely walkable neighborhood, with fantastic dining spots on San Fernando Blvd, right next to wine tasting rooms. If you’re looking for fun nightlife options, you’re at the right place, but you can also find popular shopping spots, along with many local boutiques.

        Whether you’re relocating with your family or looking for office work by yourself, these are all districts that have their own charm. It’s a family-friendly place, with many parks and attractions for everyone.

        Contact Our Burbank Movers, and We Can Handle Your Move From the City

        If you plan on leaving the city and relocating somewhere else in the States, you don’t need to look any further. We can handle any move, long-distance or local, we can move an office or a house, and we will do it by providing you with all the professional help you need. Our solutions are convenient and can be tailored to fit any budget. If you decide to relocate with us and choose several of our solutions, you can bundle them up for a hefty discount. Contact our customer support team today, get a free quote and any information you might be interested in.


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