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        You are not the only one thinking about becoming a Eugenean soon – this town has witnessed significant population growth over the years. After all, Emerald City is one of the most beautiful places in the country. However, getting the best Eugene movers is necessary if you want your relocation to end up as a complete success. Find out why there is no chance of finding better West or East Coast movers amongst our competition.

        Expect Nothing Less Than Prime Quality With Our Cross-Country Moving Services

        A nationwide company with years of experience in the business, we always put a customer first. From the first time you contact East Coast West Coast Movers to the day we part ways, you’ll never get the feeling that you’re anything other than a priority. Many positive reviews can show our devotion to making your move as stressless as possible. Each of our team members is a competent individual with one goal – making your moving experience the best it can be.

        Moving is considered one of the most stressful periods in a person’s life, and it’s especially true with cross-country moving. Not only that you need to think everything through and organize and plan the process accordingly, but there are just too many things that can go wrong. That is why getting the best long-distance moving services is often necessary – and our company offers precisely that.

        One of the factors that make us different from other companies is a free guaranteed quote for all of our potential customers. With plenty of other relocation teams, there is a significant difference between estimated and final price since the cost is based on the volume or weight of your inventory. On the other hand, we base our price on your inventory list – the initial quote will only change if you change the list (which you can do until the day before the move).

        With Our Eugene Movers, Getting Superb Packing Services Is Also a Possibility

        Each customer who decides to hire us is entitled to our standard packing services. That means that our professional team will disassemble, load in the truck, unload and reassemble all of your furniture, appliances, and other larger items without an additional cost. Of course, it should go without saying that all of those belongings will be protected accordingly so they can arrive at your new home unharmed.

        Decide Between Partial or Full Packing Services And Let Our Movers In Eugene, OR, Take Care of the Rest

        Our partial and full packing services are reserved for those who want their smaller belongings packed in boxes by professional packers. There is no doubt that each of your items will be packed flawlessly – your only concern should be the number of things you want us to pack. Remember that everything above fifteen boxes we count as full packing service. If you have doubts about which service you should choose, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for advice.

        East Coast West Coast Movers Offer Safe and Fast Auto Transport to This Part of Oregon

        With mountains and beaches only a few hours away from the city, having a car after relocating here is necessary. Why would you miss the opportunity of amazing road trips whenever you feel like it? However, driving cross-country is not always the safest option for relocating a vehicle. So you can avoid too many hours of driving, opting for professional auto transport is a far better choice.

        We will provide you with a fantastic service if you decide to ship a car long-distance – and we have plenty of positive reviews to show it. We can go on and on about our trained and experienced cross-country movers or our modern and highly efficient auto transport equipment. But did you know that you can even save a few bucks by hiring us? We offer a significant discount for all those customers who decide to combine our car shipping with standard relocation service.

        With Our Long-Distance Moving Company, You Can Choose Between Open And Enclosed Carriers

        Different clients have different needs and possibilities, and we tend to meet as many of them as possible. Our open carriers are reserved for those looking for a more affordable and faster car shipping option. However, the open concept implies the lack of barriers between your vehicle and rain, snow, or road debris.

        Damages from road and weather conditions are rare, but you can never be too safe. If you own a classic or luxurious car or just want to maximize the protection of your vehicle, you should go with a more safe (but also more expensive) enclosed trailer.

        Simultaneously, our car shipping service implies that you’re entitled to car insurance, which differs depending on the carrier type. With open trailers, you can get up to $100,000, while enclosed trailers can bring you up to five times more.

        Our Movers in Eugene, Oregon, Provide Multiple Pickup and Delivery Options

        A large number of our customers choose our door-to-door auto transport, even though it’s a costlier solution, simply because it brings much more convenience. The only condition is that you (or your representative) be there to hand the vehicle over to our driver and get it back after shipping. If we can’t reach your new place (it’s located in a narrow or too busy street, for example), the car will be delivered to the closest possible location.

        Terminal-to-terminal car shipping is our other option. It’s a good choice for those looking for a more affordable solution. Keep in mind that our company has terminals all over the country, predominantly in larger cities. If you don’t mind organizing another trip before and after the move, it can be an excellent choice.

        Our Modern Storage Facilities Will Be Available Free Of Charge

        Exceptional storage service will be at the disposal of each of our customers without a cost for the first month. We will keep your belongings safe with our up-to-date monitoring, highly-developed barcode tracking system, and temperature-controlled storage units. Therefore, you should have no worries if your new home isn’t ready until the moving day or if you have a few belongings you want to store aside for some time. We got you all covered – with storage as well as everything else!

        With East Coast West Coast Movers, You Can Choose a Moving Insurance According To Your Needs

        Long-distance relocations are challenging not only for those who move but for long-distance movers as well. On top of everything that needs to be done during the relocation day and the road itself, some unexpected circumstances can lead to accidents in the truck or outside of it. Luckily, they can be easily fixed with the right moving insurance.

        Remember that Mandatory Liability Coverage is a part of our standard service and, therefore, comes without additional cost. It implies that you’ll be compensated with 60 cents per pound of a harmed item in the case of damage.

        However, you can also get Full Value Replacement, additional insurance that will ease your mind, especially when it comes to your most valuable pieces. If you choose to get it, you’ll be reimbursed with the total value of the item, or it will be repaired (or replaced). Still, keep in mind that it can only apply to the items handled by our professional packers. Don’t hesitate to contact our customer support to learn more about our insurance options.

        Eugene area view

        Welcome to a Great City for the Arts and Outdoors

        It’s not just our humble observation – A Great City for the Arts and Outdoors is, actually, a city’s motto. Many people, especially those arriving from metropolises, are amazed by Eugene’s green beauty. The amazing natural environment has become an excellent foundation for many different recreation activities, such as bicycling, running, rafting, and the like. But that is not all! A long history of green activism combined with a pro-vegan dining scene and many nearby organic farms are bound to lure you to a much healthier lifestyle.

        Standing somewhere between a city and a town, Eugene’s offers the best from both worlds. Here, you can enjoy the vibrant art and music scene and plenty of big-city amenities but still experience a slow pace of life and a great sense of community. And what a community it is! Prepare to experience friendliness and acceptance on every step. Open-mindedness and progressiveness are important factors that define this city as one of the best places to live in. Moreover, it has become a birthplace for many liberal and alternative ideas and a significant hub for those who do not fit (and don’t want to fit) in mainstream society.

        One more benefit of living in this Emerald City is the relatively affordable cost of living. It is a little higher than the national average (around 5%) – Numbeo sets the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center to be about $1,150. However, it comes a lot cheaper than in larger cities in Oregon, like Portland. As for job opportunities, keep in mind that the biggest employers in this city come from the medical and educational fields. However, there is significant community support for small, independent businesses.

        Which Part of Emerald City Should Become Your New Home?

        Eugene’s predominantly a college town, as a home of the University of Oregon. However, it has a lot to offer to everyone – from young families to those who wish to spend their retirement enjoying Eugene’s unique beauty.

        If you found yourself intrigued with this quirky city, take a look at Eugene’s top neighborhoods and consider where will we be unloading our truck when the time comes:

        • Amazon – amazing neighborhood for many, not just students who want to be close to the university. Amazon Park, with its bike paths, running trailers, and high neighborhood walkability, will ensure you and your family stay active constantly. Of course, don’t forget that this neighborhood is proud of its public South Eugene High School, ranked as third best in Oregon.
        • Crest Drive – if you’re looking for a place far from the city’s noise but still one to be close to the center, this area will work perfectly for you. A little bit up on the hill, it will provide you with the escape you need without taking you far away from the downtown amenities. Plenty of excellent wineries are just a bonus.
        • Whiteaker – a neighborhood known as a creative hub of the city, is also a place with some of the city’s best organic stores, cafes, and breweries. Counterculture is thriving here, making it an excellent spot for those who want to become part of it. However, keep in mind that the prices in this area tend to be on the higher side.
        • Friendly – the name of this area can speak for itself. This neighborhood has experienced significant population growth in past years. One of the reasons can be found in newly built modern eco-friendly houses made for the most environmentally conscious individuals.

        If It’s Time to Find a Home Somewhere Else, Don’t Panic – We Will Make Your Move Problem-Free

        We can be the ones loading the relocation truck even if you decide to move away from Emerald City. As a team that operates across the country, like our name points out, we will be able to relocate you to any other place in the US. Our professional relocation crew is one of the best in the business, and each one of us is ready to demonstrate it, no matter the direction you point us to. There is no reason to wait to contact us, whether you move to or from the EUG or to it. Get a quote now, book your move, and secure the best team for your new move!


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