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        If living in a place with one of the most popular beaches on the east coast of the US is something you’ve been dreaming of for quite some time, then you’ll need our experienced Hempstead movers. Not only will they give you a helping hand and organize the whole relocation process, but you’ll also have a guaranteed stress-free move.

        Get Our Reliable and Free Quote and Explore the Long-Distance Moving Services We Offer

        Thinking about many tasks at the same time and worrying about every little detail is something you’ll have to deal with when relocating on your own to another home. It’s manageable, but the whole process will be much easier if you have an experienced moving team by your side. So once you decide to move, it’s best to find reliable East Coast movers that can take care of your relocation. Explore our cross-country moving services that are bound to ensure a safe move.

        Finding a professional relocation company isn’t something you can do in just one hour. The relocation industry is vast, and there are around 7,000 companies that can offer you their service. And one of the most important tasks in this process is to avoid scammers. You surely don’t want to end up without your precious belongings or paying much higher prices than you should. With us, you won’t have to worry about that because we’re one of the companies that offer a free and reliable quote. All you need to do is contact us, and our skilled customer support will explain everything you want to know. This ensures there are no hidden costs, and everything we do is transparent.

        We’ve been in the relocation business for years, and our goal is to make customers happy and as stress-free about the move as possible. Also, we know that the relocation process isn’t free. So, to make it easier for our customers, we don’t base the prices on the weight. Instead, we take into account the inventory list you make (the fewer items you have, the lower the price will be). Of course, the expenses will depend on the distance of the move and the time of the year, too.

        If you need any kind of information or have a question, don t hesitate to give us a call. We have a skilled support team available at any moment of the day. They will make sure all your questions are answered.

        Experienced and Efficient Hempstead Movers Can Pack Your Belongings

        One of the ways to check if a relocation crew is trustworthy is their website. We all know that online visibility nowadays means everything. And it’s best to ensure you’ll be in good hands by checking online reviews and the comments of people who used the company’s services, right? That’s why we’re very proud of all those positive reviews on our website. This means we’re doing a great job, and satisfied customers just push us to improve even more every day.

        One of the reasons why you can find such remarkable comments and reviews about us is the packing service we offer. When it comes to the packing process, you should know that it’s one of the most stressful and tedious parts of the move. From deciding what you’ll bring to the new home to efficiently wrapping each item, the whole process can become just too overwhelming. And that’s why having professional help is something you should consider.

        If you hire our experienced cross-country moving company to assist you, standard packing will already be included in the free quote. This means our efficient packers will help you with furniture and other bulky items. Each piece will be carefully disassembled, protected with the best materials, and loaded into the truck. Once the truck arrives at your destination, our packers will assemble everything and put it wherever you say.

        We Have Additional Packing Services With Our Cross-Country Movers

        Our experienced East Coast and West Coast movers are improving their skills every day just to make sure all of your belongings are protected in the best possible way. And if you need additional assistance with wrapping items other than bulky objects, don’t worry; we’re here to help. That’s why we offer other packing services that can be pretty helpful if you’ve never moved before or you’re on a tight schedule. Here’s what we can provide you with:

        • Full packing – we’ll pack your entire household carefully if you choose this option. Also, if you need a helping hand with more than fifteen boxes, the full option is for you.
        • Partial packing – our packers will pack everything up to fifteen boxes. It’s a great option for those who started on their own and just need some additional assistance to finish up.

        If you have any questions or concerns about additional packing options, contact our customer support, and they will gladly assist you. They will explain further how every service works and make it easier for you to decide whether something is necessary or not.

        East Coast West Coast Moving Company Will Safely Ship Your Car

        Getting around a town like Hempstead with your car is the right option if you want to see and visit all the landmarks and interesting places around here. However, if you’re considering driving there on your own, know that it won’t be the easiest task to do. Sitting in front of the wheel for hours is exhausting, and not to mention dangerous. So having professional drivers do it instead is probably the perfect solution. Luckily, our professional company has many years of experience in auto transport on top of the moving service.

        With a crew of skilled drivers, you can rest assured that your vehicle will arrive safely at your future home. Yes, handing your vehicle over to someone else can be challenging, but you won’t have to worry about a thing with our dedicated drivers. We’ll make sure your car is transported without a scratch to another location. And in addition to that, we offer insurance for any external damage – if you choose to transport your car in an open trailer, the insurance goes up to $100,000, and for enclosed trailers, up to $500,000.

        Choose Which Transport Option Suits You Better With Our Long-Distance Movers in Hempstead

        Being one of the trustworthy relocation companies that can take care of your vehicle also means we put our customers’ needs first. When it comes to car shipping, you can pick one of the two most suitable types of transportation with us. However, keep in mind that both options are safe for your car; it’s a matter of preferences:

        • Open trailer – your vehicle will be transported in a truck with open carriers, which makes it a more affordable option. As the name suggests, there won’t be physical protection from weather conditions.
        • Enclosed trailer – the recommended option for customers who have more exotic vehicles or just want more protection during transportation.

        Our Long-Distance Moving Company Can Offer Two Types of Delivery

        Another benefit you get to enjoy with our reliable crew is two types of car delivery. You can choose the door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal option. The first option means we’ll deliver your car to the doorstep of your future house. Just ensure our truck can reach the location (we need to know if your street is too narrow or not). If you choose the second option, you’ll pick up your vehicle at the nearest terminal at an arranged time. Don’t worry; our drivers will let you know everything regarding the process.

        Use Our Storage Facilities Completely Free of Charge for Thirty Days

        When you’re relocating across the country, it’s completely normal that some items might need to be put in a storage unit for some period. No matter the reason – you might not have enough space in your future house or you didn’t manage to sell or donate what you wanted – some stuff just has to be in secure storage. Luckily, we’ve got that covered, too. A safe storage facility that will keep all of your belongings dry and completely protected from moisture and vermin. From artworks to furniture, you can keep whatever you want in our storage facilities. And that’s not all! You can use our units completely free of charge for one whole month (30 days). Contact us and check with our customer representatives how it works. They will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

        We Offer Moving Insurance for Your Precious Possessions

        The moving insurance we offer to clients is reliable, and it will keep you less stressed during the whole process. Even though we use only the highest-quality packing materials, insurance is a mandatory precautionary measure. However, we all know that sometimes accidents can happen, and in that case, our mandatory liability insurance will cover 60 cents per pound for each item damaged during the transport. This insurance is already included in the standard expenses.

        For more valuable things, we offer an additional option – full-value replacement. For example, if you plan to move some artwork like paintings or items of sentimental value, we recommend this insurance option.

        What Is It Like to Live in Old Blue

        If Hempstead was an incorporated city, it would be the second-largest one in the state after New York City. It is the most populous municipality in the NY metro area, excluding NYC. This town got the nickname Old Blue in 1664, when “Blue Laws” were established. These laws are also known as Sunday Laws. They were designed to ban or restrict some (or all) Sunday activities for religious reasons. Nowadays, many states are still maintaining a ban on selling alcohol on Sundays.

        Being located in the west-central part of Long Island, it has become one of the most desirable places for visitors and people who are looking to settle in a place like this. That’s not only because of its rich history and numerous landmarks (parks, churches, galleries, and museums, and the most famous East Coast beach – Jones Beach State Park) but also because there are opportunities on so many levels.

        Pick the Best Place for You in One of the Wealthiest Counties in New York

        If you’re wondering what the greatest place to live in New York is, then Old Blue is the right choice. Yes, it’s not exactly a city, but it can provide you with everything a city could. It has numerous shops, parks, bars, and restaurants. Also, schools and other educational institutions here are highly rated.

        Although the cost of living in Old Blue is slightly higher than the national average, many people choose to live here. A place that gives you a dense suburban feel and everything one metropolis can give you sounds appealing to many people.

        We Can Help if You Want to Get Out of Hempstead, NY, Too

        Contact us and get the optimal relocation experience. And if you want to move from Old Blue, don’t worry – we offer the same service for effortless relocation both ways! Check our reviews online and rest assured that your belongings will be moved safely to or from Old Blue. Our experienced relocation crew will give you a helping hand and make the move a breeze.


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