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        Just across Manhattan, on the opposite side of the Hudson River, there lies Hoboken, one of the most vibrant cities in New Jersey. A great location, proximity to New York, and considerably lower costs of living are the reasons why young people choose this place for their home. Here is how Hoboken movers can help you organize your cross-country move to one of the most urban and walkable cities in NJ.

        East Coast West Coast Movers in Hoboken Offer Impeccable Moving Services

        Having a reliable long-distance moving company by your side able to provide you with all necessary moving services will definitely make the relocation process easier. Besides our highly trained long-distance movers who can handle every request you have, another thing our customers like is the guaranteed and fair prices we offer.

        All our prices are based on inventory lists, which are adjustable up to 24 hours before the moving day. The moment you confirm your final inventory list, you’ll also be provided with a guaranteed price, which implies there won’t be unpleasant surprises when it comes time for paying. And this is something you can easily see from the reviews our previous customers have left.

        Do You Need a Helping Hand to Pack Your Household? Explore Various Packing Services We Offer and Book the Right One

        Preparing your household items for the move will be doubtlessly the most complicated task when it comes to organizing your long-distance move. For that reason, we created various packing services to meet all your requirements and help you move seamlessly to your new home. However, we understand that every request is unique and depends on many factors.

        Our basic service, which is included in all our quotes and free of charge for our customers, entails:

        • Disassembling and reassembling of all furniture pieces listed in your inventory list,
        • Handling large appliances,
        • Loading and unloading all stuff, including boxes you packed yourself,
        • Providing all the necessary supplies to protect your bulky items like mattresses, sofas, or electronics.

        However, in case you need additional help to pack your household goods, we also provide additional packing assistance to meet all your specific requirements. Here is what else you can expect.

        Our Movers in Hoboken Provide the Best Partial and Full Packing Services to Speed Up Your Move

        Do you want to pack some items by yourself and entrust the rest to professional movers? Or would you rather skip all the tasks related to preparing your belongings for transport? No matter what your preferences are, our experienced team has the solution to fit your needs.

        If you decide to go for the first option and choose to entrust only the most valuable items to be packed by our team, it is most likely that a partial packing service will be the most suitable for you. Partial assistance implies the usage of a maximum of 15 boxes to pack all the stuff you’ve chosen to be packed by professionals.

        However, in case the number of 15 boxes isn’t enough for all items to be boxed up, it means you can go for the full packing service. Also, full assistance could entail the handling of the whole household. If this option is your choice, just make sure to let your dedicated agent know in advance and start creating your inventory list!

        The Custom Crating Service Is the Perfect Choice if Any Musical Instruments, Antiques, or Pieces of Art Are on Your Moving List

        Bulky and precious belongings are a pretty common occurrence in the homes of our customers, and that’s why we specialize in handling such items. No matter if you want to move musical instruments, antique mirrors, a painting, or a grandfather clock, we can help you get them delivered undamaged to your next home address.

        The custom crating service means our team will build a crate according to the measurements you give us and bring all the professional equipment necessary to handle such items safely. Custom crates are highly recommended to use if any similar possessions are on your packing list. Don’t hesitate to contact your dedicated agent and book this assistance, too.

        Let Movers in Hoboken, NJ Ship Your Four-Wheeler Since We Also Operate as an Auto Transport Company

        Auto transport is another expertise of ours – in fact, we have been providing car shipping for years. Delivering your car in a timely manner, handling it safely, and providing you with the right solutions is something we are dedicated to. So if you’re looking for a trustworthy auto shipping company, you’re at the right address. Here is what you can book with us!

        We Ship Vehicles on Open or Enclosed Trailers and Help You Pick the Right Solution for Your Car

        The choice of the trailer is one of the greatest dilemmas our customers face since they’re usually not sure what trailer suits their car type and size best. The crucial difference between those two options is not only in the type of protection each trailer provides but also in the available space to fit larger vehicles and the price.

        Open trailers are one of the most common ways of car shipping all across America since they are 40% more affordable compared to enclosed ones. However, keep in mind that not all vehicles can be shipped on this trailer.

        For instance, if you own a Jeep, Bentley, or BMW, you’ll have to go for an enclosed trailer which is created to transport larger vehicles. Not only is it the right fit for these types of cars, but it is also great because of the high protection it provides to vehicles. Namely, all cars shipped on enclosed trailers are entirely protected from any road debris or weather conditions, so the potential for damage is reduced to the minimum.

        Here Is How Car Pick-Up and Delivery Can Be Managed

        There are two possible options to choose from when it comes to the vehicle pick-up and delivery points. The first option is door-to-door pick-up and delivery, which means our team will take care of every single detail related to your vehicle. Your only duty will be to take out all the stuff from your four-wheeler and hand the keys over to our movers.

        The second option is terminal-to-terminal pick-up and delivery, and here your assistance will be a part of the deal. Namely, if you go for the terminal-to-terminal solution, you’ll have to drive your car to the designated terminal to drop it off and then pick it up once it has been delivered. The greatest advantage of this solution is a more affordable price, so if you want to keep an eye on your budget and have enough time to deal with it, this deal will be a perfect fit for you!

        Book Our Car Shipping Service and You’ll Get a Free Car Insurance Policy

        We know how precious your car is to you. For that reason, we include free car insurance in every car shipping quote. We want our customers to be entirely safe and relaxed when it comes to the safety of their vehicles.

        That’s why we provide coverage of $100,000 for vehicles shipped on open trailers or up to $500,000 for cars shipped on enclosed trailers. Those reimbursements are applicable in case of any external damage that occurred during the transportation process.

        30 Days Free Storage Deals Are Provided to All Our Customers

        One of the best-rated things in our reviews is related to the free storage units we provide for all our customers. Our 30 days free storage deal includes the usage of:

        • 24/7 fully protected storage facilities equipped with video surveillance and a guard,
        • A temperature control system that protects your goods from mold or water damage,
        • An automated system for recording all goods check-ins and check-outs from our storage facility.

        Furthermore, if you have to extend this rental period for any reason, you’ll also get additional discounts and be charged per day, which means you will pay only what you use!

        Moving Insurance Is Also a Part of Our Services

        Moving insurance is an indispensable part of our offer, too, because it grants reimbursement in case of any damage during the transportation process. Although damage happens rarely, all items loaded on our trucks are covered with the insurance policy you choose.

        Mandatory liability coverage guarantees reimbursement of 60 cents per pound of damaged goods. Moreover, this policy is free of charge and included in all our quotes. In case you want additional protection for your possessions, there is an extra-paid insurance policy that grants full value replacement. This option is most suitable if you have valuable possessions on your list, so if anything unpredictable happens, you’ll be compensated for the full value of the damaged item.

        East Coast West Coast Movers

        Welcome to Hoboken, New Jersey, a Perfect Spot for Young Professionals and Families Ready to Enjoy Life to the Fullest

        Only 5.2 miles away from NY, located on the banks of the Hudson River with a breathtaking view of Manhattan, lies the charming city of Hoboken. Frank Sinatra’s hometown, the birthplace of baseball, a city where you can visit the famous Carlo’s Bakery and learn how to make delicious cakes, or enjoy breathtaking views and nature are definitely worth moving here. And here are many other advantages to explore!

        Live Across Manhattan and Enjoy Considerably More Affordable Costs of Living

        The main reason many young professionals choose Mile Square City is not only because of its proximity to New York and many working opportunities but also because of more affordable living costs. To handle all costs of living in New York, you’ll need around $8,300 on a monthly basis, while for the same lifestyle, you’ll have to set aside about $6,900 in New Jersey.

        Also, consider that the rental prices are 15% more affordable in Hoboken, NJ on average. Renting an apartment with one bedroom in the city center will cost you around $2,800 in Hoboken, while the same size flat will cost you around $3,000 in NY. The difference in rental prices is better noticeable when it comes to three-bedroom apartments, where Hoboken, New Jersey has up to 50% lower prices than NY.

        Are You Searching for Trustworthy Hoboken Movers to Move You Out of Mile Square City? We Can Help With This Too!

        If your plans involve moving out of Mile Square City, New Jersey don’t hesitate to contact us and explore your options. Since East Coast West Coast Movers cover this area too, we can also give you all the necessary support with this request. All you need to do is to give us exact zip codes and expect the quote soon.


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