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Blog July 8, 2021

How to Transport Cars from State to State

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Jane Davis

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When organizing a long-distance move, most people are wondering how to transport cars from state to state. Knowing that a car is one of the most valuable belongings you own can make you feel stressed out about whether it will be safely transported to our new location. To avoid unnecessary concern, you should consider taking the following steps and ensure the safe transport of your precious four-wheeler.

Organize Your Budget for Car Shipping By Getting a Cost Quote

When getting organized to move, one of the first things you should think about is how to transport your vehicle and determine how much money you will need for that. Keep in mind that there is no fixed price for this service; therefore, you should contact professionals, and get free quotes that could be quite helpful when creating a relocation budget.

cars Make sure to get free quotes before deciding how you will ship your car.

How the Cost is Calculated

The cost of car shipping depends on various factors. When creating a quote, a company will consider the type, weight, and size of your auto. The distance between the pickup and delivery destination also matters, as well as the kind of service you choose. While an open trailer presents a cheaper way of transporting your car, you will need more means for the enclosed one.

The part of the year is another factor that affects the overall cost of car shipping. Keep in mind that summer is a peak season for all moving companies, so the prices are higher. The final price will also depend on the day of the week you pick. For instance, to ship your vehicle on Friday or weekend will cost you more than shipping on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Your vehicle’s condition is another factor that will affect your expenses, so if your car is inoperable, you will need to pay more. Most companies will offer you basic insurance for transporting your car. But, you can always consider third-party coverage as an option.

You Can Reduce Auto Transport Expenses

Your automobile is one of your most valuable belongings, and one of your priorities should be to ensure its safe transportation. Your budget can, however, force you to look for some of the affordable ways of shipping.

You can’t change the distance your car has to pass to be delivered to the final destination, but you can choose the service that will not force you to go over your budget. For instance, an open trailer is a cheaper option, so consider picking it as a better solution then its alternative.

calculator When creating quotes, movers consider different factors, including type, weight, and size of your automobile.

Reliable Company Will Offer You Different Options to Transport Your Auto from State to State

When deciding which company you will hire, one of the things that should lead you is the number of services offered by movers. Each reliable company will offer you several types of services, so you’ll be able to pick the one most suitable for your timetable and budget.

Check how much your move would cost Free Quote

Enclosed Trailers – The Safest Way of Transporting Your Auto

Enclosed trailers are the best option when it comes to transporting your car. When shipped in an enclosed trailer, your vehicle will be safe from any damage and weather. You won’t even need to wash your vehicle once it is delivered to your new location. However, the enclosed carrier is a significantly more expensive service, so it’s mostly used for shipping luxurious cars.

Open Trailers – A Cost-Effective Way for Shipping Cars Between States

Due to lower prices, open carriers are the most often chosen when it comes to shipping vehicles. When shipped, your car will be on an open carrier and exposed to elements. Once again, we come to the point that if you choose professional movers, you will not have to worry about whether your auto will be safely transported to the final destination.

Door-to-Door Delivery – The Most Convenient Delivery

Door-to-door delivery is especially convenient for those who want to save some time. When you order this kind of delivery, you ensure that your automobile will be picked up at your current address, and it will be delivered to your new address. Keep in mind that if delivery in front of your door is not possible, make sure to arrange delivery at the nearest parking lot.

Terminal-to-Terminal Delivery – You’ll Save Money, and Your Car Will Be Properly Shipped to the Destination State

Those who want to pay less should choose terminal-to-terminal delivery. Unlike the door-to-door option, terminal-to-terminal delivery includes driving your auto to the nearest terminal and then picking it up at the terminal at your new location.

transporting-your-car Most companies will offer you different ways of transporting your car - pick the one most suitable for your needs.

After Getting All Information, the Next Step is Preparation

Whether you are moving to another state alone or with a family, before loading your car on the truck, you will have to prepare it. The proper preparation includes watching and cleaning your four-wheeler, as well as taking it to the general checkup.

Start With Cleaning Your Vehicle and Record Damages

Make sure to wash the exterior and clean the interior of your car before delivering it to professionals who will transport it. Another important step is to record any damages and take pictures. When having photos, you’ll be able to check if some additional accidents happened during transportation.

Visit Your Mechanic and Do a General Check-Up

Consider taking your vehicle to the shop for a general checkup. That way, you will know if there are some hidden damages you need to repair before the shipping day. Don’t forget to drain all the fluids except the fuel. It is recommended to leave the quarter of the gas tank full.

car repair Make sure to prepare your car on time.

Before You Ship Your Four-Wheeler, Don’t Forget to Take Out All Your Belongings

Last but not least, remember to empty your car. It means that all your belongings, including documents, valuable items, jewelry, and so on, should be removed from your car. Most companies don’t allow you to turn the car into some kind of storage unit.

car inside One of the most important things is to remove all your belongings from the car.

The Reliable Moving Company Is the Best Solution to Transport Cars from State to State

Now that you are familiarized with each step you should take to ship your car correctly, it’s time to contact a reliable moving company. Professionals who provide moving and packing services most likely can offer you auto transport services, as well. Car shipping, provided by professional movers, is most certainly the best solution for transporting a car to your new home.

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