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Blog July 9, 2021

Getting Organized to Move

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Jane Davis

Apart from being a freelance writer and moving expert, Jane is also an art and museum lover.

Relocating your entire household and starting a new life somewhere else can be a very daunting effort, no matter if you’ve moved before or not. But getting organized to move cross country in the right way can make the whole experience way smoother. Stick to the guide we have put together for you and spare yourself of long, sleepless nights filled with packing boxes and worrying about the future.

Choose the Right Time to Move

First of all, you will have to choose the right period of the year to move. Keep in mind that moving during winter can be more cost-efficient, but relocating in bad weather can be risky and unpredictable, as well. This will also affect when you should start preparing for the move and launch the entire packing process.

Now Is the Time to Declutter

Regardless of whether you’re moving to a smaller home or a large mansion, you should still get rid of any belongings you don’t have any need for. The cost of your relocation will also depend on the weight of your shipment or the number of your items, so keep this in mind if you’re moving on a budget. Decide what are the most valuable of your possessions and separate those you can do without.

Donate, Gift, or Sell

You don’t have to throw away your extra belongings. There are other solutions, depending on how much time you have. You can gift them to a friend, neighbor, or family member who could still find some use for them. If you want to earn some extra cash to help with the other parts of the relocation, you can sell them online or organize a yard sale. Lastly, you can look up places near you where you could make a donation, whether it’s the extra items you have or any food that will go bad.

Decluttering will lower the price of the relocation; you can sell, gift or donate the extra items

Sort out and Categorize Your Items

Once you’ve decided which of your items you will be bringing with you to your new home, it’s time to sort them out. It would be best to organize them into categories or to sort them out by the rooms they belong to. This will make it easier for you to pack everything, and the whole relocation process will be much more efficient.

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Organizing the Move by Using Checklists and Notes

The best way to go about organizing your entire relocation would be to make a checklist, or a few of them, in order to keep track of your progress. Once you’ve sorted out your belongings, you should create an inventory list. Here you can also add notes regarding how to pack specific items and what supplies to use for that purpose. You can also download various checklists that can be helpful when organizing all the steps of the relocation process.

Creating an inventory list will make relocating way more efficient

Take Care of Your Documents and Receipts

One of the most important tips is to handle all of the personal documents you will need when moving. Gather all of them, have a few spare copies, and pack the documents separately in a box or a briefcase. Don’t overlook this step, as losing any of your valuable documents during the move can be disastrous.

Get All the Boxes and Supplies Ready Before You Pack

You will need to prepare boxes of different sizes for the move, and there are ways to get free moving boxes, like asking at your local market. Along with the boxes, it’s essential to get all the necessary packing supplies and tools. Stock up on high-quality tape, scissors, markers, labels, packing paper, blankets, and bubble wrap.

It’s better to stock up on supplies than to find yourself in need of more while you pack

When Getting Organized to Move, Go Room by Room

During the entire preparation phase, you should be sorting out everything on a room-by-room basis. This includes your possessions, as well as the boxes and supplies that you will need to pack them. Stack everything in the room they belong to, and label them accordingly to make the unpacking process more manageable once you’re in your new home.

Taking Lots of Pictures Before Packing

Use modern technology to your advantage. In this case, that would mean taking pictures of your items as you’re preparing them for the move. In the worst-case scenario where something gets damaged during the relocation, you can use the photos as proof that the damage occurred during transport.

Packing Electronics for Relocation Doesn’t Have to Be Tedious

An important tip when it comes to how to pack electronics for relocation is to take pictures of your devices before you touch them. Snap a photo of the cables and wires before you unplug and pack them up, and a photo of the device itself.

What to Do Before Any House Makeovers?

In case you’re planning on doing a house makeover, it’s crucial to take a lot of photos of the present state of your new home. Before you start redecorating and touching anything in your new home, make sure that you have evidence of what everything looked like before.

Unpacking and plugging back in all of your devices will be easier if you have photos to help you out Unpacking and plugging back in all of your devices will be easier if you have photos to help you out

Moving Day Preparation

Here are some tips on how to organize the relocation day itself. It can get very chaotic, so here are some important things to keep in mind.

Prepare a Box or Bag of Essentials

Create a list of all the items you may find necessary on the relocation day. It should include everything from a change of clothes, important medicine, towels and toiletries, toilet paper, your IDs and credit cards, extra bottled water. In case you’re moving with children, you’ll have to keep more snacks, water, towels, and their favorite toys in mind too.

Kids and Pets Can Be a Hazard

The day of the move can be chaotic as is; add kids or pets running around into the equation, and it can become a nightmare. So if you have young kids, it would be best to ask a friend or a family member to watch over them until you sort everything out. The same applies if you are moving with a dog or a cat. They can be a hazard for everyone involved, and safety should always be your number one priority.

Food and Drinks for All

Don’t forget to prepare enough food and drinks for all the friends and family that will be helping you out with the relocation. The same goes if you’ve hired professionals for their packing and moving services. It will be a nice gesture to provide snacks and drinks for the movers who are making sure that your belongings are safely transported to your new home. And don’t forget to tip the movers as a sign of appreciation.

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