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        Long-distance moving to the World’s Capital of Entertainment without trustworthy Las Vegas movers is hard to imagine. Here is where East Coast West Coast Movers can step in to help you. With our professional movers in Las Vegas, you will relocate fast, efficiently, and without any stress. Take a look at what East Coast West Coast Movers have to offer.

        Hire Our Las Vegas Movers and Get the Best Moving Services

        Cross-country moving is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. As a professional company with years of experience, we know that every relocation needs to be tailored to your needs. This is why once you hire us for long-distance moving services, you will be assigned with the agent who will be in charge of your relocation entirely. This agent will be at your disposal for any questions and requests, and best of all, you will not have to worry about explaining your requests to other agents each time you call our company.

        With Our Moving Services, There Are No Hidden Costs

        That is right! With East Coast West Coast Movers, there are no hidden fees. With us, you will get transparency and a fair quote. Your price will depend on your inventory list. You will create this list with our agents at the in-home estimation of your move. And what is best of all is that you can change this list all up to one business day prior to your move. This way, you will be in charge of the price by adding or removing items from your inventory list.

        Our Movers to Las Vegas, NV, Can Pack Your Entire House Within a Blink of the Eye

        Once you hire our moving company in Las Vegas, NV, for basic cross-country moving services, you will get free of charge standard packing service. With this service, you will get a team of professionals who will not simply load and unload your belongings from and on a truck. They are also professional packers who know how to deal with your items properly. They will protect each piece of furniture that goes on a truck with bubble wraps or blankets depending on the material and secure everything so no movements inside the truck can damage them. They will disassemble and reassemble all large furniture, protect everything with packing materials and place it on a truck. At your new destination, they will assemble everything and put it in the desired spot. Did we mention this is all free of charge?

        Let Our East Coast Movers Pack Your Entire House

        If you wish to have a stress-free relocation, you should hire our cross-country movers for full packing service. Our professional packers will pack everything from your inventory list with this service. They will bring their own packing supplies such as boxes, bubble wraps, packing paper, and others. They will carefully wrap and pack all your items, secure them and place them on a truck. On the other hand, if you wish you can hire our professionals only to deal with some of your items – this is called partial packing service. Just keep in mind that if our movers pack more than 15 boxes, we consider being full service, so be careful when deciding what items you wish our movers to pack.

        You Can Ship Your Cars With Us

        There are a lot of moving companies in Las Vegas, NV, but do they all offer car shipping services? You will not have to worry about searching for a car shipping company with us. We can arrange all kinds of transportation and delivery options. You can choose between two types of carriers: open and an enclosed trailer. An open trailer is most commonly used, and it is a faster option. If you have more than one vehicle, this option will be better. The only thing about the open trailer is that your car will be exposed to all outside factors such as bad weather and road debris. But if anything happens to the exterior of your car, you will be reimbursed up to $100,000.

        The enclosed trailer is a better option if you have a more luxurious vehicle you wish to be fully protected. And if something does happen to the car’s exterior, you will be reimbursed up to $500,000, depending on the damage.

        Your Car Can Be Delivered to Your Doorstep

        When it comes to car shipping, we can arrange for your vehicle to be delivered and picked up from your doorstep. With our door-to-door delivery option, you will not have to worry about being without a car once you relocate. Our trailers can go anywhere you are. The only occasion when delivery can not be done this way is if the street is too narrow for the trailer to come in. But in this case, we will make sure to deliver your car to the nearest parking lot.

        On the other hand, we offer terminal to terminal pick up and delivery, where the only downside is that you will have to drive your car to the nearest terminal and pick it up the same way at a new location. But don’t worry, our long-distance moving company has terminals in every major city.

        Try Our Storage Units Free of Charge for a Whole Month

        Not all moving companies in Las Vegas will offer this kind of bargain. With us, you can rest assured to be taken care of no matter what circumstances occur. We offer our customers free of charge storage units to use for the whole month. With us, your belongings will be safe in our top-notch storage facilities. We have climate control, video surveillance, and security in our facilities to make sure all your belongings are safe. All your belongings will be labeled with barcode stickers containing all your information to ensure nothing ever gets lost or misplaced.

        With Our Long-Distance Movers, Your Belongings Will Be Safe and Insured

        As one of the legitimate Las Vegas moving companies, we offer all our customers moving insurance. Once you hire us, all of your belongings will be covered with our Mandatory Liability Coverage. If anything happens with your belongings, you will get a reimbursement of 60 cents per pound of the damaged item with this insurance.

        We understand that this kind of coverage can be small for more valuable stuff, so we offer our customers a Full Value Replacement Insurance (FVRI). With FVRI, for some extra cash, you will protect your items fully. If anything happens to your belongings, you will either get a replacement, fixing, or reimbursement in its market value.

        Sin City Is Not All About Fun and Glamour

        Even though it is the capital of entertainment and probably one of the most popular places to visit in the world, Sin City is far more than that. Once you relocate here, you will see that the city has a different side that makes living here quite affordable and comfortable. Plenty of suburban areas with close proximity to the center of the action made this city so popular in the past decade among young professionals and people looking for the excitement of a big city with a touch of community-oriented neighborhoods. If you go further from the Strip and downtown area, you will find locals living and enjoying the different amenities this city has to offer.

        And since the city is big and spread out in the Mojave desert, you will need your car. It takes around 40 minutes to go from one side to another. The city is located in a  desert, so expect to be really hot in the summer and yet a bit cold in the winter. Still, even though temperatures can be 110 degrees in summer, the humidity is low, so you will not feel like someone poured a bucket of water on you.

        LV is the major economic center and largest city in Nevada, with nearly 650,000 people in the urban core and more than two and a half million living in its metro area. It has plenty of job opportunities. Aside from hospitality-related jobs in hotels, casinos, restaurants, and bars where you can find a job, other sectors are thriving at the moment. So finding a job in technology, global trade, health care, logistics, manufacturing, and financial services will also be an option.

        Surprisingly Affordable Living Is What Lures So Many Californians Here

        Even if it is the largest city in Nevada, Las Vegas is a pretty affordable place to live. And it is because it is expanding all the time, making new neighborhoods and living complexes. What is best of all is that prices will remain the same since the city has unlimited potential to expand, with the desert being all around the town. With a median home value of $258,600 and a median household income of $56,354, LV can be considered to be really affordable. If you wish to rent a one-bedroom apartment in the city center, you will need $1,200, while the same apartment outside the city center is around $943. That makes the place really popular among young people. And finding a neighborhood for your needs will not be difficult.

        Vegas has an area for everyone’s taste. Suppose you are looking for a place to settle with the family. In that case, neighborhoods like Green Valley, Summerlin, and Southern Highlands are your top choices, with abundances of family-oriented qualities such as good schools, safe streets, and amenities for kids. If you are looking for excitement and urban areas, we don’t need to mention you will find young and hip people from all around the world. But Sin City is surprisingly popular among people who are looking to retire. It offers a low cost of living, nice warm weather, and the possibility of leading an active life. Here are top neighborhoods to live in:

        • Anthem,
        • Sun City,
        • Downtown near Arts District,
        • Henderson.

        Outdoor Enthusiasts Will Love This Dessert Gem

        Surrounded by mountains, desert, and national parks, finding a place to hike will not be a problem here. From Valley of Fire State Park to Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area, there are plenty of extraordinary points where you can enjoy stunning views. And if you need a place to cool off and chill by the water, Las Vegas Lake is around 35 minutes drive, offering many restaurants, green areas, and a newly opened aqua park where you can spend a quality day with family. If you like to golf, there is a nearby golf club you can visit as well.

        You can also explore Black Canyon by kayak or see the whole city by helicopter. There are endless adrenaline-driven activities you can enjoy here. Those who are more interested in history and cultural events should visit old Vegas, explore trendy neighborhoods, and see homes from the early 1960s. Or visit some of the museums such as Marvel Avengers Station, watch a stunning Cirque du Soleil show, or go on a tour to a Wild West ghost town. One thing is for sure – once you relocate here, you will never feel bored or like you are out of options for what to do on the weekends.

        We Can Move You From Sin City as Well

        If you need a change of scenery and wish to move from Sin City, East Coast West Coast Movers can help you with that. All you need to do is contact our agents and arrange a meeting with us. Wherever you wish to relocate, we can make it happen. And if you wish to know how much your relocation will cost, you can ask for a free online quote on our website. And no matter if you wish to move from or to Sin City, we got you covered.


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