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        One of the most diverse cities in California, Long Beach, is difficult to forget once you get to know it. Just 20 miles south of Los Angeles, it’s a city with great work opportunities and happy residents. Learn how to move there with us, the best Long Beach movers in the game.

        East Coast West Coast Movers Offer Moving Services to Many Areas and Cities in the US

        If you want to move with any Long Beach moving company, consider East Coast West Coast Movers first. Here, we always strive to create the perfect relocation experience that would suit every customer. Call us if you wish to save up and have comfort and flexibility during a move.

        You can contact us via our website to fill out a form that would get you a free relocation quote. Our number is online, and our customer support is available for any questions if you prefer phones. To get to know our business better, you can look at the reviews on our website and verify we’re one of the best moving companies in the US.

        Our moving services have quite a few benefits to them. One is that their price is determined by your household inventory list, meaning that factors like volume and weight don’t play a part in the cost. The other is that we offer a few free services within the standard relocation package.

        The standard relocation package entails packing essentials like furniture and appliances and assembling and disassembling the furniture. Loading and unloading the moving truck is also part of the standard package, and next to these, you get relocation insurance and storage use, all for free.

        The Packing Service and Skills of Our Movers to Long Beach, CA, are Unmatched

        There’s nothing better than the packing services of our cross-country movers. The workers in our company are highly-skilled and professionally trained to handle all sorts of household items because we know customers have high expectations when hiring professional help for relocating.

        Besides the standard furniture and appliance packaging, our crew can provide additional options to make the experience comfortable and complete. Those options include partial, full, and custom packaging. We know everyone moves with items they find irreplaceable and valuable, so we’ve developed packaging options that cover every need.

        Add Full or Partial Packing Services to Your Relocation Experience

        You can move on a budget with the partial packaging service, which means our crew will pack under 15 boxes of stuff while you handle the rest of it. This is helpful for anyone who wishes to control packaging their personal belongings but still has professional help at home.

        On the other hand, the full packaging service allows you to handle other aspects of relocating while our workers pack your stuff. With this option, they will pack more than 15 boxes and ensure all your stuff is secured and packed adequately. This may be less affordable than partial packaging, but it’ll keep you comfortable throughout the process.

        Moving With Precious Items Is Possible With Custom Crating

        We pride ourselves on offering our customers invaluable, high-quality long-distance moving services. Many moves and many reviews later, we’ve figured out what makes people appreciate professional relocation help – custom crating.

        Our custom crating service makes it possible to ship your precious items in wooden containers that will protect them from damage. When you contact us to make your household inventory list together, the customer support team will suggest custom-made wooden crates for particular items. Your family heirloom will stay intact throughout the journey.

        Car Shipping Is Integral to Our Company’s Cross-Country Moving Services

        Long Beach is a fairly big city with just under half a million residents. In this case, it would make the most sense for our movers to Long Beach to ship your car, too. You can easily move around your new home area in a familiar vehicle.

        Besides relocating, we offer a car shipping service since we understand the hardship of driving across the country. Instead of doing that, why not just allow our crew to deliver your car to the new home?

        You can choose between a few options that would allow you to maneuver around your budget, get the most out of auto transport, and get a quote for car shipping costs from our customer support when you send a form via the website.

        Our Movers Can Ship Your Car In Two Types of Trailers

        The two trailer options let you decide between convenience and cost. Nonetheless, they’re both reliable ways of shipping vehicles, and you won’t make a mistake when choosing either.

        The more convenient option is shipping your car in an enclosed trailer because it fully covers the vehicles inside and protects them from rain, dust, and external damage. This option, however, isn’t very cost-effective, but it’s worth every penny.

        The more affordable option is transporting the car in an open trailer. Unlike the enclosed option, this type of trailer doesn’t provide complete protection from the elements or external damage, but it’s equally reliable and safe for long-distance trips.

        Since we understand that trusting something as valuable as a car isn’t easy, we offer relocation insurance for vehicles. Vehicles on open trailers are insured for external damages of up to $100,000. Since we want everyone to feel like they can trust us, cars in enclosed trailers are also insured for external damages of up to $500,000.

        Pickup and Delivery Also Comes In Twos

        Whether you choose an open or enclosed trailer, the truck will deliver your car safely. Still, even with pickup and delivery, you have options.

        You can allow us to pick up and deliver your car directly to your home, with door-to-door transport. If our truck cannot access your street or driveway, that’s not a problem – we’ll simply arrange pickup and delivery at the nearest accessible spot.

        Besides the door-to-door, you have the more affordable pickup and delivery option – terminal-to-terminal. You’d have to drive your car to our nearest local terminal, let us load it there, and then deliver it to our terminal in Long Beach. If you don’t live far from the terminals, this option won’t seem complicated at all.

        Keep Your Belongings Safe and Sound With Our Free Storage Service

        A part of our relocation package is a free storage service for thirty days. Our long-distance movers pay attention to safely loading and arranging the boxes in the storage units. The units are climate-controlled and equipped with a top-notch security system that protects your belongings.

        If you happen to need your storage unit for longer than thirty days, our customer support will help you get the most out of the extended use. Unexpected things happen all the time, and we believe that the possibility of ready-for-use storage makes customers trust us more.

        Move Confidently With Relocation Insurance by Your Side

        We also mentioned that our long-distance moving company provides relocation insurance. The mandatory liability coverage is 60 cents per pound of damaged belongings and applies to all packed items. Insurance is an excellent way for moves to feel more secure and professional; we’re happy to offer protection and reimbursement for any damage our crews may cause.

        Anyone looking for more than just 60 cents per pound coverage will hear about the Full Value Replacement Insurance from our representatives. This type of coverage reimburses customers for the items’ total value, but it isn’t free and only applies to the items packed by our workers.

        Whatever you need to protect, there’s an insurance option for it. You won’t move into your new home dissatisfied; you’ll be delighted you chose East Coast West Coast Movers.

        Move to Long Beach, California, to Soak Up the Sun and Enjoy the Ocean Breeze All Year Long

        Just 20 miles south of Los Angeles lies Long Beach, the city with 345 sunny days in a year. The city’s motto is “The International City,” which fully describes its nature – it’s one of the most diverse Californian cities, with at least ten nationalities happily residing there.

        Long Beach’s diversity is depicted in the high ranks, too, as their long-standing mayor is a Peruvian-American politician called Robert Garcia. He isn’t only the first Latin American to hold the office, but he’s also the youngest and the first elected openly LGBT mayor.

        People looking to move to Long Beach have high chances of finding work in the education, healthcare, and government sectors. Others who wish to pursue higher education can apply for the California State University Long Beach, a significant source of art education in the area.

        Some more interesting facts about Long Beach are:

        • Its original name was Willmore City, but in 1888, it was changed to Long Beach, after the city’s famous stretch of beaches,
        • The current population is around 466,000,
        • Between 1902 and 1910, it was the fastest-growing city in the US,
        • It’s one of the largest shipping ports in the world,
        • A world-famous ocean cruise-liner, Queen Mary, is stationed at the Long Beach Harbor,
        • It has the largest Cambodian community outside of Asia, with a population of 20,000,
        • The city has its own Grand Prix, held annually in April,
        • Some notable people from Long Beach are Nicolas Cage, Snoop Dogg, and Billie Jean King.

        How Much Does It Cost to Live In The City South of Los Angeles?

        The city area is a mix of urban and suburban homes, but more than half of the residents are renting. According to a few sources, the median home price in 2020 was around $690,000. This comes close to the Californian average of $730,000, but Long Beach has it a bit better after all.

        If you’re looking for apartments, a one-bedroom property rent could cost you between $1,400 and $1,900, depending on the location. Three-bedroom apartments go for average rents between $2,400 and $2,900. Contact a real estate agent in the area and decide what sort of property would be the best for your needs and budget.

        The Highest Ranked Neighborhoods in Long Beach, California?

        Long Beach has many beautiful neighborhoods, but we found the highest-ranked ones according to a variety of factors. They are:

        • Bixby Village – ranked as the number one neighborhood to live in, its locals love it because it’s quiet and calm, but also filled with a senior population,
        • Park Estates – rated as the best neighborhood to raise a family in and praised for many amenities and the ease of commuting from it,
        • Belmont Shore – voted as the most suitable neighborhood for young professionals. Belmont Shore is near the beach, and locals praise it for having many amenities, from dog parks to shopping and dining areas,
        • Bixby Knolls – this neighborhood is considered the most diverse, and it’s been on the rise recently. There’s a direct connection to the beach and many parks.

        Get a Quote to Move With Us, One of the Best Moving Companies in Long Beach, CA

        If you’ve decided to leave Long Beach and move elsewhere, our company can help with that, too. Our East Coast movers will provide professional services no matter where you’re going, so you don’t get overwhelmed by relocating to any distance at any cost.

        We’re one of the most affordable and most skilled movers in Long Beach, CA, and we’ll answer any questions and dilemmas you may have about moving when you contact us. Now, it’s only up to you to give us a call, let our workers do the heavy lifting, and leave Long Beach with a sense of accomplishment and excitement.


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