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        With the right Miami movers, the process of moving can be very comfortable. There’s no need to stress about the move, as our long distance relocation company provides all the services you may need for a breezy relocation. Rather than go through the torture of relocating on your own, contact us and start your journey the right way.

        Start Your Florida Life With the Help of Reputable Miami Movers

        If you are considering hiring one of the moving companies in Miami to make your life easier while relocating, we fully support this decision. Research shows that hiring expert assistance to move efficiently is both nerve-calming and practical, so we recommend checking out our reputable professional long distance movers. With just a simple glance at all the cross-country moving services we offer, you’ll be well on your way to hand over the entirety of the hard work to our team.

        Get a Free Quote for the Best and Most Affordable Moving Services in Miami

        Hiring our relocation company is always a great choice. It’s not just that we know how to do our job (which we do), but also that you won’t have to spend the entirety of your savings to get our stellar assistance. If you don’t believe us, just call our customer service team. They’ll provide you with a detailed and transparent free quote in which you’ll find all the costs sketched out. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll get when purchasing our relocation services:

        • A relocation truck,
        • Packaging of your furniture and basic appliances,
        • The loading and unloading of items on our truck,
        • The free use of a storage unit for thirty days,
        • A mandatory liability packet.

        Our Moving Company in Miami, FL Hires Only the Best Cross Country Movers to Provide Packing Assistance

        When one hires a long distance moving company in order to get packing services, it is most often because they want someone with more experience and knowledge (not to mention professional equipment) to take over the work. And trust us when we tell you that that’s the best decision you can make while you await your move.

        Otherwise, you may damage your beloved items by not packing them up properly. So, rather than spend time grieving objects after the move, hire professionals to ensure the safety of your things upfront, and you’ll be good to go.

        We Have Packing Options for Every Wallet and Every Need

        Unlike many other long distance relocation companies, we center our focus on the clients themselves and not our own revenue. After all, no one knows how difficult relocation can be better than us, especially when you take into consideration financial and other constraints. Thankfully, our company has services that will fit any pocket and any home inventory size. Here’s what type of help you can choose from when obtaining our packaging service:

        • Partial packing – If you want someone with experience to pack up a part of your home inventory – or up to fifteen boxes of your stuff, to be exact, this is a perfect service for you. Give us a list of the most fragile and breakable things you own and rest assured they will safely get to your home.
        • Full packing – For those that don’t want to deal with packaging altogether, it may be better to obtain the full service. That means you’ll have our team with their professional equipment and packaging materials get to your home and pack up everything you own. If you want us to pack more than 15 containers, you will automatically get this option.

        Don’t Think Twice About Hiring West Coast Movers for Car Shipping Assistance

        Let us tell you one thing – driving your car to a different coast isn’t the wisest thing to do in the middle of a move. Even if you obtain all-encompassing services, you’ll still be tired. Given that distracted driving accounts for the majority of driving accidents, it’s best to leave steering the wheel for after the move. Until then, here is how you can transport your car with us:

        • Open trailer – If you want to go with the more affordable carrier, this option is just the thing you need. Besides being cheaper, open trailers are more popular because they allow you to ship more than one vehicle at a time. It’s also a less expensive option in general. Even though the carrier is partially opened, your car will be safe, and even more importantly, covered for any external damage amounting to $100,000.
        • Enclosed trailer – For those who can spend a bit more money on shipping costs, enclosed trailers will work like a charm. These carriers are entirely shielded and will keep any vehicle stored inside as safe as can be. And to top it off, your car will be covered for any external damage of up to $500,000.

        Our Movers in Miami, FL Can Deliver Your Car to the Location of Your Choice

        Selecting an ideal delivery and pickup location for auto transport is another way we make it possible for our customers to tailor to their Florida move according to their needs and budget. This means you get to decide whether you want door-to-door assistance or terminal-to-terminal delivery. Not sure what each service entails? Here are more details on both, so that you can make an informed decision easier:

        • Door-to-door delivery – If you want to ship your car in the easiest, and least time-consuming way, this is the service you should get. It entails us coming to your address to pick up your vehicle and then transporting it to your new driveway or the nearest parking lot. It’s as simple as that – all you have to do is call us up to book the shipment time and date.
        • Terminal-to-terminal delivery – For those looking to save a few bucks while shipping their vehicle, terminal-to-terminal may be a better option. We have pickup and delivery spots all over the country, where you can leave your car, after which we will ship it to the location nearest to your future home. Although it might sound somewhat more complicated than the previous option, it’s still very simple. Contact our representatives, and you’ll be provided with all the information.

        You’ll Be Entitled to a Month of Free Storage by Obtaining Our Relocation Services

        Are you having trouble fitting a large chunk of the items at your new home? Having a storage locker at their disposal will allow you to sleep much better at night. There are so many scenarios when a storage unit can come in handy, especially if it’s a premium climate-controlled monitored unit you don’t have to pay for. That’s right – when obtaining our long-distance moving services, you get a free month of storage. And if you want to prolong the use time, just call us up. It’s as simple as that.

        East Coast Movers Provide Great Liability Packet to Their Customers

        You know the old saying: better safe than sorry, and judging by our reviews, practically no customers have ever been sorry that they hired us. And we want to keep it that way, which is why we provide each of our clients with mandatory moving insurance coverage. In case anything they own gets damaged or lost while in our care, the policy will cover up to 60 cents per pound of items.

        If you prefer a full value replacement insurance policy, you won’t have to run to a third-party company. We can provide full-value coverage for any items you own, but this option will have to be bought separately and can only be used for things boxed up by our team. If you want to gather more information, just contact us, and our customer support will arrange all the details.

        Your Florida Move Should Be Easy at Least as Much as Miami Is Beautiful

        We can do nothing but applaud your decision to move to one of the most wonderful places the US has to offer and be happy that you chose us to help you get there. After all, it truly is one of the most laid-back, mesmerizing parts of Florida. It’s no wonder that the city has worldwide recognition since its white sand beaches are truly one of a kind.

        We also have to mention the perfect climate you’ll soon get to enjoy on a daily basis, as well as freshly roasted coffee and delicious food. However, it’s important to still be grounded, and check out all the other relevant information on the city, before you get your new address.

        Before You’re Set on a Neighborhood, Make Sure You’re Aware of the Housing and Living Costs

        The dreams of a great life in the Magic City can often cloud the less fun yet equally important facts that dictate the route of a person’s life. And yes, you guessed it correctly – those are the housing and living costs required for a comfortable life. Generally, the city is not the most expensive in the country, but it has housing costs somewhat higher than the rest of the US.

        So, expect the rent to be about $2,200 a month, or if you are planning on buying a place, know you won’t be able to do so without a salary of about $80,000. Once you can afford it, we recommend you check out the following areas when looking for a new neighborhood:

        • Coconut Grove – If you’re relocating in order to experience that coastal life, look no further. The Grove, as most call it, is a wonderful historic neighborhood with a vibrant downtown and a fun bay area. It’s located by the beach, meaning you’ll get to experience parks, water sports, and art festivals as well.
        • Pinecrest – For those who want a picture-perfect neighborhood, this traditional suburb will work like a charm. It’s lined with trees, populated by mesmerizing mansions, and full of friendly neighbors to make the experience complete.
        • Key Biscayne – Is there anything more fun than living in an island town? This great chunk of paradise is located between two parks and encompasses a beach, making it a perfect choice for all nature lovers. It’s also a thriving area with many businesses and restaurants to enjoy after a long day in the office.

        Know That You Have All the Relevant Information, It’s Time to Embark on Your Miami Adventure

        There’s a reason why this great place is called the Magic City – and it’s because what awaits you there is as close to fiction as can be. Yet, if you by any chance grow tired from living in a fairytale, know that we can help you leave the city as well. So if your mind’s made up, there’s no reason to wait any further. All you have to do is get a free quote from us and then book a date for your move. Everything else is up to us to figure out – and you can rest assured that we will.


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