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        No matter the reasons that got you thinking about relocating to City on Lakes, you’ll need the most capable Minneapolis movers to help you with it. Years of experience in the industry combined with excellent training and high devotion have made East Coast West Coast Movers the best in the business. We are here to provide as easy and stressless move as possible for each of our customers – and here is how we manage to do so.

        East Coast West Coast Movers Offer Only Prime Quality When It Comes to Long-Distance Moving Services

        Every cross-country moving is challenging, so it’s no wonder many opt for getting professional cross-country moving services to ease the process. However, to get top relocation experience, you must know how to choose the right long-distance moving company, and we can help you with it. Of course, you don’t have to trust our word solely – a long list of satisfied customers and plenty of positive reviews are there to vouch for us.

        Our cross-country movers are trained to handle any kind of relocation. We will be there to provide you with all the necessary help and keep you and your items safe, no matter the complexity of the move. Our team will be by your side during the entire length of the move – from the first call you make to the moment we unload your belongings from the truck. Get all the heavy lifting off your shoulders, and let us demonstrate why our service is often described as stellar.

        Expect Only Complete Transparency When Hiring Our Professional Movers in Minneapolis

        Our straightforwardness is one of the main reasons behind the vast number of great reviews. We value the relationship with customers and would never abuse the trust you put in us. That is why, unlike with many other companies, with us, you won’t have to think about hidden expenses.

        Each of our clients is entitled to a free guaranteed quote. After you contact us and provide us with all the necessary information, you’ll be notified about the final price. It will change only if you decide to change the initial deal. Therefore, the cost will only go up if you change the initial agreement and add some more items to the inventory list (which you can do until the day before the relocation).

        Our Exceptional Minneapolis Movers Can Pack Anything You Want

        Whether you wish we pack big and bulky items such as beds, sofas, and dressers or wrap and protect all of those smaller things before loading them in the truck, we can do it all. However, you’ll be thrilled to know that disassembling, protecting, and reassembling large belongings such as furniture and appliances we consider standard service. It means that this kind of packing comes without any added cost. Of course, you can get our additional packing services too, and let us deal with your delicate and boxable stuff.

        Opt for Partial or Full Packing Services and Ensure Each of Your Belongings Stay Safe

        If you want our professional packers to wrap and pack all of your belongings in boxes, you can choose to get our full packing service. Our team has plenty of knowledge and experience when it comes to boxing up, so rest assured that your items will be packed with the utmost care.

        But what if you need help with just some of your items? Maybe you know that you can manage boxing up clothes and books, and you’re not so sure about your precious china and other delicate items? Then know that we also offer a partial packing service. Choose this option if you want our crew to pack fifteen boxes or less (anything above will be considered a full one).

        As the Best Movers In Minneapolis, We Can Provide You With Top-Notch Auto Transport, as Well

        Driving your vehicle cross-country can be tiring and unsafe, especially if you’re not doing it for fun. With so many things already in your mind and a challenging road ahead, you may endanger both yourself and your precious car. So it doesn’t come to it, auto transport may be your safest option. Let our professionals transport your vehicle safely to your new home while you focus on other moving tasks.

        Aside from skilled drivers and high-quality equipment, there is one more reason to contact us as fast as possible. East Coast West Coast Movers offer significant discounts for those who choose our team for both relocation and car shipping. Therefore, our company is a top choice when it comes to both expertise and affordability, and plenty of our excellent reviews show it.

        Our Car Shipping Service Implies Many Different Options to Choose From

        After getting in touch with our representatives, you’ll be able to pick the auto transport option that fits you the best. Consider your current financial situation, level of safety and convenience you want to achieve, and choose between:

        • Open and enclosed trailers – open trailers are more affordable and often guarantee faster delivery time. However, they come without barriers, which means that your vehicle is not protected from road debris or weather conditions that can harm it. Although these kinds of damages are rare, if you want maximum safety, go with an enclosed carrier. It is a more expensive choice, but the one that will give you complete peace of mind. Additionally, while you can get up to $100,000 in the case of external damage with an open trailer, remember that that amount goes up to $500,000 with an enclosed one.
        • Terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door car shipping – if you want your vehicle to be picked up and delivered in front of your home(s) or at the closest possible location, door-to-door car shipping is the right choice. However, if you’re not able to be present when the driver comes, or if you just want to save a few bucks, you’ll make no mistake by getting terminal-to-terminal auto transport.

        Thirty Days Free Of Storage Is One More Benefit We Offer

        When it comes to long-distance moves, it is often the case that items are not loaded, relocated, and directly unloaded from a truck to a new home. On the contrary, it is common that our clients require to store belongings elsewhere for a certain period before they settle in a new place. If you too think about renting storage units, forget about third-party companies. We can offer you our modern, temperature-controlled storage facilities without any additional cost during the first month.

        With constant monitoring and a barcode tracking system, your items will be completely safe while in our care. Remember that you can continue to use our storage services for an agreed price after the first month ends.

        Put All Your Worries to Rest With Our Moving Insurance Options

        No matter how much trust you have in your long-distance movers, getting insurance should be on your moving to-do list. As a part of our initial offer, remember that you’ll be entitled to Mandatory Liability Coverage in the unlikely event something gets harmed in the relocation process. With it, you’ll be compensated with$ $0.6 per pound of damaged goods. It comes free of charge for each of our customers.

        Of course, we offer an upgraded additional moving insurance. This Full Value Replacement implies that your item will be fixed or replaced or that you’ll get financially reimbursed with the amount representing its total value. However, keep in mind that it can only be applied to items packed by our team.


        What Makes City on Lakes an Interesting Place to Live in?

        Whether you’re looking for family-friendly communities, entertainment and job opportunities, or seek a more active lifestyle, you won’t make a mistake by choosing Mill City. The abundance of renowned galleries, museums, and venues combined with incredible festivals, nightlife, and dining scene earned this vibrant city the nickname Mini-Apple. Therefore, if you want to experience a New York vibe without going broke in the meantime, here is a place to start.

        Minnesota’s most populous city, it is known as City on Lakes – Minneapolis’ extraordinary scenery will leave you breathless. Plenty of lakes, the Mississippi River, waterfalls, creeks, and one of the top park systems in the US will lure you outside and allow you to enjoy the magnificent nature. Wherever you decide to move, you’ll be only ten minutes away from the closest green surface – more than 95% of citizens live around half a mile from a park. It’s no wonder Minneapolitans are amongst the fittest people in the nation!

        No matter the time of year, prepare yourself for plenty of fun activities – biking, hiking, water sports, ice skating, sledding, just take your pick! However, keep in mind that life in Mini-Apple can bring extreme temperatures, both during the summer and winter months.

        Looking for a Great Quality of Life? Minneapolis Won’t Leave You Disappointed

        The unemployment rate lower than the national average, plenty of work opportunities, and general kindness and friendliness have all contributed to the high quality of life in City on Lakes. Manufacturing, healthcare, finance, commerce are just some fields in demand. But that is not all! Did you know that this city is named one of the best places for young professionals in the US (according to Niche)?

        On top of all, there is affordability to look forward to! The cost of living in Mini Apple is close to the national average and very favorable concerning all this city offers. You’ll have to set between $1,100 and $1,500 aside for a one-bedroom apartment, depending on the chosen location.

        Minneapolis’ Most Notable Neighborhoods or Where to Find a Home After Moving

        Relocating to City on Lakes sure sounds like a fantastic idea, but do you know how to choose the right location for you? This city has many unique neighborhoods, and here are our top picks:

        • Uptown – a free-spirited place where you can be who you are is how Prince has described this neighborhood in his famous hit Uptown. Little less hip than during the 80s and a lot more trendy, it has become a go-to area when you’re looking for excellent restaurants, bars, and entertainment options. Lyndale and Downtown can also be your cup of tea if you’re in search of a fantastic nightlife scene.
        • Linden Hills – number one neighborhood in City on Lakes, according to Niche. High walkability, an abundance of green surfaces, plenty of kid-friendly amenities, and good schools all make this an excellent choice for families. Keep in mind that Lake Harriet and Bde Maka Ska, two of the most famous lakes, are located here.
        • Minnehaha – if you’re looking to be close to nature without actually leaving the city, consider Minnehaha. Close to 200 acres of wilderness, the neighborhood and its Minnehaha Regional Park are excellent places for outdoorsy types, no matter the season.
        • Northeast – if you want to be close to culture and the great art scene, Northeast will amaze you with plenty of studios, galleries, and venues. It’s home to Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, where more than 300 artists present their work. A mix of old dive bars and trendy breweries are just adding to this neighborhood charm.

        Book Your Move With East Coast West Coast Movers Even If You Decide to Leave City On Lakes

        There is no reason to look for other West or East Coast movers if you decide to look for a city outside of Minnesota. Our company operates nationwide, so all you have to do is show us where you plan on living next, and our team will help you move there without a fuss. If you’re looking for a trustworthy and reliable company that will make you a number one priority, there is no better choice for you other than us. So, why wait? Trust our amazing reviews – contact us now and get your quote!


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