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    Moving from Houston, Texas to Salt Lake City, Utah with East Coast West Coast Express

    • Have you thought about moving to another state? Have you considered the idea of leaving Houston, Texas and moving to Salt Lake City, Utah? If you have, we have to say you have made an excellent choice as Salt Lake City is a wonderful place to live in. But, choosing the city you want to move to was probably not that difficult as the next step may be – the relocation process alone. We know many people fear this intricate part of moving and the main reason for their fear is that they think it’s impossible to find reliable Houston movers. However, you don’t have to worry about this – you have just found one of the best moving companies there is. East Coast West Coast Express is all you have been looking for – a company with long experience in the business which can help you move to and from anywhere in the country, offer a wide range of moving services and the opportunity to work with teams of professional long distance movers and all that at more than affordable prices!
    Whether you want to move your house,expand your business or need help with packing boxes for moving, which can be quite tiresome, our long distance movers can help you. When you choose Houston movers like East Coast West Coast Express, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings, as our long distance movers use a variety of packing materials to protect your items and transport them safely to your new house. Speaking of your new house, we should also mention that we offer storage services, as well, as we know that sometimes something goes wrong and perhaps you won’t be able to move into your new house when planned. In that case, we will keep your stuff in our storage units for as long as you need, and this service will be free of charge for the first thirty days. We can also provide you with auto transport services that can help you move your vehicle to your new home conveniently and safely.Organizing a car shipping process is a very important task which requires a good plan. After you tell us some necessary information about your vehicle, you will be able to choose the services that suit you. Do you want an open carrier or an enclosed carrier? The first one is more popular and cheaper so pick that one if you are on a tight budget. As for the delivery, choose door to door or terminal to terminal. All of the equipment is excellent which means that your belongings, as well as your vehicle, will be safely transported to the address you give us. Packing seems tiring and complicated to you, but not for our long distance movers. They will come to your home and wrap, pack and load every item safely into our moving truck. You will be able to dedicate your time to more important things regarding your cross country move.
    Now that you have solved the problem of finding reliable Houston movers, you can relax and learn a little bit more about the city that you will call home soon. Read on to see what we think you should know before moving to Salt Lake City, Utah.

    About Salt Lake City, Utah

    • Salt Lake City is located in the northern part of the Salt Lake Valley, close to the Great Salt Lake, the largest saltwater lake in the Western Hemisphere. Due to its proximity to the lake, the city was first named “”Great Salt Lake City”, but they eventually decided to drop the word “great”. It is the capital city of the U.S. state of Utah. With 192,672 residents, it is also the most populous city in the state.
    Salt Lake City was founded in 1847. It became the state’s capital in 1896. At the beginning of the 20th century, during the Great Depression, the city went through some rough time, just like most of the cities at the time, but it recovered during World War II when its economy started blooming and the city itself began to expand. Today, the city’s highly-developed economy sectors include tourism, trade, transportation, etc. In case you want to read more about the economy of Salt Lake City, follow this link.

    The People of Salt Lake City, Utah

    • As previously mentioned, Salt Lake City is home to 192,672 people, and the great majority of them are white residents – they account for 75.1%. Asians make up 4.4%, while the number of African Americans is even lower – they make up only 2.6% of the population. It’s interesting to note that this high number of white residents was even higher at some point, as they made up as much as 98.3% in the late 1990s. People who live in Salt Lake City are called Salt Lakers. Over the course of time, the city was home to numerous notable people, such as musicians, actors, writers etc. Click here and take a look at the list of notable people from Salt Lake City.

    The Climate of Salt Lake City, Utah

    • When it comes to the weather in Salt Lake City, if you have got tired of Houston’s humid summers, we have good news for you – summers in your future home are hot and dry. Winters are normally quite cold, so you should not be surprised by a rather great amount of snowfalls. Salt Lake City experiences four distinct seasons, so you’ll also get to enjoy mild and pleasant springs and autumns. However, do keep in mind that both spring and autumn can be quite wet, as the city’s precipitation is affected by the Great Salt Lake to great extent.

    Things to do in Salt Lake City, Utah

    Salt Lake City boasts wonderful places you can visit, from museums and galleries to parks and various outdoor activities you can take part in, so we’re sure you’ll enjoy exploring it. Take a look at our list of some of the must-visit places in the city.
    If you think you’ve waited long enough and it’s time you got your relocation process started, don’t waste any more time, but contact our representatives and set the moving day. East Coast West Coast Express is at your disposal anytime of the day, all you need to do is give us a ring.
    East Coast West Coast Express ships all kinds of vehicles, regardless of their shape, size, price, or weight. From scooters to trucks, if you need it shipped, we can do it.
    The only problem is, an average American is not exactly a packing expert. There are so many rules to this process that learning how to do it can take more time than actually moving.
    We at East Coast West Coast Express offer top-notch storage units to all our customers. Our storage services are among the best ones you will find in the country
    The first thing you should know is that, with us, all your belongings are insured from the moment our professional movers lay their hands on them first, until they are all safely delivered to your front door and unpacked by our personnel.