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        Relocating on your own can be challenging, so you need to think this through carefully. Getting professional assistance is one of the easiest ways to save yourself from potential problems and unnecessary complications, and our team of New Haven movers can offer you the right help. Our company can offer you various trustworthy services, so there is nothing you should worry about.

        Professional Cross Country Moving Services Our New Haven Movers Provide Are More Than Helpful

        The long-distance moving process isn’t simple, especially if you have a lot going on with various obligations. Luckily, our company can offer you the right kind of assistance at the right moment. With our amazing moving services, you’ll wish that you moved sooner. We can help you handle furniture, disassemble them and pack everything, relocate to the desired location and reassemble everything back once we get there. You can decide what objects you want us to move for you and put them on the inventory list – everything else is our concern.

        Our Packing Services Will Help You Move Efficiently

        Packing your inventory can also be challenging, especially if you don’t have the right knowledge or equipment. And no one is better at packing both fragile and bulky items than our team of cross-country movers. A trained and experienced cross-country moving team will show up at your address and use all of their knowledge and experience to protect your possessions from any kind of potential damage during the relocation process.

        We all know that roads can get bumpy sometimes – if things are not packed properly, this can lead to small or even fatal damages. Luckily, we can help you prevent any accidents, so you can comfortably leave this part of the process to our experienced team.

        Partial Packing Service Is One of the Options Our Movers in New Haven, CT, Provide

        Partial packing service is the first option – and it is great for everyone who doesn’t have a lot of stuff or wants professionals to pack only a certain amount of items. To be precise, this will cover the packing process only if everything from your inventory list can fit into 15 cardboard boxes. If your list is long and we estimate that we would need additional packing materials, then you’ll need to pick the next option.

        Full Packing Service Is Good If You Want Professionals With a Lot of Experience to Pack Everything

        If you are planning a bigger move and need to transport a lot of furniture and pretty much everything you have in your home, from books to clothes, full packing might be a more suitable option. If you request this service, our professional movers will pack all of your household belongings – clothes, electronics, small appliances, books, dishes, and much more. You just need to put everything on your inventory list and send the final version to us at least one day before the packing process begins.

        Custom Crating Can Be a Good Option if You Have Some Fragile Valuables

        People often need to relocate some fragile belongings of great material or sentimental value. This is where custom crating comes as the ideal solution. This is one of the smartest ways to ensure your possessions get the best possible protection. Our professionals with experience use custom-made quality wooden crates to protect your possessions, so they will get to the final destination without a scratch.

        Getting a Car Shipping Service Can Be Very Practical

        In case you need to relocate your vehicle besides all of your household possessions, our long-distance moving company can assist you with that as well. It happens that we offer very convenient long-distance moving services when it comes to car shipping. Your vehicle can be safely transported to the desired location – you don’t need to bother with driving it on your own all the way across the country. There are also a few options you get to choose from when it comes to this service, so ensure you make a smart choice.

        Your Vehicle Can Be Transported in an Opened or Enclosed Trailer

        Relocating your vehicle can be organized differently according to your needs and requirements. The first possibility that our company offers is transportation in an open trailer. If your vehicle is being transported in an open trailer, it means that it will still be exposed to some external factors such as rain and sun, but this shouldn’t worry you because these are the factors that affect your car while you are driving it on your own as well.

        If, on the other hand, you want to ensure it gets maximum protection, it can be transported in an enclosed trailer. This is a little bit pricier option, but it will ensure that your vehicle isn’t exposed to any outdoor factors. Enclosed trailers are usually a preferred solution among owners of expensive vehicles who want to ensure the ultimate protection.

        We Can Ship the Car Straight to Your New Home

        In case you’re relocating your vehicle with our company, you should also decide about pick up and delivery options. Terminal-to-terminal is the first one. If you choose this option, you should drive your vehicle to a designated terminal closest to your current location, and our east coast movers will take it from there and transport it to the terminal in the city you’re relocating to.

        Once you get there, you can go to the parking lot there and pick up your vehicle. Another option is door-to-door service. You only need to give us the address where we should pick up your vehicle and tell us where to leave it once we transport it to your future city. This is a pricier option, but in some cases, it can be more convenient.

        Storage Services Can Be Very Helpful, and the Best Part Is That With Us, You Get First 30 Days Free

        Having a lot of stuff can be an issue, especially when you need to move them and decide where to keep them. You can also find yourself in a situation where your old furniture doesn’t fit your new apartment, or you simply don’t know where to place all your seasonal clothing. Luckily for you, we have a solution for this, the same as for everything else.

        We can offer you amazing storage service and good units where you can keep your stuff, but that’s not even the best part. The thing that makes us different from some other moving companies is that we let you use our storage completely free for the first 30 days. Only if you decide to keep using storage after this period you will be charged an additional fee according to the terms. They are under camera surveillance and a climate control system, so you can feel comfortable knowing your stuff will be safe from any damage or robbery.

        Getting Moving Insurance Can Be the Smartest Option – It Will Keep You at Peace

        Even though we always try our best to ensure your possessions get to their destination without a scratch, accidents occur when you least expect them, so you can never be too careful. This is especially important when we’re talking about those valuable household possessions. Getting moving insurance is one of the smartest things you can do for yourself during those times.

        Mandatory Liability Coverage is already included in the price of your regular moving service, but this will only cover 60 cents per pound of damaged goods. If you are relocating some valuable possession, it is highly recommended that you pay the extra fee for Full Value Replacement, which is the second option. This will cover any losses – completely.

        Car Insurance Is Another Available Option

        Transporting your car with our assistance also means that your vehicle will be insured and covered in case of external damage. If you choose to transport it in an opened trailer, insurance will cover up to $100,000, while in case of transportation in an enclosed trailer, you can get up to $500,000.

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        Things You Should Consider Before Relocating to New Haven

        New Haven County is situated on the north coast of Long Island Sound, and it’s decently close to NYC – about 80 miles. It has approximately 900,000 residents, which makes it the third-most populated county in Connecticut. New Haven, CT, is the largest city in the county by population size. It is nicknamed the “Elm City” because it had the first tree planting program for trees in the US, including the Elms.

        New Haven is also known for its affordability when it comes to housing prices, so this might be your top pick if you’re on a budget and still want to live close to popular metropolitan areas. It is also known as a bustling university town that makes a great home for many young professionals that just got out of college.

        Cost of Living Can Be Seen as Somewhat Affordable

        The cost of living here, in general, is higher than the national average, but it can still be considered affordable for Connecticut. The average base salary is $73,000 per year, and the data shows that the wages are going up.

        Ensure You’re Moving to One of the Best Neighborhoods

        Life here is never boring, and the whole area offers plenty of opportunities for people of all generations. If you are relocating here, you might want to live in some of the best neighborhoods:

        • The Annex – This is an urban neighborhood located in the eastern part of New Haven Harbor. It is primarily a residential area and has a population of about 3,300 residents.
        • Cedar Hill – This neighborhood was named after glorious cedar trees lined around the community. This area has been part of the East Rock district since 2002, and its population has grown by a remarkable 29% since 2000.
        • Dixwell is home to a large part of Yale University, and it’s located slightly northwest of the downtown area. It has a population of just over 6,000 residents, and it’s a popular destination for various evening plans. Scantlebury Park here is one of the best places for nature lovers, and schools are highly rated.
        • Downtown offers a great environment for professionals and university students. It has plenty of offices and workspaces, but it is also home to popular shopping centers, restaurants, art galleries, theaters, and much more – this is the cultural hub of the whole of Connecticut. It has a population of about 10,000.

        Our Long Distance Movers Can Help You Relocate Out of the City in No Time

        If you want to move out of the city in a short time, we can also offer you all the previously mentioned services. You only need to choose the destination and find a perfect home for yourself while we handle everything else. You can feel comfortable knowing everything you move with us will be taken care of – just provide us with an inventory list and decide what kind of professional services you need.

        We Also Offer a Free Quote

        Have a limited budget and worry about potential financial outcomes? There won’t be any unpleasant surprises if you choose to move with us. You can ask for a free quote and find out exactly how much the chosen service will cost you. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time if you have any concerns or questions – we’re always here to help.


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