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Blog July 7, 2021

Office Relocation Safety Tips

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Eva Johnson

Digital nomad born in New York but currently living online, Eva knows everything there is to know about packing and moving.

If you are planning to move your company to a different building or a new city, it can bring some health and safety concerns that are not usually brought into question in your day to day activities. Particularly when packing and the day of the relocation. This article will give you some safety tips to follow during an office relocation so that you avoid any potential damage or disruption during the move.

Planning for the office relocation

The key to a successful move is planning. So, in the early stages, it is essential to get a good idea of what needs to be done, and when. Then, you should take the required action to get your business ready for the move. Different business require different points of focus so take yours into account and figure out which course of action works best for you and your company.

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Establish a timeline of major tasks and requirements

A to-do list is essential when planning an office move, as it highlights everything you need to do to navigate your business through a successful and safe office relocation. A checklist has to be maintained for things that need to be done within a timeline. Encourage your employees to make checklists of their belongings, as this will help proper planning and will prevent misplacing of items.

Communication is key to a successful move

Your new office is meant for your employees so it might be a good idea to keep them informed about what is happening, it will help to make the transition easier for everyone. It is essential to keep everyone informed to limit any worries or concerns; moving is stressful for everyone involved, mainly if decisions are not being communicated.

Tell your staff what you expect them to do

In your schedule, set regular meetings and make sure that all employees know how to pack up their office or workspace. Communicate clearly to staff how some tasks need to be done, when, and why they need to be done early.

Inform the clients

If you are relocating your office or company, it is important to inform your regular clients about the relocation so that they can continue to use your services without any interruption. Do not keep any work for the last minute. Remember that you might need to make some important arrangements in the last days if some of the services do not work efficiently. Make sure that everything is updated at least a week before the office relocation.

Back-up your data

Before you do anything to your PC, you should back up all your important data, preferably twice. Transfer your files to an external hard drive or flash drive and do it again by uploading them to a cloud storage service. This is the initial step that you cannot afford to skip. Anything can happen during transportation of your expensive equipment. If necessary, you can replace equipment, but it can be nothing short of a disaster if you lose crucial information.

Hire a professional moving company

Your packing and moving can be easy if you hire a professional mover such as East Coast-West Coast Express. Moving office furniture is not a task for your employees because moving office furniture could result in a muscle strain or even injury. On the other side, we have the equipment needed to move heavy office furniture safely, and without damaging the furniture, offices, and entryways.

Arrange to have a company representative in both the current and new office on moving day

Identify one person as the primary point of contact for movers, contractors, and staff before the movers are due to arrive. This person will ensure the proper tools and equipment—like stepladders, gloves with grips, safety glasses, and hard hats—are available as necessary.


You need to keep track of all equipment, power cords, cables and phone wiring – so be sure to label them. Also be sure to label the PC boxes as “fragile.” Boxes and containers can be placed in a common area if there is not enough room in the workspace to pack and store them.

Ensure that your furniture complies with safety standards

When you get new furniture ensure that it meets all ergonomic design standards and safety requirements. If you have furniture that has been dismantled in the process of relocation, you must ensure that moving company assembles it correctly, while adhering to all additional safety requirements.

Test network and other equipment

Call your IT and telecom provider in the office after relocation to help staff with all questions about network connectivity issues. After all, you’ll want to do a walkthrough with your IT provider and check the following:

– All individual telephone numbers and their locations

– Check to see whether the call forwarding from the old number is working and being forwarded to the right phone

– Start all servers and test network capability and data migration.

– Check incoming and outgoing emails.

– Check website, intranet, and extranet.

Ensure your employees are familiar with the new location

Since your employees are moving to a new area, it is important to make them familiar with the new entry and exit routes, the fire escape routes, rules and regulations of the new building, company phone lines, emergency contacts, etc.

Foresee the resistance

While some of your staff members won’t mind the changes, other might have some issues with the relocation. Let’s say that someone can be quite happy with their existing work environment, and may perceive the upcoming office relocation as a tough change of pace to get used to. By providing some encouragement and keeping staff interests at heart, you will be able to make the relocation process much more comfortable.


Relocating your entire company belongings and employees can be a hectic and stressful time not only for you but for everyone who is somehow involved with your business. Once everything is done, throw a moving in the party for your staff and other important stakeholders. This way, everyone will forget quite quickly about the past moving day. In addition to that, employees will stay motivated, and your business will operate at the usual good pace.

To get help in relocation your office, you can always contact us, East Coast-West Coast Express to learn more about our complete offer for commercial moving services. We will make all necessary steps so that your business will be up and running in the new space without losing money and customers.

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