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Blog October 27, 2021

An Elaborate Guide to Moving During Coronavirus – What, When, and How to Do

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Jane Davis

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The Covid-19 pandemic has completely derailed many aspects of our everyday lives. For almost two years, things have been pretty weird, but the world is slowly getting used to the new normal. As many others, the relocation business has experienced some changes – moving during Coronavirus isn’t the same old relocation experience most Americans had at least a few times in their lifetime. What has been different since the outbreak? Stay tuned for the answers to all your questions.

Of course, moving during a pandemic is slightly more complicated than your regular, pre-Covid move. Yet, if you really think about it, you will realize that relocations were stressful even before this mess. Everybody faces a bit of relocation stress, that’s nothing new. But here’s the catch – anxiety and pressure now have a different meaning. You’re not worried about petty stuff such as packing fragile items anymore, since the focus is on health and safety. Do you know how to move during Coronavirus and stay virus-free in the process?

Safe Moving During Coronavirus – Is It Possible? Here Are All Your Burning Questions Answered

Can I move during Coronavirus pandemic without compromising the health of my family members and myself? So many of us are troubled by questions like this. Americans didn’t stop relocating because of the virus – in fact, they are relocating even more than before. About 22% of US adults have moved or know someone who moved since the pandemic started. So, obviously, relocating to a new state is a possibility, but there are precautions you need to take in order to achieve that. Still, is it safe to move during Covid? Should you risk it?

Experts suggest that, unless you absolutely have to move now, it is best to postpone relocating to another state for the time being. Understandably, plenty of people have urgent reasons to move, and they were forced to plan a last-minute move. If you’re one of those, we have a word of advice – don’t panic. There’s no point in having anxiety about the move – well, not any more than you would in normal circumstances. Organizing a relocation in these wild times can be done safely and with no problems. If you keep scrolling and check out our crucial tips for this occasion, we’re positive (pun intended) that you will succeed in having an efficient relocation.

How to safely change your home during Covid-19? We can help with questions like this

Why Are Americans Moving During Covid-19?

Moving during a lockdown is possible if there aren’t any restrictions from the state, and (as we said) many people decided that it’s time to move. Do you wonder why going to a new home is considered a trend nowadays? The virus has affected our economy tremendously, and losing a job is so common that many had to decide where to move based on their finances.

To weather the Coronavirus quarantine and the “new normal,” people started thinking about changing their lifestyle and place of residence. Some chose to test their luck and look for a job in a new city, some moved back home to be closer to their families or had a military move, and some had to move to a smaller home because they couldn’t afford their current living situation.

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Big Cities or Small Towns – Where Are People Mostly Relocating Nowadays?

It comes as no surprise that no one wants to live in too crowded places right now. It’s just common sense – people are doing whatever they can to maintain distance, which can be hard to do in the hustle and bustle of the metropolises. So, naturally, rare are those who want to move to a big city – New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles (among others) are losing residents.

Everybody is looking for the stability and sense of safety you can only get in a small town. Texas has been quite popular for that exact reason – places like Katy and Richmond are on the top of the list of spots that gained a considerable number of movers because of the high demand.

Americans are leaving big cities in their search for a safer life

All Long-Distance Relocation Companies Had to Change the Way They Work to Adapt to the New Situation – Here’s How

Long-distance movers are considered essential workers, and as such, they had to continue their daily work. Yet, it wasn’t possible to continue as everything was normal because the nature of their work meant frequent contact with dozens of people every day. But not only are cross-country movers exposed to danger – customers are also in danger from Covid-19, just like movers. So, obviously, relocation companies had to do something for the sake of everybody.

What Do All Reputable Moving Companies Do to Protect Their Clients and Cross-Country Movers?

If you choose a relocation company with a good reputation, you won’t have anything to worry about regarding your health during the move. Most quality companies that provide good relocation services have taken all the possible precautions and reduced the risk to the minimum. If you have virus-related anxiety, it might help you to check out the measures that companies take every day to keep their clients and cross-country movers safe – here’s the list:

  • Any equipment used for the move is often disinfected.
  • Workers wear masks and gloves all the time.
  • The customer is in contact with one mover instead of the whole crew.
  • If the company offers storage services, the storage units are cleaned frequently.
  • All the company’s trucks are often sanitized as well.
  • Workers have supplies of alcohol or other sanitizers at hand.
  • If a mover has any disease symptoms or had a risky contact, they stay at home.

In most cases, everything listed above is regularly implemented – these are basically relocation essentials nowadays. Of course, this stands for legitimate companies. Remember, scammers are still out there – who said the deadly virus outbreak is enough to eradicate relocation scams? Keep your eyes wide open for the red flags, as always.

Online Estimates – Technology Comes to Our Rescue Once More

Before this disaster struck humankind, one of the things to do before the move was to organize a household inspection in person, conducted by the company’s workers, who would examine your household inventory and then provide you with an accurate estimate. But now, that poses too much of a risk for both clients and employees.

Luckily, we can rely on video chats to save us once more. Video calls have become the best way to offer an estimate. If the company says they have no way of safely conducting the household inspection, know that they are probably scammers because all companies use this neat trick to do their jobs efficiently.


Video calls are a simple way to get a correct estimate for your move

How to Prepare for the Cross-Country Moving Experience in The Pandemic?

Whether you’re about to move in a hurry or you have plenty of time to prepare everything, there are a few steps you should take to make sure everybody will get through the move effortlessly. Obviously, you will check off tasks from your packing list. You might need to ask yourself whether you want to book a packing service – do you really need it, and is the additional exposure worth skipping the tediousness of packing dishes? Make sure you solve this dilemma as soon as possible.

When Relocating During Covid-19 Outbreak, Make Sure Your Insurance Policy Can Cover You in Any Unexpected Situations

Is there anything more important in 2021 than a health insurance policy? We don’t think so. If you want to have a stress-free move, checking your insurance policy should be one of the top priorities on your to-do list. You never know what can happen, and it’s better to be safe than sorry – this policy is something that you mustn’t skip when embarking on a cross-country move.

The Usuals – Decluttering and Gathering Packing Materials – Have They Changed?

There’s no doubt that you should declutter your soon-to-be-former home before you pack everything. The fewer items to move, the less exposure to the workers – the move will be over sooner. Even if there weren’t a virus outbreak, you’d want to get over with the whole process sooner rather than later, so you can get to the part where you can enjoy the benefits of relocating. After you purge every room of your place, you’re ready to go shopping for packing materials – try to get everything in one trip to the supply store.

Cross country movers taping a box Pack for the move as you usually would, but don't forget to check your health insurance

How to Move During Covid Safely – It Isn’t All Up to Workers, You Have a Role As Well

We’ve talked about what workers can do to help everybody stay safe, but keep in mind that you have to be careful as well – it’s not all up to your relocation company. You have to understand the situation surrounding the virus and know how to keep yourself and your family safe. The video below can help you with that – check it out for more relevant information on dealing with the virus.

YouTube video

What If You Don’t Feel Well on Relocation Day?

Worry not – it won’t be the end of the world if you get sick just before the relocation day. The first step you should take in this situation is informing your chosen relocation company. They have to know what they are dealing with, so they can adjust their protective measures accordingly. In most cases, workers will still work with you, but you will have to wear a mask and gloves at all times and keep your distance from the crew as much as possible.

Remember, disinfectants are your friends – use them to sanitize whatever might come in contact with the workers. These tips are also applied when you have had risky contact with an infected person. Follow the guidelines, and with a bit of luck, things will turn out just fine.

Should You Take Any Precautions After the Move Is Over?

Yes, of course, you need to be careful even after the relocation truck leaves your driveway. Make sure you clean the place before you move in (all the surfaces, including windows, knobs, and light switches), and wait at least a day until you start unpacking after the move. This may seem like strange advice, but once you learn that the virus can stay up to 24 hours on cardboard, it will make more sense. Also, we suggest you disinfect the boxes once they are unloaded off the truck and keep them together in one room. While you’re unpacking, don’t touch your face, and make it a priority to wash your hands frequently.

Cleaning the place before you settle in is something that you absolutely need to do

Moving During the Pandemic Can Be a Safe and Pleasant Experience if You Have Trustworthy Cross-Country Movers By Your Side

We know that relocating is complicated even in the best of circumstances. Still, if you can’t postpone your move, it isn’t the end of the world – all you have to do is get your questions answered, and things already seem better. Undoubtedly, with correct preparations and following official guidelines for suppressing the spread of the virus, your move will go without a glitch. That is, if you have a trustworthy and professional relocation crew by your side – they are crucial for the success of your mission. Once you adapt to the change of residence, you will realize that a fresh start was just the thing you needed during this outbreak.

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