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        If a town with plenty of sunshine and a great education system sounds highly appealing, we’re here to let you know that Palmdale, CA, is welcoming new residents every day. Whether you wish to move there with family or alone, our Palmdale movers will assist you in starting your California dream lifestyle whenever you decide to move.

        Moving Services by East Coast West Coast Movers Provide Excellence and Efficiency In Relocating

        East Coast West Coast Movers is a cross-country moving company that offers moving services and benefits for every customer. If you’ve made a decision to settle in Palmdale, you can contact us and get a relocation quote for free.

        Our customer service will tell you that your household inventory list defines the relocation cost. Additionally, they’ll give you information about the free options that go into the standard relocation package and others that you can add a fee for and protect your belongings even more.

        The free options that are part of the standard relocation package are furniture and appliance packing, together with assembling and disassembling. Next to that, you’ll get truck use, loading and unloading, storage unit use, and an insurance premium for all your items.

        The household inventory list can be changed until relocation day. You won’t see any hidden fees beside it – the costs will adjust according to the changes you make, meaning you have complete control and insight into the expenses.

        Jumpstart Your California Dream With the Help of Our Packing Service

        Our cross-country movers are professionally trained to pack anything from a needle to a sectional couch – nothing goes past them. They can secure your furniture and protect it adequately for transport, but they’ll also be able to pack some of the smaller items in your home.

        If you wish for our movers to pack more than just the essentials, you can add packing services, like the full or partial packaging options. Also, if you have precious items that you couldn’t bear to see damaged, they can create custom crates for them and ship them completely protected.

        When you have a discussion with our team, they’ll help you make the household inventory list and tell you which items are better off placed in a custom-made container and how many boxes would be covered by full and partial packaging options.

        Choose the Full or Partial Packing Option and Get the Best Out of Our Services

        As mentioned, you can request our movers to pack more than just the essentials, and there are two options you can choose from – full and partial packaging. They allow you to decide between budget and comfort, but both are highly advantageous.

        The former is a complete packaging experience, one in which our crew packs more than 15 boxes of your household items. If you choose this option, it’ll be less affordable but more worth it because professional packaging is irreplaceable.

        The latter option allows you to participate in the packaging experience, as our team will only pack up to 15 boxes of things. This option is more affordable and allows participating in packaging some of your more expensive or personal items.

        Movers Can Pack the Most Valuable Items In Custom Crates

        Our long-distance moving services are unique because we provide options for all types of belongings. Your most valued and prized possessions can be shipped in custom-made wooden crates that promise security and peace of mind.

        These would typically be very expensive things or items that cannot fit into regular boxes. From TVs to family heritage, you let us know, and we’ll advise you on the proper packaging for each. Contact us for more information on this particular type of packaging.

        Take the Full Relocation Package With Our Car Shipping Service

        We also have an auto transport service at East Coast West Coast Movers. We provide complete cross-country moving services and help customers feel the comfort of their old home at the new place. You’ll adapt much easier if some parts of your old life come with you, and your car is one of them.

        Driving around Palmdale in the car you’ve owned for a while will make it seem like you’re already at home. We have options for this type of service, too, combining budget with comfort and creating a personalized moving experience.

        You can also get a free quote for car shipping costs, and if you have any questions or doubts, you can check out the reviews on our website and see how much others loved relocating with us.

        Door to Door and Terminal Pickup and Delivery

        Picking up and delivering your car is possible in one of two ways. The option that promises comfort is the door-to-door pickup and delivery. Our auto transport team will pick up and drop off your car at your driveway. If, by chance, your street or driveway can’t be accessed by truck, we’ll simply do the exchange at the nearest parking point or accessible street.

        The option that gives you a chance to save up is the terminal pickup and delivery. You’d have to deliver your car to our local company terminal and pick it up at the one in Palmdale. This would entail some driving, but it’s a small price to pay, not letting the budget suffer.

        Moving Your Car With an Open or Enclosed Trailer?

        Before you decide how your car will be delivered, you’ll be introduced to two different transport options – open and enclosed trailers. Combine these with pickup and delivery well, and you may get comfort and follow the budget at the same time.

        Enclosed trailers offer comfort and full vehicle protection. They’re fully closed carriers in which no dirt, dust, or damage could come to your car. This is the less affordable option, but it’s worth every penny since your car will be delivered in the same shape it was shipped in.

        On the other side, there are open trailers. There may be some dust on your car when it arrives at the new place, but since this transport is more affordable, you’ll have enough to take it for a wash when you’re done unpacking. Open carriers aren’t any less safe or protective than the fully closed ones, and you can trust our drivers to be reliable in transport.

        Storage Service Is Available to Keep Your Belongings Safe

        Our company offers free storage unit use for thirty days, meaning that your plans don’t have to fail if something goes wrong during the move. Our storage units are secured with the latest surveillance equipment; they’re spacious, climate-controlled, and organized so your belongings never get mixed up with someone else’s.

        Our long-distance movers will make sure that all your stuff is well laid out in the unit, and you’ll see how great they are at their job even in this situation. If you require storage for longer than thirty days, our customer support will let you know what to do in that situation.

        Additionally, relocation companies have items they’re forbidden to store and transport, so you’ll get the information on that policy, too, when you contact us.

        Professional Moving Insurance Makes Relocation More Comfortable

        Our standard relocation package also has a relocation insurance policy for all your items, which is a great addition to any relocation. As an experienced long-distance moving company, we know our customers mostly read reviews to find safety information, and we’ve worked hard over the years to provide the ultimate protection package.

        Our mandatory liability coverage is 60 cents per pound of damaged goods, and it applies to items packed by both you and our crew. Sometimes the basic coverage won’t seem enough, which is perfectly normal. Anyone who wishes to get more out of relocation insurance can get Full Value Replacement Insurance for a fee. This option, however, only applies to the things packed by our workers, ad it can be added to the custom-packed items.

        Finally, our car shipping also has coverage because cars are our most expensive belongings. We also know open trailers pose a higher risk of external damage, so cars on them are insured for up to $100,000. In enclosed trailers, cars are insured for up to $500,000, and both premiums apply only to external damage.

        Palmdale, California, Invites New Residents With the Motto "A Place to Call Home"

        John Wayne’s hometown has come a long way since its official transition from a township to a city in 1962. It’s located in Antelope Valley, and it was the first township to become a city in the entire area. Over the last 25 years, Palmdale’s percentage change has been showing steady growth and was ranked as one of the fastest-growing cities in the US.

        The most important and most valuable industry in Palmdale is aerospace. Sometimes the city’s referred to as the Aerospace Capital of America. People who wish to relocate for work will be happy to know Palmdale’s government offers significant tax breaks for anyone opening or relocating a business there.

        Other interesting facts about Palmdale are:

        • Palmdale’s population is around 156,000,
        • It is a popular filming location: Iron Man was filmed in Palmdale, and many other movies mention it, such as Mac and Me, Volcano, and The Fast and the Furious,
        • The US Air Force and NASA have used numerous aircrafts that were built and tested in Palmdale,
        • The most valued crops are onions,
        • The Palmdale School District has 29 elementary schools and around 28,000 students,
        • In the summer, the city of Palmdale organizes events called Thursday Night on the Square. Each Thursday night in the summer is filled with live entertainment, children’s activities, and an outside market.

        The Cost of Living and Becoming a Local in Palmdale, Antelope Valley’s Gem

        Some of the most valued neighborhoods in Palmdale are located in the northwestern part of the city, while the most affordable ones are in the northeast. According to Niche.com, the town is sparsely suburban, and homeowners outnumber renters by a lot.

        Statistics say that the median home prices in Palmdale are very close to the national average at $356,000. Compared to the California median value of around $700,000 for homes, Palmdale is one of the state’s most affordable places to live.

        If you are looking to rent, expect between $1,100 and $1,200 for a one-bedroom apartment and around $1,700 for a three-bedroom apartment. Rent doesn’t rely on the city center, so you could look to relocate anywhere in the city.

        East Coast West Coast Movers Is One of the Best Companies to Help You Move Out of Palmdale

        Besides helping customers move to the West Coast, we are also East Coast movers, meaning that our company also helps those wishing to leave Palmdale. Relocating away from the desert and the hot sun is expected, so contact our movers in Palmdale, CA, when you find another place to settle and enjoy the weather.

        Long-distance relocations are always more complex than they seem, and that’s where we can help the most. So far, the people we’ve helped have been happy with our work, but we continuously thrive for better quality relocation services and conditions. Because long-distance trips are tough, we aim to make you feel more comfortable in those situations.


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