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        Relocating to the second biggest city in Pennsylvania will go smoothly and without stress with the best Pittsburgh movers. That’s where our top-notch East Coast West Coast Movers can lend you a helping hand. Our team will provide you with the best moving, packing, car shipping, and storage services. And with our assistance, everything will go without a hitch, so don’t wait up, give us a call and book your move fast.

        Hire Pittsburgh Movers That Offer Excellent Moving Services

        Relocation is not an easy process, but with the right long-distance moving company by your side, it can go smoothly. Luckily East Coast West Coast Movers have been in the industry for a while, and we know how to handle all sorts of moves. With our long-distance moving services, all of your belongings will arrive safely at a new location while you are relaxing.

        By using our basic cross-country moving services, you won’t have to worry about disassembling bulky objects, and our team will do it for you. And, of course, they will assemble everything after unloading the truck. Our team will even put your boxes in designated rooms, so you don’t have to do it on your own.

        We Are Unique Among Pittsburgh Moving Companies Because of the Pricing System

        When looking for relocation experts, you’ll stumble upon many moving companies in Pittsburgh. However, what makes us stand out is the fact we form our prices based on an inventory list, not on a volume of items our customers have.

        When you give us a call, and ask for a quote, our agents will ask you to provide us with a list of items that need to be moved. If you don’t add or subtract the objects from it, the price won’t change. However, if you decide to change it, you can do it up until one day before the move.

        East Coast Movers in Pittsburgh, Pa Also Offer Top-Notch Packing Service

        Boxing up your whole life won’t be a quick and easy process, no matter how many items you own. You’ll need to worry about proper packing techniques and materials, which can be overwhelming at times. That’s why using the packing services our team offers is the best solution. And since we offer full and partial packing options, we can handle all of your belongings, no matter how many you have.

        Use Full or Partial Packing Service Our Long Distance Movers Offer

        When you contact East Coast West Coast Movers and ask our assistance with boxing up your household, our team will bring all the necessary materials with them. Provide us with a list of belongings, and if they can fit in 15 boxes or less, it will be considered partial packing service. However, if there are more than 15 boxes to be packed up, you’ll need a full packing option.

        East Coast West Coast Movers Will Protect Your Belongings With Custom Crating

        Are there some extra delicate or valuable items on your list, like a huge TV or an old family portrait? If there is, you should consider putting another layer of protection around them. That’s where using custom crating is the best solution.

        Contact us, and give us the dimensions of the item in question, and our crew will make special boxes for them. These wooden crates will fit perfectly around the object giving it that extra layer of protection that will keep it safe during the move.

        Our Pittsburgh Moving Company Will Ship Your Car as Well

        Since around 85% of Pittsburghers go to work by car and the commute time is shorter than the US average, having a vehicle here really pays off. That being said, transporting your four-wheeler to Pennsylvania won’t be a problem if you use our reliable auto transport service.

        And since our crew knows that different customers have different needs and wishes, we offer two types of transportation carriers as well as two pick-up and delivery options. Deciding which one to use will be completely up to you.

        Pick the Trailer Our Cross Country Movers Will Use to Transport Your Vehicle

        When you hire our company to transport your vehicle from one place to another we will offer you two types of trailers:

        • Open Carriers are the most popular haulers for auto transport which makes them the more affordable option. They are a great option if you want to ship a few cars. And even though they are open and machines are exposed to external factors such as weather, our drivers will ensure the whole process goes smoothly.
        • Enclosed Carriers are used when you want to ship luxurious machines or an oldtimer. As the name says, they are covered on all sides, adding an extra level of protection to your four-wheeler. They also have special ramps that make loading and unloading easy.

        Our Pittsburgh, Pa Movers Offer Two Types of Pick up and Delivery Options

        Another thing our company offers to its customers are two pick up and delivery options. Those that have a more flexible schedule can use the terminal to terminal option. With this option, car owners take their machine to our nearest terminal and then they pick it up at the one nearest one to their new location.

        Another option is for those with more jet-packed schedules. Door-to-door pick-up and delivery means our drivers will come to your home, get the car and transport it to the desired location. You won’t have to do anything. If you don’t know which option to choose, give us a call, and our agents will gladly help you reach the best decision.

        Use Storage Facilities for 30 Days Without a Charge

        Timing can be a crucial thing during the relocation process. Your new home should be ready just in time when our crew picks up your belongings from your old place. However, sometimes the timing is off, and your new place is still unavailable. Don’t worry; your belongings won’t be left in the street if that happens. You can use our top-notch storage units.

        East Coast West Coast Movers have modern, secure, and climatized facilities where you can keep all of your belongings. On top of that, all our customers will get 30 days of free storage. And after that initial time passes, you can give us a call to let us know if you need to use the storage for a longer time. We charge by the day, so you won’t pay for the time you haven’t used the facilities.

        With Our Moving Company From Pittsburgh Your Belongings Will Be Insured During the Move

        Nobody can predict everything. Sometimes accidents happen, and we cannot stop them. That’s why no matter how planned your move is, it is always good to have a safety net in case an accident happens. Having moving insurance will ensure you are reimbursed in case the belongings get damaged.

        East Coast West Coast Movers crew has been in the relocation business for a while, and we are fully aware of the importance of the insurance. That’s why all our customers get mandatory liability coverage that will reimburse them 60 cents for every damaged pound of belongings. We also advise all of our customers to get a full value replacement policy if they possess some highly valuable objects.

        Pittsburgh's Amenities Make It One of the Most Livable Cities in the Entire US

        If you’re looking to move somewhere in the Northeast part of the country, you certainly won’t be disappointed with what the city has to offer. Pittsburgh’s amenities help it rank as one of the most livable cities in the US and the world overall. There are plenty of things to do and see, making it a great place for both families and young professionals,

        While the city went through a long deindustrialization process in the mid to late 20th century, it once again became a hub for several industries, including technology, healthcare, and education. It consistently ranks as one of the best areas for job growth in the US, with countless law, technology, and software firms operating in and around the city.

        The Cost of Living Is on Par With the National Average

        Despite all its amenities, Steel City still has a relatively low cost of living compared to the US standards. While groceries, utilities, and transportation cost about 10% more than the national average, housing is what actually makes the city a very affordable place to live in. According to Payscale, Pittsburgh’s median home value of $317,500 and monthly rent of $1.000 are about 8% cheaper than the national average, which should be enough to make the city attractive to just about anyone.

        Pittsburgh’s Cityscape Consists of Ninety Distinct Neighborhoods

        The city consists of five main areas that get their names in relation to the Golden Triangle Downtown area, located in the middle. Commonly known as Central, North Side (North Hills), East End, South Side (South Hills), and West End, these areas are subdivided into 90 distinct neighborhoods. If you’re wondering where to move to, some of the best places in the city include:

        • Shadyside – is a premium location in the vicinity of Mellon Park. It offers plenty of entertainment options and vast open green spaces.
        • Squirrel Hill North – students and professors flock to this charming neighborhood in the vicinity of Chatham, Carnegie Mellon, and the University of Pittsburgh.
        • Regent Square – is a family-friendly neighborhood with affordable rent. The sense of community here is heightened by plenty of local yearly events.
        • Point Breeze – is a place with highly ranked schools, green spaces, and parks. It is ideal for young families looking for a safe spot to settle in.
        • Highland Park – is safer than 86% of all the neighborhoods in the city. It offers plenty of outdoor fun and green spaces, which makes it perfect for people with kids.
        • South Side Flats – is a great spot for people that look for an exciting bar scene. There is something for everybody, from cafes to music venues.
        • North Shore – is famous for sports venues and museums. Its cool vibe attracts young professionals and people that like to be in the center of happenings.

        East Coast West Coast Will Help You Move From Pittsburgh as Well

        Let’s say you are a Pittsburgher looking for a change of scenery. Don’t worry our professional team of movers and packers can help you move from Pittsburgh as well. We can provide you with any service you need, making the start of a new adventure easy and stress-free. All you have to do is give us a call, ask for a quote, book the move, and the rest is up to us.


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