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        Relocating to Oregon has never been as simple as with our Portland movers. We provide the ultimate relocation services for you to choose from while on your way to Rose City. To learn more about our company, the services we provide, as well as Bridgetown itself, just keep on reading.

        Moving to Portland Has Never Been as Easy as With East Coast Movers

        If you are ready to move to a new address, trust us – there’s no need to do it alone. No matter what your family members or friends might have told you, relocating isn’t easy when you are doing it alone. The best, and least stressful way to get through relocation with a sound mind, is by purchasing moving services from professional long-distance movers with stellar reviews.

        We Provide the Ultimate All-Encompassing Moving Services in Portland

        If you decide to hire our long-distance moving company, you’ll be entitled to a variety of services and amenities. We will provide you with free packaging of furniture and basic appliances, loading and unloading of your things onto our professional truck, which will also be provided without costs. Mandatory insurance coverage and a storage unit where you can leave your stuff in for a month without a fee are also a part of our offer.

        All of this is readily available – all you have to do is contact us to obtain your free quote. We can’t tell you the pricing by heart, but that’s why we’ll provide you with a detailed and transparent quote. One thing we can tell you is – don’t believe Portland moving companies that don’t give a detailed quote because that might be a sign of a scam. We provide you with a free and fast estimate, and you can be assured that we won’t surprise you with any hidden costs or extra fees later on in the process. If you don’t believe us – just take a look at our reviews. They speak for themselves.

        Our Portland Movers Don’t Ship Only Household Goods, But Vehicles Too

        We can transport all your furniture and household items, but we can ship your car too. Driving cross country isn’t very safe, although some people do it. However, it often turns out that they would be better off obtaining a professional auto transport service. Not only is it affordable and convenient, but in a world where the main reason for car accidents is distracted driving, it is also the safest option. And, with us, you’ll be able to tailor the process to your exact needs.

        Choose Between Different Vehicle Shipping Options West Coast Movers Provide to Find What Works the Best for You

        If you hire our moving company in Portland, you’ll be able to tailor the shipping process to your exact needs and budget. Depending on how much you can spend on vehicle transportation, you will be able to pick an adequate shipping trailer and the pickup and delivery locations that will work best for you. Here is what options we provide people that ship their cars with us:

        • Open trailer – We provide two options when it comes to trailers for shipping vehicles, and among them, the open one is definitely more popular. That is, of course, because it is a cheaper way to transport vehicles, as well as one that allows you to load up multiple cars at once. However, the car will be exposed to dirt and weather conditions, so get ready to wash your car as soon as it is delivered. While external damage can, in theory, occur, since the trailer is open, you’ll be provided with insurance of up to $100,000 to cover any potential damage.
        • Enclosed trailer – An enclosed trailer is perfect for those who have expensive cars they treat like their children. That is because such containers have full walls that don’t allow even a speck of dirt to reach your vehicle, let alone anything larger. However, we don’t take chances. So, your car will be insured for any external damage of up to $500,000.
        • Door-to-door delivery – We allow you to choose the pickup and delivery options as well. The more convenient option is door-to-door shipping. We’ll come to your current address to pick up the car and deliver it to your new home. And just like that, you won’t have to worry about your vehicle during the entire move.
        • Terminal-to-terminal delivery – Another option we have for you is the terminal-to-terminal one. It is cheaper but involves you driving the vehicle to the nearest delivery terminal, as well picking it up later on, at the closest pickup spot. Since we have terminals all over the country, we are certain we’ll find a way to make the process as easy as possible.

        We Provide the Best Packing Services Out of All Moving Companies in Portland

        Making the impossible possible is kind of what we do. And another way we create magic is by making the most unbearable part of relocation a true breeze. That’s right – by purchasing our packing service, we can guarantee your relocation will be much less stressful than it would be otherwise. And since packing is the most despised part of the relocation, we propose not going through it alone but rather with the help of a professional relocation team.

        Whether It’s Partial or Full Packing You Want, Our Movers in Portland Will Provide Assistance Per Your Wish

        Our professionals will help you through one of the two following options – partially or completely. Basically, we offer our customers two assistance options. They are different in terms of price and the number of boxes we will pack up for you. Here is what you can choose from when obtaining our packaging service:

        • Partial packing service – If you don’t have too many things, partial assistance will work very well. Because it is the more affordable option, many single people decide on it. Contrary to its name, we won’t necessarily pack a part of your inventory. What we will do is pack up fifteen boxes worth of your items. We will do it with our professional materials and equipment, so you don’t have to think about a thing.
        • Full packing service – If you have more things, you’ll need more things packed – that’s just logical. In that case, you might want to obtain our full service. It entails us packaging everything you own, or at least more than fifteen boxes worth of items. So just call us up, and we’ll be there as fast as we can to take care of your inventory in the safest possible way.

        Get a Month of Free Storage Use With Our Long Distance Moving Services

        Relocation means dealing with a lot of stuff – and sometimes, there is no space for all of them. That’s why having a storage unit on hand is great while relocating. And with our relocation service, you’ll be entitled to use our units completely free for a month. If you want to, you can, of course, prolong the time span during which you’ll use storage, but you’ll just have to contact our customer support team to do this and get all the details about the pricing. And what’s best is, you won’t have to deal with third-party companies. So, don’t think about it too much, because this is surely the greatest and most convenient way to move.

        By Obtaining Our Cross Country Moving Services, You Get Mandatory Relocation Insurance to Keep You and Your Things Safe

        You should know that we rarely make mistakes, if ever – which is something our reviews prove. But just in case something was to happen, we supply all our customers with mandatory relocation insurance. With it, you’ll be subscribed to a coverage of 60 cents per pound of your items. Of course, if you don’t find this coverage to be enough for your vintage furniture and expensive, fragile items, we suggest obtaining premium insurance that will cover the full price of a damaged item. For more information on both, we suggest contacting our support team and getting more details.

        Move to Oregon's Largest City and Experience Everything Wonderful the Rose City Has to Offer

        The wonderful Rose City is a great place to move to, which is something all of its residents can confirm. It is Oregon’s largest city, yet it has a lot of natural beauty among the buildings in the form of parks, forests, and even mountaintops. So if you are someone who loves to spend time going on hikes and biking, you shouldn’t think twice about becoming a part of the city’s community.

        Make Sure to Check Living and Housing Costs Before Deciding on One Neighborhood In the City

        Generally speaking, Rose City is expensive. If you want to talk numbers, it’s about 34% more expensive than the national average. A lot of that is because of housing since the median sale price of a home is about $538,500 while monthly rent amounts to about $1,560.

        Putting housing costs aside, the living costs for a single person a month are about $1,050. So, to live comfortably, you would need a salary of about $55,000 to $60,000 annually. And if you manage that, we recommend looking into one of the following neighborhoods to become your next home:

        • Pearl District – For all those young professionals who are ready to live their best life, dine out, and experience nightlife, Pearl District is the perfect area. It is the most desirable place in the city, for single people and families alike. It’s nice to walk in, with great public transport and bike lanes.
        • Nob Hill – Northwest, or Nob Hill as it is commonly known, is a small but lively area. It is densely populated and has everything you’d want – from College to residential homes and even boutiques and restaurants. So, whether you’re a student or have kids that plan to be, don’t think twice about relocating to Nob Hill.
        • West End – Much less popular than the aforementioned neighborhoods, West End is a true hidden gem. It combines fashion, nightlife, and great homes. There is a variety of architecture and apartment types, so it’s just important to find the one that will work for you. Additionally, it stores a variety of great food options, as well as schools – so whatever your primary reason to move is, you’ll find fulfillment there.

        Now That You Have All the Relevant Information, Let’s Get Moving

        There are more than 620,000 residents of Rose City – and for a reason. The city has something for everyone, from students to large families. So, if you want to become a part of the city’s ranks, we applaud this amazing decision. On the other hand, if you plan on leaving Rose City, we can assist you with that as well. We just urge you to start planning your move as soon as possible, so that it doesn’t cause any unnecessary stress later on. As soon as you read our stellar reviews, be sure to contact our company today to get a quote and book your move. Our friendly staff is waiting for your call.


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