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“My experience with them was phenomenal, definitely the hardest working movers I ever used. They were perfectly on time actually a little early and they got straight to work immediately...by far some of the most professional people I've ever dealt with.”

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    Moving from St Louis, Missouri with East Coast West Coast Express

    Perhaps you’ve found just the right job in another city, or you want to move to the countryside and settle down? No matter why you’re moving from St. Louis, you should now learn as much as you can about all the different parts of the moving process. In order to make the right decisions during this hectic period of your life. Ask anyone with any experience in moving and they’ll immediately tell you that the best way to avoid the stress of relocation is to hire professional movers, a reliable moving company just like East Coast West Coast Express.

    We are a moving company with plenty of years of experience in the moving business, and our aim is to make every move we do go as stress-free, to the best of our possibilities. Our moving services are among the best in the country, and it’s among our main goals to provide them at affordable rates too. So as not to exclude people moving on a tight moving budget from hiring professional movers to take care of their relocation. You can hire us for the full moving service that covers every step of the moving process and makes the relocation that much easier for you. But you can also pick only the services that you need the most. In which case you can choose from the following ones:

    • Cross country moving – and this includes both moving houses and moving offices
    • Packing services – you won’t have to worry about any of your items if you let our professional packers take care of it
    • Storage services – our secure storage units are a perfect place where you can safely store away any of your items
    • Auto transportation services – we’re among the most reliable car shipping companies, with both open trailer and closed trailer shipping options

    It’s understandable that you’ll want to find out more about East Coast West Coast Express, in which case you should feel free to call us. Our helpful employees are prepared to answer any of your questions.


    House Moving, Long Distance Moving
    All your belongings are insured from the moment our professional movers lay their hands on them first, until they are all safely delivered to your front door and unpacked by our personnel.
    Auto Transport, Long distance move
    East Coast West Coast Express ships all kinds of vehicles, regardless of their shape, size, price, or weight. From scooters to trucks, if you need it shipped, we can do it.
    Packing and boxes
    The only problem is, an average American is not exactly a packing expert. There are so many rules to this process that learning how to do it can take more time than actually moving.
    Storage, long distance move
    We at East Coast West Coast Express offer top-notch storage units to all our customers. Our storage services are among the best ones you will find in the country

    diamondWhat Our Customers Say

    East Coast West Coast Express - Philadelphia Reviews

    • C J. Avatar
      C J.
      Los Angeles
      5 star rating

      I chose West Coast East Coast Express as my vehicle transporter in a very important time in our lives. ... read more

      Marcia D. Avatar
      Marcia D.
      Los Angeles
      5 star rating

      I picked WC EC Express since their reviews were all great (other cross country movers had horror reviews about belongings... read more

      Irena P. Avatar
      Irena P.
      San Francisco
      5 star rating

      ECWC Express helped me move seamlessly from Baltimore to the SF Bay Area. They were very professional in every respect.... read more

    • Soren T. Avatar
      Soren T.
      5 star rating

      Had my car moved from Chicago to Monterey CA. They were 20% more expensive than other transportes, but I trusted... read more

      Zovig G. Avatar
      Zovig G.
      5 star rating

      Today I had my entire life picked up by ECWC Express and I couldn't have been more pleased. The... read more

      Jainy J. Avatar
      Jainy J.
      5 star rating

      We just moved from Charlotte to CA and chose ECWC movers for shipping our vehicle. They allowed us to pack... read more

    • Ruonan N. Avatar
      Ruonan N.
      Los Angeles
      5 star rating

      Very simple to make an appointment, easy to communicate with customer services. The driver is friendly also. Great experience, I... read more

      Sanjay S. Avatar
      Sanjay S.
      5 star rating

      I shipped both my cars from Texas to California using them. Excellent pricing and super fast delivery. In fact I... read more

      David M. Avatar
      David M.
      San Francisco
      5 star rating

      After looking for moving companies and being quoted outrageous pricing for our move to Austin, Texas from South San Francisco,... read more

    • Eric L. Avatar
      Eric L.
      San Francisco
      5 star rating

      Our overall experience with WCECE was excellent! We moved our entire home from San Francisco to New York City last... read more

      Bob W. Avatar
      Bob W.
      5 star rating

      I moved from Chicago to LA this month, and chose East Coast West Coast Movers for their services because the... read more

      Alyssa F. Avatar
      Alyssa F.
      5 star rating

      Really as seamless a cross country move experience as you could hope for. We moved a studio apartment plus a... read more

    • Sean M. Avatar
      Sean M.
      San Francisco
      5 star rating

      Sent my car from San Francisco to Indiana and had a great experience. Out of all the car shipping companies... read more

      Sophie M. Avatar
      Sophie M.
      5 star rating

      We needed to move our son's car from Atlanta to California - I had made a booking with another company... read more

      Andrea M. Avatar
      Andrea M.
      Los Angeles
      5 star rating

      I recently moved from Southern CA to Cleveland, and had a very positive experience with West Coast East Coast Express.... read more

    • Krish J. Avatar
      Krish J.
      5 star rating

      For the last year or so it's been my dream to own a vintage car. The one I've been after... read more

      Jenny L. Avatar
      Jenny L.
      5 star rating

      Luke at East Coast West Coast is amazingly helpful! I moved from Chicago to New York, which was a very... read more

      Rita C. Avatar
      Rita C.
      5 star rating

      Great experience. My first time moving a car from state to state. Frank gave me a quote, followed up, answered... read more

    • Harut G. Avatar
      Harut G.
      Los Angeles
      5 star rating

      1) Super simple to make an appointment with West Coast East Coast Movers. I even needed to contrast rates and... read more

      Steven M. Avatar
      Steven M.
      San Francisco
      5 star rating

      Me and my friend were studying in New mexico highlands university , las vegas . after completing our studying both... read more

      Allah A. Avatar
      Allah A.
      Salt Lake City
      5 star rating

      Definitely did not expect things to work out the way that they did. These guys are some of the most... read more

    • Karyna L. Avatar
      Karyna L.
      Las Vegas
      5 star rating

      Truly one of the best services we have received in recent years, from the very moment these guys walked into... read more

      Tanya P. Avatar
      Tanya P.
      Salt Lake City
      5 star rating

      We were increasingly becoming worried and stressed out about making the deadline for this transport. Fortunately we had made the... read more

      Jenny L. Avatar
      Jenny L.
      5 star rating

      I called the company and requested the moving on the next day. They also gave me a really good rate.... read more

    • Oxanna K. Avatar
      Oxanna K.
      Salt Lake City
      5 star rating

      We had a three story complex that needed to be completely cleaned out and transported to a new place. We... read more

      Stacy L. Avatar
      Stacy L.
      5 star rating

      I cannot rely on other people to do a job that I can do myself especially when it involves my... read more

      Sarmen S. Avatar
      Sarmen S.
      5 star rating

      I normally don't bother leaving comment or a review on yelp unless I had a bad experience with the company... read more

    • Ashley E. Avatar
      Ashley E.
      New York
      5 star rating

      My sister recently had to ship some very large items (furniture and paintings) to me for the holidays from NYC... read more

      Tina G. Avatar
      Tina G.
      5 star rating

      I knew from the moment I saw the movers working that I picked the right company to help me. They... read more

      Orr Y. Avatar
      Orr Y.
      5 star rating

      I was dreading the long distance move, but West Coast East Coast Express put that worry to rest. They gave... read more



    Our professional packers can handle pretty much every fragile or heavy item you can think of.

    Moving to Chicago-theater
    Moving from Saint Louis, Missouri to Chicago, Illinois with East Coast West Coast Express
    moving to Saint-Louis-landmark

    About St Louis, Missouri

    St Louis, unlike the majority of other US cities, does not belong to any county. It is, in fact, an independent city. It is located in the US State of Missouri and represents a major port in the United States. It was built on the border with Illinois, on the western back of the Mississippi River. The population of St Louis is estimated to be around 315,685 residents. The city represents the largest metropolitan area in Missouri and also the 19th largest metropolitan area in the US. Some of the city’s most popular nicknames are:

    • Gateway to the West
    • The Gateway City
    • Mound City
    • The Lou
    • The Rome of the West
    • River City

    Official website of the city

    Weather in St Louis, Missouri

    St Louis, Missouri has a transitional climate between a humid subtropical and a humid continental climate. It is characterized by hot, humid summers and chilly, cold winters. Due to its location, the city experiences both the hot air of the Gulf of Mexico and the cold air from the Arctic. The average yearly temperature is around 57°F. The precipitation rate for St Louis is around 41 inches per year. Thunderstorms frequently occur in St Louis, on average on 48 days out of the entire year, usually during the spring months. These thunderstorms can be pretty severe, with strong hail, high winds, and can even turn into tornadoes. Due to the fact that the city is lying within the hotbed of the Tornado Alley, tornadoes are very frequent in St Louis. Unfortunately, due to the climate, flooding can frequently occur and can even be quite severe. Flooding usually occurs during the spring and summer months of the year.

    Wildlife of St Louis, Missouri

    Flora: Trees that grow in the St Louis area are mainly oak, maple, and hickory; common understory trees include eastern redbud, serviceberry, and flowering dogwood. Riparian areas are forested with mainly American sycamore.

    Fauna: Large mammals found in the city include urbanized coyotes and white-tailed deer. Eastern gray squirrel, cottontail rabbit, and other rodents are abundant, as well as the nocturnal Virginia opossum. Large bird species are abundant in parks and include Canada goose, mallard duck, as well as shorebirds, including the great egret and great blue heron. Gulls are common along the Mississippi River; these species typically follow barge traffic.

    Frogs are commonly found in the springtime, especially after extensive wet periods. Common species include the American toad and species of chorus frogs commonly called spring peepers, which are found in nearly every pond. Some years have outbreaks of cicadas or ladybugs.

    Mosquitoes, no-see-ums, and houseflies are common insect nuisances, especially in July and August; because of this, windows are nearly universally fitted with screens. Invasive populations of honeybees have sharply declined in recent years. Numerous native species of pollinator insects have recovered to fill their ecological niche, and armadillos have been regularly seen throughout the St. Louis area.

    Job Opportunities in St Louis, Missouri

    Here’s a list of the top employers currently hiring in St Louis:

    • BJC Health Care 24,182 employees
    • Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. 21,721 employees
    • Boeing Defense, Space & Security 15,000 employees
    • Washington University 14,451 employees
    • SSM Health 13,301 employees
    • Washington University 15,683 employees
    • BJC Health Care 14,142 employees
    • St. Louis University 10,257 employees
    • City of St. Louis 9,254 employees
    • Defense Finance and Accounting Service 6,411 employees
    • Wells Fargo (A. G. Edwards) 5,645 employees
    • St. Louis Board of Education 5,179 employees
    • US Postal Service 4,624 employees
    • State of Missouri 4,038 employees
    • St. Louis Children's Hospital 3,615 employees

    Tourist Destinations in St Louis, Missouri

    • Gateway Arch: The iconic symbol of America’s expansion
    • Saint Louis Science Center: Hand-on science activities
    • Forest Park: Sprawling historic public place
    • City Museum: Offbeat discovery center and playground
    • Saint Louis Zoo: Wild animals exhibits and petting zoo
    • Busch Stadium: Ballpark of the St. Louis Cardinals
    • Missouri Botanical Garden: Walkable gardens & exhibits
    • Missouri History Museum: Historical exhibits of the state and the US
    • Saint Louis Art Museum: Wide-ranging art exhibits

    Get more information on interesting places you can visit in St Louis.

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