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        Perhaps you want to move to California for its laid-back attitude, surf culture, and the beautiful outdoors among the redwood forests. Or your move was initiated because of UCSC, whether to attend it or for a job. Nevertheless, your relocation will be easier with reliable Santa Cruz movers.

        Choose the Right One Between Different Moving Companies in Santa Cruz for Your Upcoming Relocation

        A move can be quite complex and both physically and mentally draining. But just thinking about living in an area in sunny California can give you the much-needed boost and determination. Nonetheless, long-distance moving is always demanding, and it’s wise to leave everything in the skilled hands of professional cross-country movers.

        There are a lot of companies in the relocation industry. Choosing a long-distance moving company that will not only live up to your expectations in terms of agility and proficiency but also is honest and trustful isn’t as simple as it may seem. Many fraudulent companies out there can hold your belongings hostage and demand more money for some unpredicted and illogical costs. Or perhaps they give you a quote you can’t say no to because it’s way more affordable than what other long-distance movers are providing you and present you with additional costs later on.

        You can avoid this by doing thorough research. If you check East Coast West Coast Movers, you will realize that our reviews are stellar and our experience unparalleled. We have years of doing all kinds of relocations behind us – we have moved large households and were partners in commercial moves. Our customers have presented us with their trust, and we have never let them down.

        East Coast West Coast Movers, Santa Cruz Offer You a Free Moving Quote

        If you choose to invest in our cross-country moving services, we will give you a guaranteed quote with no hidden costs attached to it. Our services will help you with every aspect of your move. We form our quote based on the inventory list you provided us with, which consists of all the items you want us to transport to the new address. You can contact us today, and we will provide you with a quote and answer any questions you might have.

        Impeccable Packing Services by East Coast Movers

        One of the things that worries our customers the most is how they will handle their bulky possessions and protect them from any damage. We’re proud to tell you that it’s one task you shouldn’t worry about because our vetted team will take care of it, and you won’t have to pay additionally. We call it our standard packing service, calculated within our initial quote.

        Our crew will disassemble all your bulky furniture, and after it arrives at its destination, reassemble it with care. They will also secure all your appliances with expertise, so you won’t have to worry while everything is in transport.

        Our Santa Cruz Moving Company Will Provide You With Partial and Full Packing

        Many people consider packing to be the least fun thing to do during a relocation, but it’s also its essential part. When people move, sometimes they take only some basics, and sometimes they want the majority of their belongings boxed up, secured, and ready to be sent to their new home.

        If that amount of boxing up sounds dreadful, it’s where our team steps in to relieve you of all the hard work. Our packing services come in two options at an additional cost, and the price and the service depend on the number of possessions you want us to pack. Partial packing is when your belongings fit in less than 15 boxes, and a full service will be the packaging of more than 15 boxes.

        Contact Us if You’re in Need of State-Of-The-Art Auto Transport Services

        Often our customers aren’t sure what to do with their vehicle (or even vehicles) after they make up their minds about relocating. While you perhaps realize that driving by yourself is a tedious task, and selling your car is out of the question, investing in an auto transport service comes as a natural solution. Like with the rest of our services, we take pride in our shipping professionalism, punctuality, and ability to meet your needs under any conditions.

        Our Transportation Solutions Will Amaze You

        If you’re unsure whether shipping will fit into your budget, we can assure you that we can tailor our services to suit your needs and the financial plan you have. That is why we offer two different solutions for the transportation of your vehicle. If you’re looking for a more available option, we can ship your car on an open carrier, strapped and secured with up to eight more cars. Although this type of trailer has no roof and isn’t protected from the sides, your vehicle will arrive safely.

        If you’re looking for complete protection for your vehicle and wouldn’t mind paying some more, our enclosed carriers are a perfect choice. Used mainly by owners of all kinds of expensive cars, from classics to showpieces, but also quite convenient for winter, it can ship up to five vehicles. Enclosed trailers are a great solution when you want to keep your car in flawless condition and to arrive spotlessly.

        Our Pick-up and Delivery Solutions Are on Par With the Transportation Options

        After choosing the right trailer for shipping your car, you can pick a type of delivery that will also be tailored to your needs and your budget. With our door-to-door pick-up and delivery, you won’t even have to leave your place. Our crew will come directly to your doorstep and take over your vehicle and deliver it in the same manner at your new address.

        The other option that will be more pleasing if you’re on a tight financial plan is the terminal-to-terminal pick-up and delivery. It’s also a convenient way to hand over and pick up your vehicle, but you’ll only need to have some more free time in your schedule. You will be required to drive your vehicle to a designated location, where our team will take over the car. Later on, you can pick it up from a designated terminal location nearest to your new home.

        Leave Your Belongings in Our Highly Secured Storage Units – First 30 Days Are Free of Charge

        Relocating across the country usually means two things – we’ll need some time to adapt to new surroundings, a different climate, and cultural differences, and also one period (a week, two or more) to get settled in our home. Our storage service will be of great help in these situations, and our units are free of charge for a whole month. You can have 30 days to organize, get some things done, and figure out the house’s layout without any boxes or furniture cluttering the way.

        If you want to extend the storage service beyond that initial month, we will charge you by the day. Our storage units are safe and kept under tight security. Your belongings will be under 24/7 camera surveillance, and the surrounding area will be regularly checked by our crew members. Also, everything is climate-controlled to ensure no harm comes to any of your possessions.

        We Have a Moving Insurance That Will Guarantee Your Peace of Mind

        We have been in the relocation industry for some time now and have learned all the tips and tricks to make the relocation experience smoother for each customer. Our whole team is thoroughly trained and vetted in handling all kinds of items – from huge and bulky to delicate and fragile. But nevertheless, an accident may occur, and we strive to give our clients a reason to relax by providing basic moving insurance, at no extra cost, as part of our Santa Cruz moving services. It isn’t a significant sum, as it covers 60 cents for a pound of a damaged object, but it offers some feeling of security.

        Truthfully, this type of coverage isn’t substantial enough to give you a sense of security when it comes to more valuable possessions. We understand this, and that’s why we recommend and encourage each customer to invest in the Full Value Replacement that is eligible for the items from the inventory list that our team has packed. Additionally, if you’re shipping your vehicle through our service, your vehicle will have a shipping policy too. It covers up to $500,000 if your vehicle gets exterior damage while shipped on an enclosed trailer, while cars can have coverage that’s up to $100,000 for damage that occurred while on an open carrier.

        Santa Cruz, the County Seat of SC County

        Relocating to a city that’s famous for its astonishingly vibrant culture and arts community, nice weather, and pristine beaches may seem like a dream to some people. It’s nestled around 30 miles south of San Jose and somewhat more than 70 miles south of San Francisco. It’s a smaller city that, despite covering a smaller area than its neighboring cities, has plenty to offer.

        People come here for the beautiful outdoors, and to be near nature and enjoy surfing in pleasant weather. But let’s not forget that it is also an educational hub, famous for its research institution, as it is home to the University of California, SC. Besides education and job opportunities at UCSC, there’s plenty of job options in agriculture (it’s a center for the organic agriculture trend), tourism, and high technology.

        Be Prepared for the Costs

        Although considered an expensive place to live in, especially because of the housing prices, the city has time and time again been named one of the healthiest and happiest places in the world. According to Numbeo, if you want to live in a one-bedroom apartment, you can expect to be paying around $2,000 per month, while a bigger apartment (a three-bedroom one, for example) will cost you around $3,400 monthly. Looking at the Realtor site, you can see that a listed median home price is about $1.3 million.

        SC Neighborhoods With Plenty of Charm

        Although a smaller city to live in, it isn’t lacking in fantastic and vibrant neighborhoods. Here are the top picks out of the best districts in this lovely surf city:

        • Unlike any other central part of the city, Downtown SC is a laid-back area that offers plenty of dining, shopping, and bar hopping opportunities. If you’re looking for some fun events like a farmer’s market, you’ll find them right there.
        • The Upper West Side is where the research and educational hub is located. Besides UCSC, this neighborhood is residential, with beautiful homes and apartment complexes, so it’s fit for students and families, too.
        • The Lower West Side has mostly single-family homes, and it’s full of biking and walking trails.
        • Living in the Beach Flats will mean that you’re close to the Main Beach, the pier, and the Beach Boardwalk, the famous amusement park.
        • Prospect Heights is perfect for young professionals, mostly for its proximity to several commuting roads that can take you to San Francisco, and especially highway 17, a direct path to Silicon Valley.
        • Midtown is the right spot for all you beer lovers – it has one of the top ten breweries, a live music venue, and of course – a plethora of boutiques and restaurants.

        To be honest, all of these neighborhoods have their charm and appeal, so you should pick your place of living to fit your lifestyle perfectly.

        If You Require the Best Santa Cruz Movers to Move Out of the City, We’ve Got You Covered

        Living in a beautiful beach city has many advantages, but even if you’ve decided to pack your bags and leave for another part of the country, we can help. Our long-distance moving services are suitable for any type of move, and we can back you up to any state or city you choose to live in. East Coast West Coast Movers are here to make your cross-country moving an ultimate experience, relieve you of any stress, and bring a smile to your face. Contact us today, and talk to our customer support team.


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