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Blog July 9, 2021

The Best Beach Towns to Retire in

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Steven Rogers

Apart from sharing Captain America's name, our freelance writer Steven is also a big fan of moving, history, and geography.

If your wish is to spend your golden years on the sandy seashores and to have the highest life conditions at the same time, then you should consider the best beach towns to retire in. What makes a place senior-friendly are mostly taxes, healthcare, and social life. With these benefits, retirees have a chance to live a joyful and meaningful life they deserved after years of hard work. Find out why these places are so popular among the people in mature years besides the obvious reason – the beauty of the sea and sand.

Florida Might be the State with the Best Beach Towns to Retire In

Some of the best coastal towns for retirees in the whole of the US are found in Florida since there’s no state income tax. This fact has great significance for retirees because they can save a lot of money. There is one more reason to consider the Sunshine State as a place to call home: expenses are low. When combined with no state income tax, it’s easy to see how retirees can leave a few dollars at the end of every month.  

Florida Government Exemps Cigars From Taxation

An amusing fact about this state is the exemption of cigars from all taxation. This unusual policy is due to the sunny state’s long history as a cigar-manufacturing location. Other sin taxes are: 

  • Cigarettes: $1.34 a pack
  • All other tobacco products: 85% of the wholesale price
  • Beer: $0.48 per gallon
  • Wine: $2.25 per gallon
  • Liquor: $6.50 per gallon

There is also an oddball tax exemption for purchasing youth bicycle helmets, booster seats, and other motor vehicle safety restraints. That’s an excellent perk for seniors who want to spend some quality time with their grandchildren.

Be Happy and Healthy in Sarasota

This place will spoil you with a rich social life filled with arts, dining, and a vibrant nightlife. City by the Gulf of Mexico has so much to offer – shops and colorful bungalows turned into bakeries, galleries, salons, and yoga studios. Approximately 26.50% of residents are aged 65 and older. The median home price for seniors is $204,00. Sarasota is also known for the high number of doctor’s offices and recreation centers per 1,000 people.

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Visit Florida’s Naples and Venice 

Have you dreamed of visiting Italy and feeling the Mediterranean vibe? In the Sunshine State, it is possible to catch a glimpse of the Italian culture if you visit these two places named after their more famous Italian namesakes. The town of Venice is located south of Sarasota and nearly 60 percent of its inhabitants are older residents. They have the opportunity to enjoy downtown walking, hunting shells, and spending time with their friends and pets on beautiful shores. 

Naples, with its magical architecture and plenty of retirement centers and medical institutions, is among the best places in the country to retire in. 

Vero Beach – Perfect for Nature Lovers 

This city is located along Florida’s Atlantic Coast, and it’s a wonderful destination for a peaceful and unforgettable vacation. It’s also a perfect place if you want to settle down and enjoy beautiful nature after you stop working. People who like fishing, playing golf and water sports will find their piece of heaven here and that’s what makes Vero Beach a perfect location for retirees. Their enthusiasm for this city is maintained by the median home listing price and a wide range of nursing facilities. 

Enjoy Long Sunny Walks in  Jacksonville

Jacksonville has so much to offer including long shores for walking, many park areas, lively street, delicious food, and craft beers. Retirees like it because the median monthly rent for an apartment near the shore is $921.

Shell Beaches of Fort Myers

A city located on Florida’s Gulf Coast has a rich history and many natural attractions. There are many mesmerizing places by the sea, such as Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel and Captiva Islands. The place is famous for the winter houses of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, built in the early 1900s. 

Settled alongside the Caloosahatchee River, Fort Myers is a midsized metro region. Although small, this city has a lot to offer: charming downtown full with shops and restaurants, many of which are dog-friendly, museums, parades, festivals, theaters, parks, historical sites, and art galleries. Older people like this place since it gives them possibilities for social life without compromising their privacy.

Charleston – South Carolina’s Retirement Gem 

According to the US Census Bureau data, South Carolina offers one of the lowest per capita tax rates in the country. The median home price for seniors in Charleston is $204,800. Those numbers are the main reason for older residents to live in this city. But for those people, staying active in their mature years won’t be a problem since Charleston has tons of great paths, parks and historic sites for walking or relaxed biking.

Melbourne and Daytona Beach – Desirable Places for Retirement

The City of Melbourne is located on the east coast of Florida near Orlando, and some 170 miles north of Miami. Its historic downtown provides a variety of entertainment options and unique retail stores. Melbourne today has two “old” downtown areas — Historic Downtown Melbourne and Olde Eau Gallie — each with their own distinctive features, shops, and other attractions. People in retirement can live in a community near the ocean – either on the coast or the intercoastal. Data from mid-2019 shows the average home value is $191,400. 

So, what else is so special about Melbourne? there are several things:

  • Amazing white sandy shores
  • Many public parks
  • A rich calendar of events and happenings
  • Four public swimming pools
  • Many malls and shopping centers

Melbourne is a perfect place to spend your golden years. Many outdoor activities, combined with its historical sights, make this city an energetic and lively place for living. 

If you are looking for a place with below-average home prices to live in as a retiree, then Daytona Beach in the Sunshine State is a great solution for you. A median house price for those age 60 and older is $160,200. The median contract payment is $1,173 per month, while monthly costs for a mortgage-free home are $433. The average monthly rent is $910.

Brandon, Mississippi – Very Tax-Friendly Place for Retirees 

Mississippi is a place where high-level living standards and the warm weather are a big plus for senior citizens. No fees are paid for:

  • Social security income
  • Withdrawals from retirement accounts
  • Marginal state tax rate
  • Public and private pension income

When it comes to Mississippi, the number one place for retirees is Brandon, close to the state’s capital, Jackson. Located just 5 miles from the airport and with a median rent of $956, the city is considered as one of the top 10 safest places to live in Mississippi. And it is ideal for grandparents.

“Retirement is not the end of the road. It is the beginning of the open highway,” the unknown author said about the golden age. If this list of sunny cities with white sands sandy shores helped you reach a decision on where you want to live after you retire, it’s time to contact a professional moving company and make your dream a reality. Find a mover with top-notch moving services and efficient packing services, that can also transport your car or provide storage space if needed.

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