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Blog July 7, 2021

Best Cities for College Graduates

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Steven Rogers

Apart from sharing Captain America's name, our freelance writer Steven is also a big fan of moving, history, and geography.

Graduation, a great event though it is, marks the end of the carefree life to a certain extent. With the next chapter awaiting, knowing what the best cities for college graduates are can make the transition so much easier. So stay with us as we guide you through the places that boast the lowest youth unemployment rates, high salaries, and lots of entertainment options.

What Places Can Qualify for the Best Cities for College Graduates List

College grads are a peculiar breed. They do strive for bigger and better, but after a few years in the dorm, moving to a smaller home comes almost natural for them. Also, they’re no strangers to moving to another state alone. Still, even though they already know how to get a job in a new city, they most likely don’t have one yet.

Therefore, they would look for places with low unemployment, especially among young adults. Then there is affordability. All in all, these are the categories by which we grade the cities:

  • Unemployment rate and employment options – how hard it is to find work
  • Affordability – median rent, and costs of utilities, groceries
  • Median salary
  • Entertainment opportunities
  • Median age

Many cities that made our list were highly ranked in 2019, too.

money Best cities for college grads to start a new life typically have low unemployment and affordable cost of living

And Here’s the Winners List

Not to lose any more time, we pass right on to our picks, one city after another.

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Begin Your Professional Career in Austin, Texas

Texas capital is among the hippest places in the US for several years in a row. There are plenty of things to do and places to go, whether you wish to jog, eat, or visit museums. The only thing missing is sports (unless you count soccer). Other things that go in Austin’s favor are scenic suburbs and traffic. Unlike in some of its counterparts, commute time is reasonable, so auto transport may be in order for easier getting around.

It is an excellent place for grads, thanks to the presence of mega-companies such as Apple, Intel, Cisco Systems, and Dell. Holders of bachelor’s degrees can expect to earn around 60,000 USD per year, while the median rent is about 1,250 dollars.

It shouldn’t be difficult to meet new neighbors since almost the third of the city’s population is between 20 and 34 years of age.

Make Your Dreams Come True in New York City

Commonly referred to as the capital of the world, the Big Apple is where anything is possible. Opportunities there are endless (unless you’re hoping that the local Big Four team will win the championship). It is an ideal place for those looking for a career in finances or banking. But the other industries are thriving as well.

Median rent is around 1,000 USD, but keep in mind that there are vastly different parts of town in every aspect. Rent for a small apartment in the center is about 3,200 USD. NYC is an expensive place, but grads can expect a median annual income in the region of 45,000 USD.

Crime rates are relatively low for a city of that size, and the amenities and entertainment options are many and top-notch.

Gain New Experiences in Chicago

Chi-Town was once a symbol of the Roaring Twenties, but now it’s a great place for grads to start a new life. The Windy City is famous for its pizza, but also miles of paths along the shores of Lake Michigan, thousands of bars and restaurants, dozens of museums, and music venues.

The median rent in 2019 stood at about 1,000 USD. On the other hand, graduates can earn about 60,000 USD annually. Also, growth in jobs that require a degree is steady, with no signs of abating.

If You’re Going to San Francisco…

Flowers in your hair are no longer mandatory, but the Bay Area metropolis is still a diverse and welcoming place. Opportunities are countless, both for employment and for leisure. We’ve all heard about Golden Gate and Alcatraz, if nothing else.

It is a rather expensive place, but many large companies are based or have offices there. It is also the city of startups and quite a young population.

Rents amount to an average of 1,300 USD, which is fine when put next to the annual income in the region between 55,000 and 60,000 dollars.

San Jose, California, Is One of the Best Cities for College Graduates

We’ll stay in California for the last pick – San Jose. The city is a gem of Silicon Valley, with a strong tech industry and employers like Adobe making sure to keep unemployment low. Rent is quite high (around 1,500 USD), but the annual salary is about 55,000 USD. To make things even better, the projected growth of jobs for holders of bachelor’s degrees is above 10 percent.

The crime rate is low, the city introduced green policies and offers numerous sports options. The only downside (if we go to extremes) is a limitation on the number of pets to five per household.

san jose New life in one of the best places for college grads may be the best thing ever

These Are the Best Places for Grads to Live In

So there you have it. If you’ve found your new home on our list, don’t hesitate to call moving services near you and book a relocation date. If not, keep looking. The city of your dreams is there – you just have to discover it. So start packing (don’t forget the diploma), and on to a new life!

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