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Blog July 9, 2021

Best Coastal Towns in the Us

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Jane Davis

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When it comes to beach life and fantastic waterfront sightings, there’s absolutely no room for questioning its perks. Countless people worldwide dream of the warm climate and smell of the salty water all year long. If this matches your aims, you should explore the best coastal towns in the US and figure out which one works best for your needs. The beauty of it and the pleasant weather make the top of the list of reasons people choose to relocate to beachfront municipalities. Still, there’s more to learn about these towns.

Coastal Cities USA – Diversity in Plain Sight

Whether you’re looking for the next perfect travel destination or seeking a new home by the water, America has plenty to offer. Shores for everyone’s taste are at your disposal. Before you visit them, make sure your priorities are in order. Know your reasons to move – is it vivid nightlife that sets you in motion? Are you more inclined toward the quiet neighborhoods and family-oriented environments? Or, are you on a gastronomical prowl? Finding the best coastal cities in the US that comply with your preferences won’t be a struggle in any case.

Additionally, you should explore various types of waterfront cities and townships. Your options include selecting an island or a mainland, lakeside or oceanside, beaches or ports.  Besides, there’s a chance to contemplate the East Coast and West Coast. Are you going through the moving essentials yet?

Waterfront cities offer invaluable opportunities to live, work, and have fun

Experience Florida

Despite all the internet jokes and memes on account of this state, Florida has much to offer. The outdoor environment is pretty sensational. Packed with brutally gorgeous beaches, the Sunshine State is an excellent place to visit, explore, and move to. If superb weather and perpetual summer vibes aren’t sufficient to close the deal, the house market perks might do the trick for you. The affordable properties (swimming pools included) are one of the principal advantages of moving to Florida. If this destination is your top pick, just make sure to encounter the most reliable east coast movers.

Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island, Florida, is known for its beauty and unique 50s nostalgia vibes. Its northern tip provides a spectacular view of Tampa Bay. Biking, hiking, and swimming are some of the activities you’d enjoy in this tropical oasis. As for the local foods, you can’t possibly visit this area and not eat at one of the famous beach bars. Toes in the sand and endless wavey horizon make any snack tasty. Is it time to move?

Key West

Does the most southern point of the US sound like your cup of tea? Key West effortlessly makes the top of the list of best coastal areas you should at least travel to. Nevertheless, keep in mind that it is more party-prone and suitable for young folks moving alone. If it’s the peace and serenity you’re looking for, you might want to leave this beach and choose another oceanside city.

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Palm Beach Gardens

According to several studies, Palm Beach Gardens is rated as one of Florida’s best coastal towns to live in if you’re raising a family. Nearly 20% of residents are precisely families with children. This charming place is located 77 miles north of downtown Miami. It currently has a bit over 50.000 inhabitants. Still, the lifestyle you’d encounter matches the advantages of moving to a small town.

Florida’s coast suits everyone’s taste. Those miles by the ocean are a real national treasure. Florida’s coast suits everyone’s taste. Those miles by the ocean are a real national treasure.

Learn About Georgia – Check out Tybee Island

The easternmost point of Georgia might easily entice you. If you’re looking for a suburban feeling, this small coastal town might be just the right choice. With excellent public schools, raising a family in this area seems like a wise decision. If you’re striving to relocate to a place with several bars and restaurants, an ocean view, and a friendly, conservative environment – contact a reliable cross country moving company and prepare for your intake of sun, salt, and enjoyment. Meet the neighbors and start your new chapter. And if you want to know how you can spend the day as a local, check out the video.

YouTube video

California, Here We Come – Santa Barbara

This city in California has more than 90.000 residents. Santa Barbara is the top choice for those who seek the perfect combo of urban and suburban culture. The majority of residents rent their homes in this beachfront town. Easy, breezy, and slow tempo will make anyone fall for this area. The University of California at Santa Barbara is located about ten miles from the center. If you’re yearning to soak up the sun regularly, seek long-distance moving services that will help you reach your goals.

Santa Barbara, California, is where urban and suburban trends collide perfectly

North Carolina Beaches – Nags Head

North Carolina offers some breathtaking sights. Nags Head is one of its beach settlements you must incorporate into your bucket list. With several mini-golf courts and family-friendly restaurants, this place suits all desires. Ocean gazers can travel to this city for a vacation or move with kids there.

beaches North Carolina’s shore is the top vacation destination or a place to live for families.

Best Lake Towns in the US

Whether you seek adventure, summertime relaxation, or deciding where to move – America’s municipalities on lakesides have it all. Besides learning about them from Kid Rock’s songs, you must grasp these splendid locations virtually and physically. Here are some of the best lake towns to live in:

  • Morgan City, Louisiana,
  • Oregon, Ohio,
  • Portage, Indiana.

Morgan City

This lakeside remedy for sore eyes can be found only 70 miles from New Orleans and 60 miles from Baton Rouge. Water recreation is the townsfolk’s main hobby since Morgan City has access to Lake Palourde and Flat Lake. Start preparing your packing list if you consider Louisiana as your new address!

Oregon, Ohio

Oregon, Ohio, a suburb of Toledo, is located on Lake Erie. It is a mostly industrial town with impressive natural surroundings. Families can seek an escape from concrete jungles by driving to Maumee Bay State Park. With nearly 20.000 residents, this American lakeside city represents an ideal family community.

Portage, Indiana

This northwest Indiana town commenced as a fundamentally farming village. Now, it came to be a more developed city along Lake Michigan. It is located approximately 40 miles away from Chicago. Living in Portage grants above-average public schools and reasonable living expenses.

Chilling by the lake can be part of an unforgettable vacation or a lifestyle choice

America’s Best Coastal Towns Await

From the East Coast to the West Coast – America is filled with amazing residential areas for diverse tastes and necessities. Before you pick your new home, make sure to read as much about it as possible. Once you learn about its traits, costs, and weather, don’t forget the importance of satisfying cross country moving service. Your entire journey should be followed by the comfort that resembles warm, coastal zephyr.

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