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Blog July 6, 2021

Guide to Relocating With Your Pet

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Eva Johnson

Digital nomad born in New York but currently living online, Eva knows everything there is to know about packing and moving.

Relocating is a big deal, you are leaving behind your home and the life you had there to move to somewhere else and make it. It is a new chapter in your life and can be seen as an adventure, but as all adventures, it carries with it some difficulties, and the first one you will come against is the stress of the move itself. But this doesn’t have to be so, relocating to a new city should be a process that is easy and enjoyable for the entire family, this includes pets. Animals can be extremely sensitive to moving, especially if they are used to being very active on a day to day basis. You could find yourself moving with animals that are restless, constantly whining or just plain restless. The way to get around this and put your pets at ease is planning.

Have a plan

A big part of any move is having a plan that will serve you as you get your move handled. The plan will serve you are a checklist and a timeline and will ensure you are on the right track to making the deadline when it comes. The good news with a plan Is that it removes the panicked, rushed work and gives you more time to focus on the move and the family members, including your pets.
Have a kit for your pet
When the big day comes you are going to be away from your belongings for a couple of days, so as to avoid any trouble you might want to have a kit with all the essential for your pet. This kit should have items like food, toys, tools for grooming anything that will help you take care of your pet and make your pet as comfortable as possible for the move and the first couple of days of unpacking.

Plan a trip to the vet

This is a very important step and one that will save you a lot of future trouble, so it is important that you do it ahead of time. There are a number of things that you should discuss with your vet before the move. Firstly inform your vet that you are moving and where you are moving to, ask your vet if he knows any vet he would recommend in your new hometown. Secondly, ask if the pet has any condition that can get worse during the move.
If your pet shots are due then it is best that you give them now before the big move, with a vet you know and have experience with. Finding a new vet can take some time and it will be best to not do that while worrying about upcoming shots.
Get copies of all vaccine and vet records that you have or your vet has. You may need these documents for your trip. You may need them if moving to another state. Also in line with this make sure that your pet has all the needed shots and vaccines that allow him to travel. Be specific and ask your vet for advice and procedures for your pet for the move.
Make sure your pet’s prescription medication is refilled before you move to your new home. The last thing you want is to be wandering around a new town looking to refill your pet’s medicine. Also get a prescription written so that you don’t spend your first days in your new city rushing around looking for a vet.

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Make sure it is pet-friendly

Ensure that the residence you are moving to is pet-friendly. A house with a backyard and space for your pet is always a bonus. If you are moving to an apartment building then make sure that your pet is ready for those living conditions and see if the building has a proactive attitude towards pets.
Upon arrival to your new residence make sure you go over the interior and garden to make sure that there isn’t anything that could harm your pet, before letting them enter.
Make sure your pet is not under stress.
All the commotion and work going on in your house are sure to be unusual for your pet. The numerous boxes, scattered objects and constant deadlines to meet can bring on a lot of stress, even to animals. The best option is to not have your pets around the hustle and bustle. Think of taking your pet to a kennel a couple of days before the move so that they don’t have to be in the stressful environment. Make sure you schedule the pickup date on the day of your departure. If a kennel is not an option, then you may want to free up a room to put your pet into. This way your pet will be out of the way and you won’t have to worry if he has run off through an open door or window.


As the departure date draws closer, you might want to think about having your pet groomed. This should be done about a week before you set off to your new home. The cleanliness and tidiness of your pet are very important especially if you are going to be spending time near them while traveling. Consider having your pet’s fur shaved or trimmed and brushed. The more hair you get rid of in the grooming process, the less you will have to clean out of your car or your new home.
In order to make sure that your pet is properly groomed, explain to your groomer the situation and let tell them the specific things you want to be done. They may also have advice on what procedures to do to make sure your pet is perfect for the move.
Make sure the pet is well-groomed and dried off before you pick them up.


Upon arriving at your new home you should try and keep the regular routines your pet has grown accustomed to. They are very important and sticking to them will ensure that your pet knows that everything is alright, which will reduce their stress level and make them calmer.
Lay out items that your pet is used to, these items will ensure the pet that there is no reason to be stressed and will make them feel more at home, which will, in turn, make them be calmer and more likely to sit down and not get excited.

Update identification tags.

If your pet has a microchip then you should make sure that the information in it is changed. If the pet goes missing this period then it is best that your pet is properly chipped so that if found is returned directly to you.

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